Can’t own a Ferrari yet?

Then ‘wear’ it for now

The Scuderia Ferrari Polarized Carbon Blade eyewear, the most expensive pair

The Scuderia Ferrari Polarized Carbon Blade eyewear, the most expensive pair

Most men dream of owning a Ferrari. But while they dream and work for it, they can own a piece of this luxury car even now. How so? Via the newly launched global partnership between Oakley and Scuderia Ferrari, which took place on August 5 right here in the Philippines.

Unveiled was a sleek 10-piece collection of Scuderia Ferrari-Oakley sunglasses in a ceremony led by Wellington Soong, chairman and president of Autostrada Motore Inc., and Ramesh Dargani, chief executive officer of Meera Enterprises, the exclusive dis-tributors of Fer-rari and Oakley in the Philip-pines, respec-tively. The event, which gathered Ferrari aficionados and fashionistas, was held at the Autostrada Motore Showroom in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Dargani announced, “The special edition eyewear salutes the passion and perfection of Scuderia Ferrari, the Prancing Horse’s official racing team. Each frame in this premium sunglasses collection highlights the iconic color Scuderia Ferrari red, while select renditions are accented with the Scuderia Ferrari emblem.”

For his part, Soong was proud to present the Ferrari 458 Spider, which according to him served as one of the inspirations for Oakley’s special collection. Describing the work of auto–mobile art, Soong said, “The Ferrari 458 Spider is the brand’s first mid-rear engine convertible that won the International Engine of the Year award for its engineering excellence in terms of driveability, performance, economy and refinement.”

After the introduction from both officials, demonstrations were held to test the functionality and power of each Ferrari-Oakley eyewear. First was the vision test that proved the sung-lasses offer 100-per-cent clear vision. And then, there was the im-pact test wherein a half-kilo nail was dropped on top of one of the pieces. The results showed that thanks to the eye-wear’s polycar–bonate finish, any strong impact will protect the eyes from injury.

Besides such remarkable qualities, the limited edition collection also features a laser-etched logo at the corner of the lens, as well as logo-embossed Microclear bag for lens cleaning and frame storage.

Among the 10-piece col-lection the Scuderia Ferrari Polarized Carbon Blade eyewear comes with the heftiest price tag at P30,000.

The special edition Scuderia Ferrari-Oakley collection is available at all Oakley authorized dealers. For more information, visit


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