We want to know why


Why are our lawmakers, the senators especially, not ashamed of their low-grade performance? Is it because Malacañang is running a student government and the people in the Palace are members of that student government’s legislative body? Even the lawyer-senators, from whom much of good works are expected, show no difference of from the quality of their non-lawyer colleagues. Even if they were elected on the basis of popularity only, they are being paid huge compensation to do better than they are doing.

We have been missing greatly the statesmen of yesteryears, members of the pre-martial law Congress who deserved our addressing them as Honorable. Is the mentality of the Filipino going down?

Patrick B. Andres, r.
Baguio City


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  1. Siony Camacho Bana on

    Not until we can consider the qualification of each political candidate based on their past accomplishments before we cast our vote, we will not be able to reform corruption ingrained in the establishment , change for a better future is nil .Hopefully House Bill 1089 will be ratified by Senate for a clean and transparent election ( no vote buying , etc.)

  2. mauricio palao on

    Amen. Where is a Claro M Recto when you need one a good lawmaker? or a Pepe Diokno. an Emanuel Pelaez, or Arturo Tolentino? Their kind and caliber is sorely missed. Today, in both the senate and the ‘house’, we have an admixture of ‘b’ movie actors, ‘military types’, cult leaders, and, distinguished university graduates of local and foreign schools. Honestly, I can’t see any serious and viable debate here. The more enlightened would have to go down a few notches to have some kind of conversation and resolution. The resulting legislation could be pointless inanities. An alternative is a common denominator which guaranty neither inanity nor good legislation. So, why not just, together, plot for the loot?