‘We have nothing to hide’


    Saying that the Duterte administration has “nothing to hide,” Malacañang on Saturday said rapporteurs from the United Nations (UN) are welcome to investigate the spate of extrajudicial killings of drug suspects amid the government’s intensified war on drugs.

    Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said that while there is no formal invitation to the UN to send special rapporteurs, they are welcome to visit the country and look into the alleged killings.

    “[This is] a clear manifestation that this administration has nothing to hide before the international community,” Andanar said in a statement.

    On Thursday, President Rodrigo Duterte invited UN and European Union officials to conduct a probe into the killings of suspected drug users and pushers.

    The president however said they should also engage him in a debate during their visit.

    “I will write them a letter to invite them for an investigation… But in keeping with the time-honored principle of the right to be heard, after they interpellate me, I would then interpellate them. I will ask them one by one in an open forum,” Duterte said.

    Andanar said the government will welcome UN observers and will listen to what they have to say but “they
    should also listen to what we have to say, both in the spirit of mutual respect and out of genuine recognition of our status as a sovereign nation.”

    He also explained the importance of the drug war, pointing out that the narcotics trade could lead to a series of problems in the future.

    “The all-out war against illegal drugs being waged by law enforcement (agencies) is a war for national survival.
    The drug menace has permeated the length and breadth of the country, threatening to destroy the very fabric of our society,” Andanar said.

    “We know that widespread drug use not only leads to other crimes, it can also turn the country into a narco state where lawlessness prevails and can set back our efforts at achieving inclusive economic growth,” he added.

    The Philippine National Police has reported that more than 3,000 drug suspects have been killed by police in operations and unknown vigilante groups since Duterte took office on June 30.

    The President himself has said that those brutally killed and found with signs indicating that they were drug dealers could have been slain by rivals to make it appear that they were victims of summary executions by state forces.

    Meanwhile, a militant human rights watchdog also on Saturday welcomed Duterte’s recent statements against the United States and its military stationed in the country, saying that they are responsible for various atrocities in Mindanao and in several regions abroad.

    Karapatan in a statement said Duterte’s call for US troops to leave Mindanao is backed by records of human rights violations that they committed.

    The human rights watchdog cited the report of the Department of National Defense that there are 107 US military personnel in Mindanao conducting various surveillance and drone operations.

    “They include 50 US Marines, 17 US army, 20 US Special Forces, plus US Navy and civilian personnel,” said Cristina Palabay, secretary general of Karapatan.

    Palabay added that the US government’s avowed concern for the human rights situation in the country amid the Duterte administration’s war on drugs is hypocritical.

    “[The US government] has an undeniable record of perpetrating and instigating the worst forms of human and people’s rights violations in the country and the world over,” she said.

    Karapatan urged Duterte to take concrete steps to end US intervention in the Philippines by abrogating existing agreements with the US government.

    Among these agreements are the US-RP Mutual Defense Treaty, US-RP Visiting Forces Agreement, US-PH Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, and all agreements legitimizing US presence and intervention in the Philippines.

    Karapatan also urged the President to address the spate of extrajudicial killings of drug suspects.

    “He (President Duterte) should call for a stop to the killings, prosecute and hold accountable perpetrators of the extrajudicial killings, including those from the police,” Palabay said.

    Karapatan, meanwhile, expressed alarm over the move of the President to enlist the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the anti-drugs campaign.

    Palabay said the use of the military and other mercenaries in so-called wars against drugs is a concept that was peddled by the US government in countries such as Mexico and Colombia.

    “It is a form of military intervention which justifies American military and financial support for governments to maintain and protect US political and economic influence. It has been proven that US-funded drug wars have not eliminated the drug menace, but have targeted the civilian population in countries struggling for change,” Palabay said.


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    1. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      26 September 2016

      There is a very good chance that the United Nations will gladly accept a Formal Invitation from Little Tyrant Rodrigo Duterte to investigate what the whole world now knows as the megalomanic genocidal warrantless extrajudicial killing of all those SUSPECTED of being involved one way or the other in the drug problem, a lawless and brutal drive which so far has netted 3,000 hapless victims.

      EXHIBIT NO. 1 will be the rotting carcasses of these 3,000 hapless victims.


    2. Mr. Duterte, if you have nothing to hide from the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, why put so many controls & censorship. They will conduct an honest-to-goodness independent, credible & exhaustive probe not like what the senators, congressmen & DOJ Sec Aguirre are doing. Instead of addressing the problem on extra judicial killings, your alter egos are doing everything to destroy the character & credibility of Sec. de Lima.

    3. I think that is not intervention. I think the correct term is cooperation, because that is based and taken from the mutual need between US and Philippine, though not at all bad to use intervention in the strict sense of term over Philippines’ unparalleled positioning against China, for the Philippine is in need of extra strenght to face China itself.

    4. Mga kiss-ass TONGRESSMEN AND SENATONGS anong nangyari sa inyo? Wala na ba kayong sariling analytical mind, hindi na kayo nag iisip kong ano ang katotohanan o hindi. I pinag bili na ninyo ang inyong kaluluwa ki satanas para sa makukuha ninyong gracia ki Mr. Duterte.Saan nag umpisa ang Davao death squad? Sa Lambada boys.Nagmetamorphose and Lambada boys sa Davao death squad. At saka sa bunganga ni Mr. D30 pinag sasabi na niya na na kill, kill hindi pa ninyo nakukuha ang CUE. Sobra na naman ang ka STUDOHAN NINYO.

      saan nag umpisa ang Davao death suad

    5. If Mr. D30 has nothing to hide how come he and hiss kiss=ass allies are so defenssive on Mr. Matobatos testimony. If Mr. Matobatos allegations are faise how come before even digesting what he says the kiss-ass tongressmen ande senatongs are already so nrvous and defensive that they judge Mr. Matobatos staements are untruthful. If Mr. Matobato is telling a lie then Mr. D30 will be exonerated. But how about if Mr. Matobato is telling the truth. So what happens now. Will these kiss-ass politicians still defend Mr D30.Nomember of congress or the senate can tell if Mr. Matobato is lying or telling the truth unless theses incidents are verified. The problem is that these congressmen and senators are already blinded of what grace they can recieved from Mr. D30. They dont think staight anymore. They just think of what is good for them not the country or its people. They already gave away thier self respect that they cheer whatever Mr. D 30 does, cussing the Pope, Mr. Ban ki Moon, Mr. Obama, the EU a president without morals and self decipline. NAG HIRAP NA TAYO NOON KI MARCOS NGAYON MAG UUMPISA NA NAMN TAYO SA PAG HIHIRAP SA KI DUTERTE.ANOTHER NATIONAL CATASTROPHY IS IN THE OFFING.