Weak Barn owl rescued at NAIA


A hungry barn owl was captured while looking for food near the aircraft movement area of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The unexpected visitor was too weak to fly when caught by grass-cutting personnel near the grassy portion of airport’s runway 06/24. The barn owl has a heart-shaped facial disc, formed by stiff feathers which serve to amplify and locate the source of sounds when hunting, and the open airport grass provides good hunting for mice and other prey. Airport Ground Operations Safety Division safety officer Roummel Cruz said “the captured barn owl eventually averted a potential bird strike in the area near the runway.” Its natural diet comprises small mammals, mainly field voles, common shrews and wood mice, and in NAIA, they usually feed on small rodents. The owl was turned over to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-National Capital Region Wildlife Traffic Monitoring Unit at NAIA.


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