‘We need food, not apology from Aquino’


Nun’s plea for Yolanda victims

A nun on Saturday said the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda need food and shelter, more than an apology from President Benigno Aquino 3rd  several months after the disaster struck the central Philippines.

Sr. Edita Eslopor, spokesman for People Surge, an alliance of ‘Yolanda’ survivors in Tacloban, said the typhoon victims deserve relief goods “fit for human consumption.”

“We need food for hungry ‘Yolanda’ victims; we need shelters for homeless victims and sustainable sources of income for those who were left jobless after the monster typhoon,” Eslopor said.

The President on Thursday apologized to a student of the Hope Christian School who claimed that government help reached her barangay three days after the typhoon whipped Central Visayas.

But Eslopor said the President’s apology was useless.

“Words are useless if there is no concrete action,” she said.

The Benedictine nun noted that the government’s response was not only inadequate but slow, since relief has not reached all the survivors more than 100 days after the typhoon devastated their areas.

Eslopor pledged that People Surge will continue hounding officials until the government provides what the survivors need.

In fact, she said, leaders of the group will negotiate with representatives of international communities that donated money for the post-Yolanda rehabilitation efforts to press the government to provide proper and adequate help for the survivors.
On April 8, People Surge will hold a massive demonstration in Metro Manila.

“We will continue to fight. We will actually reach the point that we have to negotiate with international communities to petition the government to release their donations to us,” Eslopor said.

She raised the problem about relief distribution as authorities began to check reports that truckloads of spoiled relief goods were buried in a dump site in Palo, Leyte, earlier this month.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) sent a team to Palo to investigate. The goods were said to have been dumped because they were past their expiration date.


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  1. teresita schobert on

    i agree with Annie, where are those foreign donations in millions? these are in foreign currencies not philippine currency… these are more than enough to put living resources, for survivors to earn a living, enough to feed even millions of them.. i live here abroad, i did not give any amount because i’m sure very sure, it will not reach the survivors. i don’t trust the people who manage the funds. i am sorry, where are those milllions of dollars? my husband gave some money, i doubt if it went to the right receipient. Mrs. Schobert of San Francisco U.S.A

  2. Obviously, Land Transportation Office (LTO) is only interested in getting more revenues when this syndicated replacement of new car plates took effects this April. Poor vehicle owner needs to cough harder in order to expel out an additional P450 for the price of a poor-copy-cat American car plates. “Paging SC” Somebody has to stop and TRO this LTO madness.

  3. The RP/Aquino Admin Gov’t at its utmost INEPTITUDE-ness, Lack of MORAL ASCENDANCE to address its responsibility to its constituents, CONTITUENTS it is continuously milking with legal TAXES. Her obligation to her constituents has been delegated to foreign entities and donors who are patiently caring for the needs of the hapless victims.

    ARE THESE THE TYPE OF CALLOUS GOV’T OFFICIALS YOU FILIPINOS ELECT AS YOUR PRESIDENTS???? Comes 2016, a set of candidates will ask for your votes, AGAIN. These candidates will make it appear that can make change, Do not make yourselves a perennial “Mangmang” electorate. Subject to Bribes, Manipulative election process, hallow campaign slogans, paid for a mere P500 to P5,000 of your vote, then later on complain how CORRUPT this individual you voted into Office. The taxes deducted from my pay is well spent by the American Gov’t whether Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama is in the Oval Office.

  4. I hope the church and other religious organizations have learned their lesson. Cory was not a saint and you were all fooled by her corrupt, no good son. Abnoy was the one you anointed as saviour. Only God is the anointed one, all else are false idols. Remember.

  5. I agree that an apology from the President for the slow and inadequate response to help Typhoon Yolanda victims is useless. What the typhoon victims now in the Visayas need most are are not talks but jobs, food, medicine, shelters and schools for their children.

    The President keeps hundreds of billions of pesos in Calamity Fund, why not use it to alleviate the suffering of the victims? The international community had sent hundreds of millions of dollars as aids to the Yolanda victims, what happened to that money now? Why are we seeing only the cheaply made, substandard, overpriced at P838,000 per unit pigeon-hole bunkhouses and a few tents for the victims? Why are many schools still without roofs and supplies 4 months after Typhoon Yolanda struck? Why aren’t any factories built to give jobs to the unemployed victims. Without jobs, these victims will always be begging for assistance from the government.

    What are the Rehabilitation Czar Ping Lacson and Interior Secretary Mar Roxas doing to help out the victims? When will the incompetence end and the adequate helping of victims begin?


  7. Roldan Guerrero on

    Sr. Editha sorry po nalang kayo, wala na po yong mga donations and relief goods mula sa mga foreign donors. Kinupit na po nila para gagamitin sa 2016 election dahil sa takot ni BSA na opposition candidate ang manalo dahil mapaparis din sya kay GMA.