Water discoloration traced to manganese


THE Maynilad Water Services, Inc. has admitted that the water it distributes in the southern part of Metro Manila was contaminated with high level of manganese.

Despite the problem, which might affect the health of their users, Maynilad made the assurance to the affected customers that the water supply being distributed is still within the parameters set by the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water.

However, Maynilad was very quick to put the blame of the contamination on the Laguna Lake.

In a statement that came from the office of Madel Zaide, head of the Media Relations, Corporate Communications, Commercial, and Marketing Division of Maynilad, Maynilad stressed that “The water discoloration being observed by some of our customers in the south is due to the presence of high manganese level in the raw water supply that we are getting from Laguna Lake.”

“Since the onset of the strong El Niño beginning the last quarter of 2015, the water level in Laguna Lake has been steadily decreasing. The high temperature brought on by the summer season further exacerbated the quality of raw water in the lake,” Maynilad further pointed out.

Maynilad explained that “The sharp decline in the water level in Laguna Lake causes more sediments, such as manganese and other mineral deposits, to enter our water treatment facility.”

It indicated that the affected customers should not worry anymore as the company has started to address the situation.

“We are continuously adjusting our operations in our treatment facility to fully contain the level of dissolved manganese,” Maynilad said.

“We are also conducting flushing activities in areas where there have been reports of water discoloration,” the company added.

Maynilad assured the public that “Through these measures, we hope to fully address the water discoloration within the next few days.”

“We will continue to provide updates as and when necessary. Meanwhile, we advise our affected customers to put a clean cloth over your faucet to filter the water and/or to let the water stand for a few hours to let the manganese settle to the bottom of the container,” Maynilad added.

Meanwhile, Maynilad asked the affected customers to contact the Maynilad Hotline 1626 so that they “can send our field personnel to obtain water samples from their homes.”

“We will test the samples in our Central Laboratory to ensure that their water supply meets the water safety standards of the Department of Health,” it added.


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