• We may be underestimating the ’pork barrel’ queen


    Pareng Erwin, ang naniniwala lang naman kay Singson na malinis eh yung mga kakampi ng Panggulong Penoy eh! E wala namang laman ang mga sinasabi nyan eh! Anong walang corruption sa DPWH! DPWH pa, sanay yan diyan…nakupo naman mula pa ng umpisa yan ganyan na yang mga yan, makakapal ang mga mukha! Four contractors for forty million! Are you guys crazy? Panong magkakatugma ang trabaho niyan, sino ang consultants or inspector? Si Engineer Gayla sa Ladpa? garapalan na itong administration na ito, at lokohin nyo lelong nyo! Ito ang propaganda ng mga iyan, palalabasin na engineer’s estimate ay (example lang) 450.00 million, at palalabasin nila na naka-ahoro sila ng malaki at ang contractor’s winning bid ay 300.00 million. Ang totoo noon, 200.00 million lang angroject at dyi-nak-up (jacked-up) lang ang estimates. Sinong niloloko ninyo? Ilabas ninyomsa newspaper ang cost analysis at estimates ninyo total naman pers ng taumbayan yan eh at walang secret deals or sikre-sikreto diyan dapat. Tulad ng Quezon Underpass Project, I dare you Mr. Secretary (secret nga!), ipakita nyo or ilathala nyo sa newspaper o kahit sa website ang estimates ninyo at tignan natin, i-aanalyze lang namin. Hhhmmmhh! Kapag di nyo ginawa yan, me tinatago talaga kayo!

    Gigil, Uychocdee@aol.com


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    1. may i have a clarification in your query?

      “underestimating the pork barrel queen in what sense/aspect?” is it underestimating her in

      1. her courage to tell the truth?
      2. her credibility as a possible witness and to her truthful or deceiving testimony?
      3. her capacity that she was able to gain wealth through her own clean effort and ability?
      4. that she is the mastermind? the conspirator? the victim? the fall guy? being setup for all this scam? used for the advantage of others (political interest or for the position/publicity, popularity or bounty awaiting for who could bring something big)?

    2. the pork barrel queen would be the key to minimize if not to end corruption in the government if she will be brave and honest enough to uncover all the scam she has perpetrated in conspiracy with the people in power and service whether elected or appointed. for me to underestimate the “queen” would may be for various reasons/factors…
      1. she might be afraid of her security and for her life (also of her loved ones), if she talk more, more risk to face
      2. her allies before (scam conspirators) would be her enemies now, and her allies might have allies in the group who persecute her now
      3. she might wait for the next presidential election, is it the group who persecute her to win or her allies in the scam, then she might speak the truth, partial truth, all lies, find for sacrificial lamb or set up somebody else
      4. she might be afraid of losing all she have had in the scam (if it is true that her wealth is through conspiracy with corrupt officials)
      5. she might still be weighing things and observing several people, who she should trust and if she could really trust them/anyone
      6. this is a fight between government conditions/offers versus conspirators’ conditions/offers with the “queen”,what is may be visible to us is what is only on top of the table…

    3. to voice out our feelings and share our comments is a freedom and if you will accuse someone for wrongdoings and certain irregularities in their duties, i think it would be fair if we could present evidences, proofs and or witnesses to support our claim…i believe it is time to be fair and responsible and not to be the cause to mislead others…
      we have responsibilities to each other…whether you are an ordinary citizen, journalist, in government service, in private practice, young or senior and many others…

    4. That’s the problem with the Filipino people, you just give them a little grease money and they will sell even their Grandmother. Almost all of them if benefited with one politician will say his honest, man of principle, true to his word, never broke a promises and a good person. I will tell you this, when in the history of the world did any of this people or priest did not lie HA. In truth they all lie since the beginning of time up to present. This people master the Art of lie, corruption and deception, In this game politician and priest are the heavyweight of all heavyweight. You could look inside their body and you will see that they have no heart, their brain can be interchange in a mater of second. They could deceive even the king of hell. Whats wrong with you people. I have question with you all people specially the NPA whom everybody now in the Philippines the defender of the weak and seeker of the truth, WHY THIS PEOPLE ARE STILL ALIVE? WHY! WHY! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!