Wearing copper as accessories


accessories20140105HAVE a piece of wearable art with Copperazo accessories—intricately hand crafted accessories that are made from copper wire and glass beads.

Perfect for people with discriminating tastes, Copperazo have the most amazing array of colorful and elaborately designed earrings, bracelets, rings, ear cuffs and bangles and with interesting themes that ranges from Bohemian to whimsical. It is hypoallergenic, it doesn’t tarnish or fade.

“Copperazo is not your usual accessory because simply, it is a wearable art. It has a personality to it and it also takes a certain personality to be able to pull it off,” says Edwin Padillo, owner of Copperazo.

Copperazo accessories are only available online and in bazaars. For more information, visit http://facebook.com/copperazzo, follow @copperazo on Twitter and Instagram or call 0947-890-5302.


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