Water services resume in flood-stricken Zamboanga villages


Water services interrupted by heavy rains and flooding in Zamboanga City in southern Philippines have resumed in many villages following a marathon repair by the local water utility.

The Zamboanga City Water District or ZCWD said Operations Group Head, Assistant General Manager Alejo Rojas, Jr. and his team were on call 24/7 during the interruption of water services until regular services have resumed.

Zamboanga was battered by weeklong of heavy rains that submerged many areas and damaged several ZCWD facilities affecting at least twelve villages in the eastern and western coasts.

In its post-service reports, the ZCWD said in the east coast, the main transmission line in Sitio Brea was damaged by fallen trees. Service in the villages of Lumayang and Lumbangan was also interrupted. Although the repair team was dispatched immediately to oversee the repair, they had to go back few days after as crossing the river was dangerous due to the high level of water. A day after the repair was completed the water service was again interrupted due to landslide in other part of the village.

A fallen coconut tree also damaged the ZCWD’s pipeline in Lupirao and affected services in the villages of Tolosa, Lanzones, Guisao and Cabaluay. Repair team was immediately dispatched to fix the problem.

A pipeline on Cawit Bridge also affected the villages of Cawit, Maasin and Sinunuc. Immediate repair was not possible as water level was quite high, according to the ZCWD, but it said maintenance crew went back days after water level in the river subsided and during the same week, the mainline located underneath the first bridge in Sininuc broke, affecting the village. Landslides in Sitio Bandera also damaged distribution lines and rendered no water in Malagutay and Flamingo areas.

Residentes in areas affected by the flooding have praised ZCWD for its quick response and repair of water pipelines. AL JACINTO


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