Waze: Manila has worst traffic on earth


Waze–the GPS-based navigation application that tracks traffic flow in key cities worldwide–just validated what every motorist and commuter in Manila know and bear each day.

Metro Manila has the worst traffic on Earth on a city level, followed by Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo in Brazil, and Jakarta in Indonesia.

The Netherlands, Slovakia, Sweden and Czech Republic reported an easy and satisfying driving experience, as well as the United States and France.

The results were reflected in Waze’s latest Global Driver Satisfaction Index that it posted on its website on Thursday.

Answers to the Global Driver Satisfaction Index were collated from 50 million Waze users in 32 countries and 167 metropolitan areas.

The report said roads in the Philippines are the worst to drive on because of frequency and severity of traffic jams, poor road infrastructure, among other reasons.

The Philippines got 0.4 in a 10-point grading system with 10 marked as “satisfying” and 1 as “miserable.”

Manila got the distinction of having topped the list of cities with the “worst traffic on Earth.”

Indonesia, however, had eight cities listed in Waze’s “horror roll.”

The average commuting time in Manila has been estimated at 45.5 minutes, making it the longest commute time in most major cities all over the world.

The Philippines also scored low in the Road Quality Index, and the Socio-Economic Index, which is based on access to cars and impact of gas prices.

Not all was bad for the Philippines, however.

The country scored a 9.3 in Waze’s Safety Index, which means the Philippines has the safest roads based on number of accidents, road hazards and weather.

The Philippines also got the highest rank on the Drivers Services Index based on access to gas stations and easy parking.


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  1. This latest article should make PNoy and Francis Tolentino jump in endless glee because economy must be very good having too many vehicles on the road. Of course the folks in metro Manila should vote of Tolentino and other LP candidates for a job well done. Being in this kind of news does not happen in other cities in the world. PNoy must be very proud.