• We should stop Llamanzares’ secret scheme


    Wherever I have gone lately, I have been buffeted with the most extraordinary questions. So many people just want to talk about Smartmatic, the Commission on Elections (Comelec), and Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares’ stateless status and her reputedly “unstoppable” presidential ambition. Many have asked me why after provoking the most passionate discussion of the issues, I continue to show so much disdain and distrust for the 2016 presidential election.

    Why am I saying that the next election could sink rather than save us, and that what we need is a revolution instead? Have I developed a closed mind on the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) voting machine from the Venezuelan firm Smartmatic, and on the stateless status of Mrs. Llamanzares? Why do I want to infect the rest of the nation with my extreme political prejudices? National election, rather than boxing or basketball, is our national sports, says my friend and coconut farmer spokesman Charles Avila; why then don’t we just leave our people to enjoy the biggest fiesta of their lives?

    We just can’t do it anymore.

    In 2010 and 2013, Smartmatic conducted our national elections on behalf of the Comelec, which has the exclusive constitutional authority to conduct elections. This was a grave violation of our nation’s sovereignty and our Constitution, and rendered the entire election illegitimate and invalid. The PCOS machine was illegally divested of all its security and safety features and accuracy mechanisms, rendering the results questionable at best.

    Neither the political parties nor the public protested. It took a little while before Automated Election System (AES) Watch, Tanggulang Demokrasya (Tandem), the National Computer Society, and the National Transformation Council, among others, pointed out that we did not have real elections in 2010 and 2013, and that those who were “elected” in those elections were but de facto rather than de jure officials.

    The whole process was additionally flawed. In 2010, US Ambassador Harry Thomas and a number of Western ambassadors preempted the process by formally recognizing B. S. Aquino 3rd as president-elect before Congress could complete its official canvassing of the votes and declare him “elected.” In 2013, the PCOS machines were programmed to produce a 60-30-10 across-the-board result in favor of PNoy’s senatorial candidates everywhere, including those places where the candidates were not at all known to the voters.

    With the votes from 48 percent of the voting centers counted, the unheralded topnotcher, Grace Poe Llamanzares, posted 20 million votes at the Comelec website. Several days later, this figure was scaled down, without any explanation, to 16 million votes. When the votes from the remaining 52 percent of the voting centers were counted, she got an additional 186,000. Upon completion of the count, her votes went up finally to over 20 million. Not a few voters were shocked to find out that they had voted for Mrs. Llamanzares without their knowledge.

    Criminal complaints were filed before the Ombudsman against then Comelec Chairman Jose Melo and other officials involved in the rigging of the 2010 elections. But until now, the Ombudsman has not acted on these complaints. The office has acted with far greater dispatch on partisan complaints in pursuit of selective justice against non-believers in PNoy’s administration.

    Now, Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista has signed two contracts with Smartmatic for the lease of 93,977 PCOS units, (now renamed Optical Mark Reader (OMR) to simulate a change in the system), despite the intense clamor against the firm’s involvement in the 2016 elections. The lease is worth P8.4 billion.

    Several petitions are pending before the Supreme Court to disqualify Smartmatic from any contract with the Comelec, following a Smartmatic International audit report to the British House of Commons showing that Smartmatic-TIM (Philippines) is a wholly-owned foreign subsidiary, instead of a 60/40 Philippine corporation as claimed, with no legal authority to do business in the Philippines.

    This means only the Supreme Court can still stop the contracts. But unless this happens, it would mean discarding the 81,896 PCOS machines which the Comelec had used in the last two elections, and purchased at a total cost of P9.3 billion, exclusive of warehousing. It also means shutting out any alternative indigenous system such as the TAPAT model, which was successfully demonstrated by Filipino engineers before Baustista and company earlier.

    The original plan was to refurbish and upgrade the 81,896 PCOS units by installing the security and safety features and accuracy mechanisms which had been illegally removed from them earlier. This would have cost the Comelec not more than a couple of billion of pesos, as against the P8.4 billion exclusive of other “hidden” costs. Like the PCOS machines in 2010 and 2013, the new OMRs will be devoid of any security and safety measures and accuracy mechanisms, and therefore guaranteed to perform according to the desire and design of their controllers.

    Election analysts and observers generally presume that after PNoy’s endorsement of former DILG Secretary Manuel Roxas as the Liberal Party standard bearer, the latter’s camp will be in complete command and control of the “hocus PCOS” operation. This guarantees a repeat of the 2010 and 2013 “elections” with Roxas as the inevitable “winner.”

    But a highly informed source who claims to have intimate knowledge of the planning being done inside the Grace Poe Llamanzares camp points out that there is a far more insidious threat coming from that camp, with the involvement of some Cabinet members, who do not wish to be identified with Roxas. With all the money that has come in from the corporate elite, the Llamanzares camp plans to hijack the PCOS operation from Roxas, and rewrite the entire script for 2016.

    Unless the Senate Electoral Tribunal unseats Llamanzares from the Senate for not being a natural-born citizen before the October deadline for the filing of certificates of candidacy, she will declare her candidacy for President despite the fact that she is not even legally a Filipino at this stage, and therefore not qualified to run for any office. Banking on the financial backing of the corporate elite and her adoptive uncle’s surveys, which have put her ahead of other wannabes, she will threaten the nation with popular revolt, if her candidacy was not recognized and her “votes” were not counted.

    It is a poor rehash of PNoy’s campaign threat in 2010, when he threatened to stage “people’s power” if he did not lead his closest presidential rival by five million votes. PNoy got what he wanted when the outgoing regime panicked and capitulated. Now, some of Llamanzares’s foreign and local advisers believe the same recipe could be replicated, in favor of the constitutionally disqualified candidate.

    Thus, when they talk of Llamanzares, Senator Serge Osmena 3rd shows no awareness that she needs to prove her citizenship first to stay in the Senate, while her partner Chiz Escudero prefers to dismiss the quo warranto suit against her before the SET as “pure harassment.” Llamanzares has obviously a lot of supporters in the media, such that when they write news stories about her desire to run for president, there is never any mention of the fact that her constitutional disqualification for the job has been repeatedly discussed in the opinion pages.

    The basic facts are as follows: Mrs. Llamanzares was stateless at birth, being a foundling. She became a Filipino citizen through some illegal process that misrepresented her as the natural daughter of Fernando Poe Jr. and Susan Roces, her surrogate parents. There was talk of adoption, but there is no proof that she was legally adopted.

    She lost her Filipino citizenship when she became an American citizen in 2001. She returned to the Philippines after the death of FPJ in 2004, and decided to apply for the reacquisition of Filipino citizenship in 2006 under RA 9225, otherwise known as the Dual Citizenship Law. This allows former natural born Filipinos who had become citizens of a foreign country after the law took effect in 2003 to reacquire their citizenship.

    But Mrs. Llamanzares was never a natural-born Filipino, and she became an American citizen before RA 9225 was enacted. By making serious misrepresentations about her personal circumstances, she was able to acquire a Philippine citizenship. But being the result of a misrepresentation, it is therefore void ab initio. Having lost her US citizenship in 2012, and not being a Filipino now, she is simply stateless.

    The scheme is for her to run for president despite her patent disqualification. If and when a disqualification suit is filed against her, her camp will exert every effort “to dribble the ball” and prevent the court from acting on the suit before the election. Her camp expects her to dominate the polls through special operations. And with the media behind her, they hope to mount “people power” should any group insist on invoking the Constitution.

    The Constitution would then be perverted by someone who has sought the presidency, avowedly in order to “preserve and defend the Constitution.”

    But why should the people wait for anything like this to happen? If Mrs. Llamanzares, despite her patent constitutional disqualification, should insist on running with the support of the corporate elite and various other actors, we the people should stop her in our own name, and in the name of the Constitution.



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    1. I think Grace Poe’s biological father is FPJ. I can sense it. Why they were adopted by FPJ and Susan when the couple are not yet married is a mystery. Look at Grace nose. It looks like FPJ’s. The color of her skin indicates the mother is a mestiza since FPJ is moreno. Wishful thinking Mr. Tatad but, the timing of the questioning of Mr. David, a 2x senatorial loser to Grace citizenship and residency smacks of dirty politics. He should have done it before Grace runs for Senator or before she was made head of MTRCB. Your line of thingking smacks of Political Bias or envelopmental journalism.

    2. Dear Mr. Former Senator,

      I would like to congratulate you with your article. It was very organize and very informative. It was something that will inspire every journalist to write as good as the way you wrote it.

      In your article, you have mentioned the phrase “constitutionally disqualified candidate” and obviously referring to Senator Grace Poe. You being in the government service before, during and after the Marcos regime, would be the first person to know that only a court of law can give the decision whether a candidate is constitutionally disqualified of not. Although Comelec can disqualify an election candidate, the supreme court will still be the final authority to decide with finality. Having said that, you may file a complaint, at any time, to the Supreme court to decide whether Senator Grace Poe is qualified to serve as a Senator of the Republic of the Philippines. You know better the procedure on this matter.

      Being a foundling, the person enjoys the presumption of being a natural born. According to the convention on the reduction of statelessness (UN Multilateral treaty), a foundling may take the nationality in the place where he/she is found. Thus, Senator Grace enjoys this benefit being a foundling.

      I am not in any relation to Senator Grace. However, I would rather choose her to lead the country than an accused plunderer.

      Best regards,


      • Correct. His article is obviously bias in favor of Binay. We all know that Tatad is included in Binay’s payroll and all he need to do is pull Grace down. Obstacle kay Binay si Grace Poe. Siguro nangangarap pang maging MISINFORMATION Secretary si Tatad ni Binay.

      • Actually the author is one of more Filipino’s who have a crab mentality. The case of Ms. Poe was already filed in SET and Comelec but according to this article Ms. Poe was already a guilty.

    3. Vic Penetrante on

      Illegitimate children, orphans and foundlings are compensated better in life by the Lord. Ishmael, the son of Abraham from his slave, Hagar, was gifted to be the father of a nation. Moses, who was hidden in a basket and floated down the river, was found by non-other than the daughter of the Pharaoh, who was after the ‘population control’ of the Jews and wanted all new-born males to be killed. All throughout the Bible, children who would have been scorned by society for being illegitimate (born by ‘loose women), orphans or foundlings had been blessed by the Lord.

      Joseph was provided to be the guardian of Jesus and Mary, because Mary would have been criticized or stoned to death for bearing the Son of God.

      The Bible never emphasized statelessness.

      • you are relating a very good fairy tale of the bible. nice, but not true. no supporting evidence at all. if you want to talk about the bible, you overlook all the murders, the killings of innocent people, the hundreds of wives, the treatment of women and slaves, nothing to be proud of my friend!!! llamanzares is another person like us who believes that being the daughter of poe, she can sway the nations votes because she is a star. and many are supporting her because they will need a return of that favor soon. she is already trying to point fingers toward other people instead of laying down the cards and provide proof of her citizenship. A dual citizen is different from a true citizen of a country only.

      • Neither does it emphasize on boundaries of any state. With that kind of argument, you might as well say that we should be ruled by China. We are a nation governed by law not by the bible.

    4. we have a constitutional provision that adheres to the generally accepted principles of international law, which includes that foundlings are to have the nationality of the state where they are found. therefore, SGP is nothing but a filipino.

      • Mr. ted logan,
        Grace Poe was not a natural born Filipino.
        She bacame an American citizen because she married one.
        Then, she renounced her american citizenship .
        The logical step for her to do is to reacquire her Philippine citizenship.
        But she can’t because the privilege belongs to natural born Filipino citizen.
        That is why grace poe is neither Filipino nor american.
        She is stateless.

      • the international law you are mentioning does not apply since the philippines is not a signatory to it. if i recall right, the philippines just signed this international law recently so it doesn’t apply to poe-ppet.

    5. I suspect that the reason to continue with Smartmatic’s hocus PCOS (regardless of what it is being called now) is to ensure Mar’s winning the presidential elections regardless of his ‘poorpularity’ in order to continue AbNoy’s “Tuwid na Daan” and avert the massive lawsuits that AbNoy et al will surely face if someone else becomes President.

    6. Don’t worry, Kit, the military is ready to step in any moment now that they try to play games and act funny. There are a lot of decent and professional guys in the military and they are ready to do what is right any moment that a subversion of the people’s will begins to unravel. The military is on the side of the people – not with the corporate elite. The generals may be on the take but not all those on the lower ranks.

      • Yan ang gusto kong malaman! At yan ang dapat matupad kung kinakailangan! It’s about time na dapat manindigan ang MILITAR para sa Constitution. MABUHAY ang militar!

    7. Many in the US questioned, or even denied, Obama’s citizenship status, but in the end he became and remained President.

      As an American lawyer, I fully understand how adherence to regulations in a de jure sense can be stressed, but in most cases, especially in the Philippines, the de facto holds sway.

      In other words, if Erap is allowed to be Mayor Erap, I’m not sure how Poe could not become President Poe

      • Erap got the absolute pardon, as decided by the Philppine Supreme Court, although the crime he committed carries with it disqualification from running for office. (As clarified by the Phil. SC).

        In the case of Poe, her ‘natural birth’ is questionable since she is a ‘foundling’. Another question, I advance is the fact that her former U.S. citizenship was not properly or legally severed, as she did the renunciation before a Philippine Notary Public. Therefore, she was, technically, still a U.S. Citizen.Then, there’s the question of lack of residency before she ran for senator.

      • Mr wagner, you must be a birther. of all the stupid things that people could think of just to defend their losing cAndidates. Did you think for a moment that he could run if his documents were so so ? and then, not only that, they allowed him to run the second time. Are these justices and /or the supreme court with half of them republilcans and the highest court of America dumb, idiots, morons, that they allowed him to run knowing that the people would surely vote for him the second time? America had been so behind in healthcare compared to other progressive nations especially Europe. and republicans are still crying whey there is an affordable care act! That is why America is NOT the greatest country because all the rich people do is buy politicians to increase their wealth. talk about Koch brothers who don’t care where the planet is going to, as long as they can dig oil. pitiful!

    8. Dear Madam Grace:

      This piece of Mr. Former Senator Kit Tatad is a good advice to you. The wisdom or words of the old is to be taken seriously.If i is true that you love this country, you should consider words.But before I go on, I like to share with you one of Aesop’s fables that I’ve learned when I was at School.

      A scorpion and a frog met on the bank of a stream.The scorpion asked the frog to carry him across the stream on its back. The frog asked,” How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion said, “Because if I do, I will die too__I can’t swim.”

      The frog replied, “How do I know you won’t sting me once we reach the other side?”

      “Kind sir, I would be so grateful for your assistance that I wouldn’t dream of such deed,” responded the scorpion.

      The frog was satisfied and allowed the scorpion to crawl on his back as they set out into the water.. The frog was swimming across the stream when the scorpion suddenly stung the frog. The frog felt the onset of paralysis an started to sink. With its last grasp, the frog asked asked,” Why did you stig me? Now we’re both going to die.” The scorpion replied,”Because it’s my nature.”

      Madam senator this fables will apply to you.According to the author, you were not a a natural born Pilipino and your biological parent were unknown, and you were adopted by the late Fernando Poe Jr and Ms. Susan Roces. They sent you to USA to gain education and became a US Citizen

      When Fernando Poe (your adopted father)died you came back in the Philippines.And to make the story short, you renounced your US Citizenship and became a member of the Senate.

      Again, according to this author, you are not qualified to become a member of the senate. But the pack of the scorpions made you a legal senator, how?

      First, they gave you a Job, even you are not suppose to have because you are a US Citizen.

      Second. They included you in their party even you are not qualified , because you are a US citizen.And you became a member of the senate until this day.

      In other words Madam Senator, these scorpions missed up you life and wanted to perpetuate their nature habits by convincing you to stay with them and to ride with you at your back to bring them again across the stream.

      According to the news, the scorpions invited you several times to meet in their palace. Why? You know the answer already madam Senator.

      When your investigation of the Mamapasano Massacre has concluded , and according to you report,that the head of the scorpion is responsible for the massacre, and thereby accountable. I know and people’s know that he advised you not to submit your report in the senate. In other words he dictated you, and told you ,”hey Ms. Grace alalahanin mo na may utangka sa amin.hindi ka naging senador kung hindi ka namin ginawa, maliwanag ba!” And in a twinkling of an eye, you were silent on that case until now.

      Kaya po Madam Senator, get out right now from the den of the scorpions. They missed up your life once, and they want to do it again.

      According to the rumor and even the author of this article, ikaw ay anak daw ng dating President Ferdinand Marcos. If this rumors is said to be true or not, mas maganda siguro na hindi ka nga tatakbong para Pangulo, but throw all you supports to BBM, kahit hindi pa nagdeklara. I know hundred percent, he will be run a President. And to all prospective candidate for president , siya lamang ang may pinakamagandang record at ginawa bilang Governor, Congressman at Senador. At kung sasali ka pa, votes were divided and the scorpion can perpetuate their daang matuwad.

      I understand, you have the blood to serve, ganiyan ang dugo ng mga Marcos. They have the blood to serve the country.

      Again, I wish that the rumor is said to be true.And if you want seek the truth about the rumor, I suggest , just talk one on one to the Author of this article, he might have a good information, because he was then a cabinet member of the late President Marcos.

      • It would be a great DISSERVICE to the Filipino people if you run for President because you do not have the proper qualifications aside from being sincere in serving the people. You should follow the reason why the late Dolphy advanced when he was encouraged to run for a political position, knowing that he is very popular; a lot more popular than you are, even with your adoptive parents’ name. The country is faced with major problems, domestic and international and much more than sincerity and ambition is direly needed.

      • wow! I love this story! you know, none of grace’ family. susan or rosemary lifted a finger with this issue. During that time, when the baby was found, there was a very strong rumor of rosemary having had relations with macoy. If you think about it, look at grace, and she sometimes has that marcos feature, I could be wrong of course, but why not take a dna test to stop all these rumors? I bet susan and rosemary are both nervous about this, this is a family secret kept for years.

    9. If what Mr. Tatad says and had always stated in this column about the grip of this corporate elite, or I want to say oligarchs, on the Philippine society is true, then our country is politically a hopeless case. Until the reign of Marcos, our politics was dictated by the US and no president came to power without the US’ approval. That was because of their bases: Subic Naval Base and Clark Airbase. After Marcos, the reign of the oligarchs or what Mr. Tatad says Corporate Elite ushered in with the enthronement of the Yellow Dynasty in the person of Cory Aquino. Ever since, with the exception of Erap, all the presidents were Yellow-sponsored. Now, with the intention of Grace Poe Llamanzares to ascend the throne, let us see if the Yellow Dynasty will come to an end and another creation of the political elite in the person of another puppet will succeed. The implication of this power grab by the corporate elite: the political and industrial power base will always be in their hands insuring the country’s widening wealth gap between the less than 1 percent super-rich and the poor and the politically marginalized.

      • is the coming elections becoming a fight between big businessmen’s interests?? the makati business club with the ayalas and pangilinan and zamora brothers vs. cojuangco, ang, razon and villar?? ganun ba ang sitwasyon?? sila ang pilpili ng ating pangulo via the hocus pcos?? props lang tayong pipila para bumuto sa presinto pero sa totoo lang tapos na ang bilangan courtesy of the hocus pcos.

    10. So you’re saying that a foundling is stateless? That’s BS. Our constitution, based from the Generally accepted rules of International Law clearly states that a foundling assumes the citizenship of the country where s/he is found. Sen. Grace did not do anything for her to be a Natural Born Filipino Citizen because since birth, she already is.

      Sir, paki review nalang po ng constitution baka nakalimutan niyo na or wala ka lang talagang alam. LOL

      • but it didn’t stop there because she assumed citizenship from another country. even if she were a dual citizen, she cannot run for congress or senate, much more as president. that is the difference, and the law has always been that way. Every country, for a higher position, a requirement has to be met and one of the basic requirement is you must be a natural born citizen. granting she is a natural born citizen, when she embraced another citizenship, she lost her Filipino citizenship and that is the issue.

    11. Leodegardo Pruna on

      How do I get to be a member of the National Transformation Council? God bless the Philippines.

    12. you’ve got it wrong Mr. Tatad, if you want to stop Grace Poe you need to stop smartmatic!

    13. Keep on banging the drum loudly, Mr. Tatad. Many Pinoys are on your side and understand your obsession. It is a very noteworthy one. We do not want Ms Grace Poe and her American family residing at Malacanang as “first family” when facts currently available in regards to her citizenship and residency show that she is not constitutionally eligible to run as president of the Philippines, or even sit as a senator in Congress. Apart from the possible manipulation of the number of votes that she received (as you have described), just about everybody knows that she won her senate seat because she ran as a “Poe”, and not as “Llamanzares”.

      Time is of the essence. As soon as Ms. Grace Poe declares her candidacy, it is imperative that a multitude of Filipino citizens in the Philippines and abroad file petitions before Comelec questioning her eligibility (here’s a shout to Mr. Rizalito David). If there is going to be a storm of petitions, Comelec would and should be forced to act and reach a decision as to her eligibility before Election Day. The petitions may be considered jointly as one petition. But the higher the number of petitions submitted, the more Comelec would realize and conclude that the issue is of primary importance to many people, and the question will have to be determined or answered immediately prior to voting day. Otherwise, people power and all that may rise to the fore once again.

      Mrs. Poe’s eligibility case will likely end up in the Supreme Court; but if the justices under Chief Justice Sereno decide that the public interest or the public good will be at stake, they may decide to do the right thing, and hasten the whole decision-making process. After all, what could be more important than electing the president of the Philippines? The Constitution is paramount. The election must be “clean”, fair, transparent, and subject to accountability. If the Court delays once again, as seems to be its wont and predilection in the past, then the never-ending corruption in the Philippines will just go on and on like the Energizer bunny. “Kawawang Pilipinas. Wala nang pagasa ang ating bayan”.

      Incidentally, I have read, just by mere perusal, of supreme court decisions where some elected officials (such as mayors) have been disqualified on grounds of not being “natural born”, or failing the residency test. Even though victorious in the election, they were forced to vacate their positions, to be replaced by the rightful winners. Thus, even if Ms. Poe decides to run and gets elected, she may still be disqualified at the appropriate time.

      As for the Smartmatic machines, perhaps their planned use could be challenged prior to Election Day on grounds of being unconstitutional. In Germany, (I think in 2006) voting machines were banned because they were found to be unconstitutional. A father and son challenged their use because the software and hardware could be manipulated (as has been claimed for the Philippines 2010 and 2013 elections). I believe that it is for this same reason that Ireland also bans electronic voting machines.

      Let us just hope, as had happened once in the Netherlands, that some IT experts will step up and prove the vulnerability to manipulation and adulteration of the voting data from these machines. By showing proof and going public, the “hackers” caused the Government of the Netherlands to put a moratorium on the use of these machines.

      As for the ombudsman and her failure to take up the complaints about the Smartmatic machines, she may seem to be “partisan” in regards to this issue. But, maybe she just does not have enough manpower or personnel to do a review of the complaints. She has so many things on her plate right now. In fact, compared to the former ombudsman Ms. Mercedita Gutierrez, Mrs. C. Carpio-Morales is quite an “achiever”. Remember the Pestano murder case? For that alone, I think Mrs. Carpio Morales deserves a gold medal. Also, who knows? She just may surprise everybody and reach a decision on the Smartmatic machines way way before election day. Remember what she said? She is “non-partisan”!

    14. Guillermo Hernandez on

      Morons cannot understand your logic and reason…..and there are 100 million
      Filipino morons who are blind and deaf to the seriousness of the situation that
      their country is now facing. They only concern themselves with Pacquiao bouts
      and PBA/ NBA GameStop

      The 2016 ” elections ” will be a turning point in the history of the Philippines
      It will be remembered as the the year when democracy was buried six feet under
      and ” Aquinocracy ” will be the rule of the land.

      Poor Filipinos…….but they deserve their fate by keeping SILENT !

    15. Felimon A. Soria on

      I think Mr. Roxas should read this column and prepare for his next move. If he really cares about the Philippines Mr. Roxas should do everything in his power starting now to do something about it.

    16. Any person who will supports Ms. Grace Poe in her pursuit of a high government position in the 2016 election is liable for the crime conspiracy for abetting the violation of a fundamental provision of the Philippine Constitution.

    17. why is president pnoy dying hard to implement the ‘ancestral domain’? will it save Hacienda Luisita? it was once rejected by the SC, now he sees it in the Sharia Law?

    18. Its not perhaps such a bad idea to just give these yellow tribalists what they want. Why? With America, Europe and Japan undergoing a severe economic crisis, saddled with debts that are mathematically impossible to pay, the world is teetering on the brink. When, not if, the collapse finally comes, and the yellows with either Grace, Binay or Mar are at the helm, the entire yellow regime will be swept away by the tsunami that will engulf us. Remember that the 1983 crisis caused by the Mexican debt default combined with the American recession- at that time the deepest since the Second World War- and the record drought that hit our shores that time, contributed largely to Marcos’ fall. This coming collapse will be on a scale unseen in human history, $600TRILLION in exotic derivatives- a modern day financial instrument invented for leverage by Wall St.- compared to the world’s total GDP of only $75Trillion will wash away everything in sight. If the colossus Marcos failed to survive the crisis of the early eighties, what do you think will happen to these lilliputians of the yellow regime when a storm of that magnitude hits us? Perhaps somebody should warn that Llamanzares woman, “Be careful what you wish for…..”