• ‘We chose each other’


    Miriam confirms tandem with Bongbong

    Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Thursday confirmed that Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. will be her running mate in 2016.

    “I think we mutually chose each other,” Santiago said, referring to Marcos, who had filed his certificate of candidacy as an independent vice presidential candidate.

    In a statement issued on Thursday afternoon, Marcos said he met on Wednesday with Santiago’s husband, former DILG undersecretary Narciso “Jun” Santiago Jr., to discuss a possible alliance, but stopped short of confirming he had agreed to be Santiago’s running mate.

    “I can confirm that I had a lunch meeting with Secretary Jun Santiago yesterday [Wednesday],” the senator said. “We agreed to meet again soon.”

    Santiago refused to divulge further details on the Santiago-Marcos tandem but told reporters that she will file her COC at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Friday, the last day of the registration of candidates. She said she is not sure if Marcos will accompany her.

    “I don’t know if he’ll be there but he probably will be,” Santiago told reporters after her induction to the Hall of Fame of the Philippine Judges Association (PJA).

    In announcing her candidacy during the launch of her book on Tuesday, she said, “I think it would be prudent [to run for President]because I would disappoint a lot of people if I don’t do that.”

    Santiago, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2014, said she is 100 percent sure of running for President and she can only be stopped if she is struck again by cancer.

    The senator has been on sick leave since she publicly announced she has Stage 4 lung cancer.

    Despite her medical condition, she remains to be the most prolific legislator for having the most number of bills and resolutions filed.

    Santiago said she will be running under her own party, the People’s Reform Party (PRP), which was established in 1992 when she first ran for President.

    It will be the third time for Santiago to seek the presidency.

    Her first attempt was in 1992 when she lost to Fidel Ramos, the candidate endorsed by former President Corazon Aquino.

    Santiago placed 2nd to Ramos, getting 4.4 million votes or 19.72 percent of the 24.2 million votes cast. Ramos got 5.3 million votes.

    Santiago placed the outcome of the elections under protest, but it was eventually dismissed on a technicality by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

    Media reports at the time said Santiago was leading the canvassing of votes for the first five days.

    Following a string of power outages, the tabulation concluded, and Ramos was declared President-elect.

    Santiago again ran in 1998 but only placed 4th in a field of 10 candidates.

    She received 797,206     votes or just 2.96 percent of the total votes cast, while the winner, Vice President Joseph Estrada got 10.7 million votes or 39.86 percent of the total votes cast.

    No effect on Moro law
    Marcos on Thursday gave his assurance that his vice presidential bid will not get in the way of the Senate deliberation on his version of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, which is being referred to as the Basic Law of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region (BLBAR).

    Marcos, who heads the Senate local government committee, vowed to do everything humanly possible to finish it.

    He said the committee will immediately resume deliberations once the chamber passes the 2016 General Appropriations Act (GAA) on third and final reading.

    It has been a practice of the chamber to put all pending legislation on the back seat to give way to the passage of the national budget, Marcos added.

    The Senate, before going on a three-week break, was already on the interpellation period on the BLBAR and is expected to begin with the period of amendments once Congress resumes its session on November 3.

    Senate plenary debates on the BLBAR are going smoothly, unlike in the House of Representatives where quorum remains to be a major stumbling block.

    “We will go back to it [BLBAR] immediately, maybe November or before Christmas, as soon as the budget is finished,” Marcos said.


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    1. Many people were worried on who her running mate would be becuase of her “health issues” which I believe is an exceptionally genuine concern.
      Since she had declared that her VP would be Sen. Bongbong Marcos, a number of us stepped back. Why? basically because Bongbong is the child of the late Pres. Marcos.
      I think it’s time that we consider hopefuls, not on who their guardians were but rather on who they are as themselves? we should take a gander at his record as bad habit representative, legislative leader of Ilocos, congressman and now as a congressperson. How was he as a gov’t. official? what had he achieved? where does his intrigues lie? how can he see the position he’s competing for?

      I feel that he ought to be dealt with the same as the various candidates running for office in light of the fact that it is us who dependably need to pay the price when power gets in the wrong hands.


      Thanks goodness we have Santiago and Marcos to vote for. The rest? They’re all
      bunch of incompetents,corrupt and opportunists. Like Roxas if he wins, he will
      certainly be out there protecting Aquino for his crimes. He is a lapdog. Remember
      what he told the people of Leyte during Yolanda? “But you are not an Aquino, you are
      a Romualdez, bahala na kayo sa buhay n’yo) How about Binay? Remember his
      plunder cases involving the overpriced buildings. Yong mga babuyan na naka-aircondition. Added to these is Binay dynasty. Mayor, congresswoman, senator,
      vice-president? Kapag nanalo pang president, kanila na an buong pilipinas.Kapag
      nangyari yon, palitan na lang ang pangalan ng Pilipinas to Binay Republic. How about
      Grace Poe? Papaano mo naman iboto ang taong tumalikod sa bayan. She became
      an American citizen remember and renounced her Filipino citizenship? This is a kind
      of person who exchange and turn her back against her own country to a foreign
      country. And, when an opportunity go well, she return and run for president? THIS
      IS NOT PINGPONG GRACE. Filipino people wake up.

    3. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

      Miriam: “Why I chose Bongbong Marco?”

      The answer is simple, provided that you have the intellectual capacity and the maturity to look at it objectively.
      Senator Santiago chose Senator Marcos for the simple reason that he has proven to possess the qualities that she values the most. Situate the analysis of his accomplishments in a vacuum and assess it objectively. Take a look at but a small sample of what he has done in the 16th Congress alone.
      Name another legislator who has pushed forward a bill to provide affordable housing to lower income and lower-middle income households in urban areas (SB 423: Department of Housing and Urban Development Act of 2013).
      Who was the author of the bill (SB 422) that sought to provide protection, rehabilitation, and reintegration for children in conflict areas?
      Who was the author of the bill (SB 409) that aimed to cultivate a globally competitive soybean industry here in the Philippines – a soybean industry that could take advantage of the growing demand for soy and soy based products both here and abroad?
      Guess who authored a bill (SB 408) that was designed to secure funding and support for hydrogen research and development here in the Philippines – a tacit recognition of the potential uses of hydrogen in the near future.
      How about the First Class Public Schools and Libraries Act, The National Mariculture Act, The Teachers Education Act, and the Public School Teachers’ Salary Upgrading Act?
      Wait, there’s more. Who were the senators who said no in the patently rigged trial of Corona? Who were the three senators who staunchly defended their position with a demonstration of their mastery of the law?
      Recently deceased Senator Joker Arroyo, Senator Miriam Santiago, and…?
      Also, who crafted the constitutionally sound alternative to the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL)?
      All BBM.

    4. Maganda na ang laban dahil walang papipilian sa 3 bugok, Grace nagpipilit kahit di pa niya naayos ang kaso sa SET at palagay nya gusto ng pilipino ang style nya, SWS lng naman nagsasabing ahead sya sa survey pero kung umikot ka at magtanong sa mga pilipino ang sasabihin, tama na ang babaeng presidente, Cory, Gloria walang nagyari sa Pinas, Kay Cory, pinaikot lng sya ng advisers na elista, Gloria, hinawakan ni Mike ang leeg tapos ngayon baka si Grace ang mananalo dahil elista na uli ang gumagalaw para sa mind conditioning ng elitista sa pinoy masa at lumalabas ahead sa survey na bulok, bulok dahil lantaran niloloko ang illiterate voters at sila ang pinakamalaking porsyento ng electorate.
      At least ngayon Miriam-BBM may choice of change at formidable tandem dapat isulong natin ang panalo nilang 2 para ma landslide at walang magawa ang elitista tulad noong kay Erap at ang OMR pattern kung tatayo tayo at isulong ang fair election ,hindi uubra ang Mar Roxas OMR pattern ng COMELEC , Ito na ang next Pilipino revolution thru election to get rid of the OMR sindicate of the elites.

    5. Its not a matter of RIGHT ! It is a matter of who is DESERVING in all relevant and positive aspects. Who are the nuisance candidates, in fact ? Sino ba kasi ang tunay na mga salot (nuisance) sa bayan ? Sila ang tunay na mga nuisance candidates di ba ? Why do we keep choosing from among the evil candidates (those bitten by the Lucifer Effect) on who among them are the lesser evil ? Why don’t we choose among those who are rightfully deserving and clean in the first place ?

    6. arnaldo clemente on

      Wow! what a formidable tandem! They are the team to beat come election day. Prior to Sen.Miriam’s announcement, I’m not inclined to exercise my right of suffrage, that’s why I”ll be out of the country then. Reason is.. I have no one to choose among the roster of misfits, corrupt, opportunists and egocentric candidates who wants to mold the future of this country according to their whims and interests. But now, with Miriam and Bong Bong around, I’ll cut short my trip abroad to vote for them. I’m also more than willing to contribute to the campaign chest of future President Miriam..

    7. There is a thin line between extreme brilliance (per Enrile) and psycho… The miracle drugs Mirriam is for her psychological problem, not for “kang sir”….