Wearable gadget keeps track of sleep patterns


Sleep is the most necessary activity after a hard day’s work, but it is also very easy for busy people to give up. Inversely too, it is the hardest to come by for those afflicted with insomnia.

According to research, sleep is a key factor in overall health, along with diet and exercise. Quality sleep, moreover, plays a critical role in one’s well-being – from protecting against cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, to neurocognitive functions, mental health and longevity.

Louis Lye and Alexander Healy show the entire line of Fitbit Alta HR interchangeable bands and accessories

The lack of sleep can further put one in danger, such as accidents behind the wheel, at worse resulting in death.

But just how much sleep is needed on the average to stay healthy? And how does dozing off help in revitalizing the weary body?

A wearable gadget – slimmer than a watch strap and more like a baller ID – can help answer these questions.

Named Alta HR from the line of Fibit gadgets, it is to be the latest technological advancement to track the stages of sleep, and developed by a panel of leading sleep experts from Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University and the University of Arizona. The unique wristband provides its wearer guidance on the right sleep pattern and thereby helps enhance sleep quality.

Alta HR is powered by the PurePulse heart rate technology in the analysis of light, deep and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

The sleep tracking device gives actionable insights for the wearer to make better informed decisions on personal health and wellness goals in style using two dynamic tools called Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights.

With this product, Fitbit is building on its popular sleep features that have empowered millions of people to track their sleep since 2012.

PH retailers (from left) Digital Walker representatives Alyssa Valenzuela and Lilian Bino, Mobile 1 executives Inna Alonzo and Malou Del Rosario, Beyond the Box delegate Geovan Ang and Lazada’s Paolo Flores

Fitbit country manager for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan Louis Lye, and Product Marketing head Alexander Healy demonstrated the innovations during the Philippine launch of Alta HR, discussing the miniaturization of heart rate sensors, the latest designer collaborations, and the gadget’s sleep tracking features, which deliver data previously available only through Sleep Lab.

In a nutshell, Alta HR turns in the most important data to one’s well being – heart rate, steps, distance, calorie burn, active minutes – day and night. It is available in four colors: black, blue gray, fuchsia, and coral classic

Log on to www.fitbit.com for more details.


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