We need a national psychiatrist to analyze our presidential candidates


“I die the King’s faithful servant, but God’s first.”
 –Thomas More

Rita Gaddi hosts a program in Radio Uno –DZME- from Monday to Friday every week named SENTIDO COMON. It is probably the best radio program in the national air lanes – intelligent, balanced, patriotic and incomparably analytical. On top of that she is indisputably the most brilliant and beautiful woman who has been gracing a radio program from the time of President Marcos until this time of national disgrace. She was a legend in national television during the Marcos years, both for beauty and scintillating brilliance. She is still brilliant and beautiful up to these years, untouched by the normal ravages of the passing of the years.

Psychiatrist for the presidential candidates
In an intelligent and responsible democratic society, a candidate for the presidency does not only satisfy the constitutional qualifications, he is also under obligation to present his vision of the country, his blue print and road map in achieving the vision – not to speak of his capacity to achieve his vision of the country.

His vision, blue print and road map must be defined in concrete appreciable terms – detailing the specifics to give the voters a chance to examine the probability or improbability of the proposals. Thus far, not one has presented the required vision and specifics except Congressman Roy Seneres.

One is tempted to suggest that the presidential candidate who has not presented a clear vision of what to do with the country and how he intends to achieve it should undergo a psychiatric examination. Why? In the telling words of one of the best Secretaries of State in the USA, Henry Kissinger, “He who does not know how to be president in his first day of Office will never learn till the end of his term.”

In this country, we have had inexperienced individuals who became president to the eternal regret of even those who supported them in the course of the campaign because they never knew how to become president and they never learned till the end of their terms. It had not only been a dismal experience for the country, it became devastating calamities and Noynoy Aquino is no exception.

Vision and program define character of a person
Why does vision and program define the character of a candidate? The reason is quite simple. When you run for the presidency with no vision of what to do with the country and you do not have the method to achieve it, you disqualify yourself as a candidate. It simply means that you have no character. And character is a major qualification for a president.

Character is a primary element in the decision-making process. If you have no vision, you are susceptible to being manipulated by elements which serve their own interests and betray the dreams of our people for a better life. Or if not manipulated, he will have to grope for answers to very simple questions. But the presidency is not a position for on the job training. It is a job designed for a very special talented person who knows the problems of the country and who has the expertise to be able to choose the correct solutions to our problems. It is as simple as that.

Each presidential candidate must have a governance program that will respond favorably to these questions:

ON EDUCATION: What is your specific program on the Philippine educational system? Are you for retaining the contents of the present curriculum from elementary schools to the university or not? If you are not in favor, what is your proposal to change the content of the present system of education in very specific terms? Are you in favor of expanding the years of the students to stay in school or not, like the K-12? If not, why and what is your proposal in concrete terms? Are you in favor of free education for the poor and the middle class from elementary to the university level? If in favor, why? If not, why not? Are you in favor of nationalizing schools within a defined time frame? If not, why not? If in favor, why?

Free education from elementary to the university is the most important solution to the problem of poverty. In a democracy, it is an imperative element in the leveling process. The answer to this specific question will clearly define the character of the presidential candidate.

ON HEALTH: What is your position on free medicine, medical assistance and hospitalization for the poor and the middle class in the public health system? Define your answer in very specific terms and explain your answer. Are you in favor of nationalizing the manufacturing of medicines? If in favor, why? If not, why not? Are you in favor of nationalizing hospitals and health activities, within a defined time frame? If in favor, why? If not, why not?

The answer to these questions will certainly define the character of the candidate. Human survival and a suitable life are dependent on available universal health services. Recent statistics could damn any government. Examples are two definite figures release by authoritative sources in this country. The first is that seven out of every ten poor persons die for reasons of poverty because the patients could not pay for consultation fees of doctors, could not secure needed medicines, and cannot be treated in hospitals because of poverty. The other statistical figure is that six thousand children under five years of age die for reasons of poverty every month.

The vital question: Why does a religious and democratic country like the Philippines allow this to happen? It is indisputably criminal and the culprit is the system personified by an ill-prepared, insensitive and incompetent President. These facts define the character of the man who holds the helm of the ship of state.

ON HOUSING: Millions of Filipinos live in very deplorable conditions in the cities and the countryside. What do you propose to do with people who live under subhuman houses and dwellings? Do you have any specific program? If you have, give the specific details of this program.

To live in comfortable living conditions is the fundamental requirement of a healthy and meaningful life. Any government that cannot provide this to its citizen has no business staying in power and deciding the destiny of more than hundred million Filipinos. Any presidential candidate who cannot provide a rational answer to this question and the other questions on education and health has no business running for the presidency. He is only fit to tend to a bakery in Makati City or an hacienda in Batangas; or have a beer garden or shooting range in Davao City; or a small poultry farm in Capiz or a piano bar at the Araneta Center; or a beauty parlor in Greenhills San Juan City.

On Thomas More and character
This column starts with a quotation from Thomas More, later proclaimed saint by the Catholic Church. This statement came from him before he was beheaded on orders of King Henry VIII of England for refusing to render an opinion that King Henry could divorce Queen Catherine so he could marry Anne Boleyn. He refused to render such an opinion even as he was the “intellectual courtier,” secretary and confidant to the King because rendering such an opinion would violate the law of the state, the law of God and his conscience.

More’s decision spoke highly of the character of the man – a man of the law, a man of God and a man of conscience. We need to find a man of that character in a national leader. Can we find him? Yes, we can. Four months are long enough to find such a man. If we cannot, he is likely to surface during that period, if he could put together the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. My educated guess is – he probably can.


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  1. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    31 December 2015

    With all due respect to HOMOBONO ADAZA, a well-known activist and veteran politician, realistically there is not one among the present candidates for President who could ever truthfully and realistically promise to the electorate that he or she will:

    1] provide “free education for the poor and middle class from elementary to the university level;”

    2] to provide “free medicine, medical assistance and hospitalization for the poor and the middle class in the public health system;” and

    3] to provide millions of Filipinos the housing they need to “live in comfortable living conditions in the cities and countryside,” which is “the fundamental requirement for a healthy and meaningful life.”

    What Mr. Adaza is asking of the presidential candidates are, to borrow the felicitous phraseology of Shakespeare, “A CONSUMMATION DEVOUTLY TO BE WISHED!”

    What Mr. Adaza has in his fecund and activist mind is nothing less than UTOPIA.

    “Utopia” because there is absolutely no way a poor country like the Philippines could ever afford what, realistically, are LUXURIES beyond the reach of the whole Society. I suggest that he seriously consider what the Philippines’ annual Gross Domestic Product is, and what portion of that GDP goes to the Government in the form of TAXES.

    Having done that, he will then need to consider how much annually the National Government will need to OPERATE–the General Appropriations Act for 2016 provides for a total of P3.002 trillion, which obviously is the maximum it is able to afford.

    Is there a way the Government could ever afford to give FREE EDUCATION from elementary to university level for all those millions of poor and middle-class Filipinos, plus free medicines, medical assistance and hospitalization, plus free housing likewise for all them?

    No way! Not now–and not ever in the forseeable future extending 20 to 30 years.

    And probably never if the country’s population continues irreversibly to explode at a rate which doubles it every 35 years or so–from the present around 107 million, it will very likely be around 200 million by 2050, and double yet again to around 400 million by 2085, which is to assume blithely that by that time there will be enough physical space to contain all those millions of frail, emaciated, malnourished and sickly bodies.


  2. Btw in one of your col you said Gerry roxas lost to Fernando Lopez by small margin I could not find in the elec result if Gerry was candidate in the first or second elec. Marcos Lopez tandem or early election year , I trace up to Manuel quezon time FYI

  3. It would only take 1 bad decision for a bad leader to destroy a country of good citizens, but would take a lifetime of excellent leaders to restore a country that is now broken and inhabited by crooks and liars.

    The faster route to restoration is to fix the system from bottom up. Our democratic system is not the definition of “by the people & for the people” but “by the people & for me & my people”. Look at the people from the barangay level, up – those people you elected as barangay captains, mayors, congressmen, etc. Are you happy with them? Cum on!

    Don’t wait for these bastards to do something good for you, the situation only gets worse.

    While being a critic to anyone, be the no 1 critic and conscience to yourself. Start doing a good thing for you and for anyone today!

    Our heroes of the past won their battles against the spaniards, americans & the japanese. Now, battles are won against our lame, incompetent & corrupt public servants.

    Define your character now…be vigilant, if you may, run against them in the next election!

    Thanks to you Mr. Adaza, keep them coming.

  4. Claro Apolinar on

    Except for bringing up St. Thomas More, whom you forgot to mention because you did not know was King Henry the Eight’s Grand Chancellor and had the powers of the Philippine Secretary of Justice and Executive Secretary combined, your article is just amusing in a tabloid and bubble-head radio commentator’s shallow way.
    Why don’t you tackle the issue of who are the powers behind Grace Poe? Or are you in their payroll too?

    • WELL!
      To my own mind ,I have always wondered why-anyone would want to become a politician –One could why would want to become a psychiatrist…

      A friend of mine once gave an intriguing paper, where she put forward the notion that Psychiatry/psychology was like quantum mechanics

      ..We can see a phenomena happen ..But our instruments and measurement tools,are not advanced enough to tell us exactly what is happening

      As a psychiatrist myself ;I sometimes ask myself why the hell did i ever enter this profession..I am sure the politicians would ask themselves the same question ..

      As some one once remarked “You don’t have to be crazy to do this job;but it sure helps if you are” !

      Dr David Michael Meyer {PhD Psych}

    • Daniel B. Laurente on

      Good inquest. Who are the powers behind to bend the Constitution? Never mind the lawyers representing GP, they know very well it is wrong but they are paid to pursue the interest of the powers behind even to the point demanding the three SCJ’s.who has already expressed their legal opinion during the SET not be to part of the SC en banc deliberation on DQ case. Violation of en banc which require all Judges to be present.

  5. Myers-Briggs psychometric testing is used extensively in business for profiling/assessment, and also in various aspects of politics and political psychology.
    Belbin is another similar technique, but more with the focus upon an individuals role within a team.
    Other methods used include, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), and 16PF.

    Myers-Briggs – INTJ (Mastermind)
    Belbin – Co-ordinator

    MB – ISFP (Composer)
    B – Completer/finisher

    MB – ISTJ (Inspector)
    B – Team worker

    MB – ENTJ (Field Marshall)
    B – Shaper

    MB – ENFJ (Teacher)
    B – Specialist

    The majority of US presidents are considered INTJ and ESTJ in a book by a group of psychologists on leadership and personality.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, or psychiatrist, to know that Mar Roxas is not a leader, and a psychological doppelganger of the narcissist Pnoy Aquino.
    Miriam Santiago only excels in her sphere of influence/knowledge, and has her own issues.
    Binay and Duterte both have leadership experience, but both also exhibit dictatorial tendencies, although it is Duterte which has the little napoleon complex coupled with tunnel vision.
    Grace Poe currently lacks the requisite experience.

    Overall more like candidates for a psychiatrists waiting room, and none are inspirational or visionary.

    “A priest, a teacher, a millionaire, and a narcissist were golfing together. As they walked the course, they came up behind a foursome that was moving very slowly, and that didn’t offer to let them play through. Calling over the club pro, the foursome inquired about the poor sportsmanship of the slow group.
    The pro explained that the slow golfers were blind.
    The priest said, Oh, bless them, I will keep them in my prayers.
    The teacher said, I will tell my students how inspiring they are.
    The millionaire said, I will offer to pay their greens fees for the year. The narcissist said, Why can’t they play at night?”

    You can tell a lot about a person by how they eat oysters, and behave at a golf club.

    The patient who really needs to be put on the psychiatrist’s couch is The Philippines itself.

    • So based on your knowledge who among the list is superior taking all the positives and negatives of their overall personality. I go for a strong leader backed by long and no-nonsense experience who is totally upright and do not depend on consultant’s to make unpopular but better for all decisions. He is responsible for his actions.. magnanimous in achieving good results and gracious in defeat for failed initiatives… to the point of readily giving up the position if he is not really up to the job… that is my kind of a president…..

  6. I don’t know why in the Philippines a series of “Presidential Debates” is not a scheduled normality compared to the United States in order that the electorate will be well informed or be educated with: 1, where a candidate’s standing on the current and future issues compared to the other candidates, 2, on issues of security of the country foreign and domestic and on the financial security of the country, 3, the future legislation to be introduce be his administration, to name a few and last but not least the psychology of the candidates. These are the questions ask by the debate moderators usually a very knowledgeable media expert in public policies, Homobono you are the one.

    • If House Bill 5269 known as the “Presidential Debate Reform Act” proposed by Rep. Estelita Suansing 1st Dist. of Nueva Ecija and a similar bill SB 1797 proposed by Sen, Defensor in the senate passes both houses of congress and signed by the president, Filipinos will witness its first presidential and vice presidential debates to be hosted by CNN and will be moderated by CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

      This may not be a welcome news for Duterte, Binay and VP candidate Honasan whose faulty spoken English language skills will expose what they are. I think it will plunge their early surveys lead. If this happens, I think the much maligned Mar Roxas, who by the way is the real deal in this race will be resurrected in his quest for the presidency. Press and media antagonistic to Roxas have been successful in destroying his image and the public is stupid enough to believe his haters.