• We and America are killing fields


    THE subhead under last Friday’s Inquirer headline “Probe of killings pushed” was “De Lima: PH may become a killing field.” Was the senator wearing rose-colored shades when she was justice secretary?

    The only difference these days, after President Duterte declared war on street criminals and drug lords, is that in the old days the baddies were the ones who did the killings.

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    In the United States, though, the recent massacre of police officers in Dallas was a manifestation of an apparent new wave of racism.

    Maybe it’s not even a new wave of racial bias against blacks and the blacks’ anger with whites whenever an ugly event happens in which blacks are treated badly by whites.

    The Dallas sniper, who said while he was dying that he just wanted to kill whites, especially white policemen, did not look like he was a police killer or any kind of baddy to his neighbors and friends. But, like many other blacks, ill-treatment of blacks by white policemen triggered his murderous rage. Even I felt that rage when I saw the TV clips.

    The following is part of what Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker wrote about it in her column “America’s Killing Fields”:

    “Horror. Shock. Disbelief. Numbness. Grief. Anger. And terrible sadness.

    “These fractured thoughts were all I could muster upon waking Friday to news of the ambush on Dallas police.

    They were still fresh in my mind from the night before when I’d turned in early, exhausted by the images of 32-year-old Philando Castile dying in Minnesota after a police officer shot him.

    “As we all know by now, Castile was African-American and the officer was not. It started as a routine stop for a broken taillight and ended in what has become a routine shooting followed by a routine headline.

    “Black man shot by police officer. How many times must we read those words?

    “Just 24 hours earlier, another black man, Alton Sterling, 37, was shot to death by police while being restrained in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    “Like Sterling, Castile did have a gun. Castile also had a conceal permit, which he apparently told the officer as soon as he was stopped. Why would someone tell a police officer he had a gun if he intended to use it?

    “Castile was reaching for his driver’s license and registration when the officer opened fire, says his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds. [A black girl.]

    “Reynolds used her cellphone to film the aftermath of the shooting, careful to address the officer as ‘sir’ and follow his instructions. Over and over I watched the video, trying to imagine being in that car, while at the same time feeling shame about watching a stranger who is mortally wounded.

    “Nothing is more intimate than death, which we all hope to face with dignity in the comforting presence of loved ones. Castile had no such luck. Instead, he was surrounded by millions of onlookers, most of whom, I feel certain, suffered with and for him.

    “[Expletive]!” “[Expletive]!” “[Expletive]!” On the video, we hear the officer repeating the F-word as he realizes what has happened. Reynolds is saying, “Please don’t tell me this, Lord. Please, Jesus, don’t tell me that he’s gone,” she said. “Please, officer, don’t tell me that you just did this to him.”

    “My God.”

    Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, killings perpetrated by jihadists and Muslim extremists continue.

    In Iraq, ISIS terrorists, whom Arab officials and journalists call “Daesh terrorists,” massacred shoppers and worshippers celebrating the end of Ramadan.

    This is how blogger muqawamist wrote about it, in an article titled “The Ideology Behind The Karrada Massacre In Iraq Leads Back To Saudi Arabia” published on July 4.

    “The heinous and cowardly massacre committed by Daesh terrorists against Iraqis in a crowded market in Karrada which claimed the lives of at least 213 civilians and wounded over 200 others, most of whom were shoppers and worshipers getting ready for Eid festivities, is one of the deadliest attacks in Iraq’s history. Bodies are still being pulled out from underneath the rubble. As Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah highlighted in his Al-Quds Day speech, these demented terrorists intend to kill as many innocents as they can before Ramadan is over, attacking all people throughout our region regardless of their faith, sect, ethnicity or nationality, as we saw earlier last week in the Lebanese Christian village of Al-Qa’a, Turkey and Bangladesh, because in the eyes of Daesh and its ilk, the Month of Mercy is the Month of Slaughter. And the only way to put an end to this toxic Wahhabi-Takfiri epidemic is to expose where it originates, who is financing it, who is training the ‘sheikhs’ preaching such hatred and who is spreading it to every corner of the planet.
    Iraqis know it and so does everyone else: Saudi Arabia is the head of the snake.”

    Of course, the Iraqi Christians (some of whom died in the massacre and thousands of whom have been massacred in their communities and made homeless by the ISIS) held prayer gatherings and Masses.

    This is the speech that the Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon Louis R. Sako gave at the Karrada Parish church on July 7 during prayers for the victims of the Karrada Massacre. We got this from Zenit.org, which got it from the patriarchate’s website:

    “Sisters, Brothers,

    “There is a spiritual, moral, and patriotic side for our prayer this evening. In such a tragedy, we are joining millions of Muslims in praying for the affected families that may God have mercy on the victims and bless the wounded with a speedy recovery.

    “We express our shock, sadness, solidarity with Iraqis and strongly condemn these cruel acts that affected innocent people, stole the happiness of preparing to celebrate Eid al-Fitr and converted it to a national mourning.

    “Terrorism has nothing to do with religion, but may be linked to political games that allow killing Muslims, Christians, Mandaeans and Yazidis as ‘infidels.’ Such crimes defy religious values and people’s lives, which is a gift from the Creator. Therefore, everyone should understand that killing innocent people leads to hell rather than to heaven, which is a big lie and a brain-wash.

    “In Islam, God is merciful ‘Rahman Rahim’ and in Christianity it is the Jubilee year of Mercy. Therefore, we have to move from the phenomenon of barbarism-savagery to a culture of compassion ‘mercy’—humanization. In other words, when we tolerate and forgive each other, God will forgive us, which is the only way to fight extremism, hatred and terrorism.

    “Our prayers this evening will help us learn lessons from this tragedy and find effective and permanent solutions. If the government was coherent and politicians worked as one team, ISIS wouldn’t be able to: commit these crimes; tamper with the country’s security and stability; kill thousands of innocent people; displace millions; and destruct the Iraqi national fabric and peaceful co-existence.

    “In conclusion, we call on everyone to be held responsible for turning the Karrada massacre to a collective stance for peace; stability; provision of public services; creating jobs; and the elimination of sectarian quotas, corruption and terrorism.”


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    1. Mr Castille sadly failed to do what anyone with a concealed weapons permit is supposed to do when confronted by law enforcement. He should have disclosed he has a weapon and that he has a permit to carry. Law enforcement is vulnerable in these traffic stops and many officers have been killed by illegal guns so their training is around identifying such suspects. This was a tragic case of irresponsible gun ownership on Mr Castille’s part.

    2. It seems her heart bleeds more for those who slowly kill the innocent who are lured into drugs. She sees injustice for criminals but not for the victims and families being destroyed by the menace. Did people actually vote for her or is she just a product of hocus picos?

      She should really be made to answer why drug lords / criminals could still live like kings in the Bilibid and cook & sell drugs from within.

    3. De Lima the great pretender, the country was already a killing field during her watch as Justice Secretary.The major difference now is that the hunted became the hunter. Good Cops hand were tied against the few bad cops who lord over criminality during the Aquino administration because they were protected.
      I know this is insane to think. Why were the drug lords permitted to live in luxury after the De Lima well published raid inside the National Penitentiary.
      The President has the political mandate to fulfill, against corruption and criminality while navigating our economy through prosperity and the people are behind him.

    4. The root cause of these killings are, first. Deep Hatred, second . Inefficient justice department, third. Drug abuse. Fourth. Coddling of drug lords fifth. Corruption. Sixth. Poverty and lastly. Extreme Greed.

      Advocates unconstitutional expansion of federal government into local law enforcement
      infowars.com – JULY 9, 2016

      These are all part of a grand design of the globalists. UN and obama are the culprits about the illegal migration into the country effecting the term “racist”. Cable media are owned by the globalists brainwashing humanity.

    6. De Lima: PH may become a killing field.” Was the senator wearing rose-colored shades when she was justice secretary?

      De Lima did what she was told by her master Aquino, Leave my liberal party allies alone.
      She did not charge any of Aquino’s allies for pork barrel violations just 3 opposition senators.
      Aquino gave her the job and refused to do anything without Aquino’s consent.

      De Lima was a useless head of the Justice dept, arrested no one for the murder of 44 SAF police, only arrested 3 out of hundreds of pork barrel thieves in congress.

      • i agree with you fyi about your opinion of de lima. she should nave been investigated by the yellow ribbon committee of guingona (good thing he lost his re-election bid). guingona should have let his goons cayetano, trillanes and koko to investigate de lima about the mess in the national bilibid prisons. i still cannot fathom how de lima, hontiveros and gatchalian won and osmena lost.

      • If Comelec wasn’t blocking a system audit then we could find out who really won the vice president and senator positions.

        I can’t understand why permission is needed from the agency accused of cheating (Comelec) to investigate the allegations.

        Only in the Philippines

    7. Jose dela Cruz on

      The difference between killing fields Philippines and that of USA is the killings of civilians in the US are investigated, though most of the police officers involved were allowed to go Scot-free. Whereas, in the Philippines, police brutality is almost never investigated and it looks like even PNP Chief Bato will fail to arrest and indict the alleged 5 narco-generals.

      • Even with a list provided by Napoles De Lima and the Justice Dept only arrested 3 opposition senators.

        Ombudsman Morales was ordered by the Supreme court to investigate the DAP fund 2 years ago but never got around to it.

      • How long ago that Bato became the PNP Chief? Don’t be too quick to judge! And yes the US Police were investigated but were all found not guilty! As in NOT GUILTY!