Wedding preparations in the digital age


How Maxene Magalona breezes through her preps for the big day
Fearless as she maybe with her fashion and beauty choices, actress Maxene Magalona revealed she would like her upcoming wedding to model-cum-musician Robby Mananquil to be simple.

While details of the big day have yet to be finalized—her boyfriend of two years just popped the question on Valentine’s Day after all—the daughter of the late and revered OPM artist Francis Magalona is eyeing a classic nuptial.

“I think it’s natural to want to have that fantasy wedding especially with all the Disney princesses we grew up watching. But as you grow older, you realize that it’s not just about a dream wedding or about the theme. Right now, for me, it’s what’s going to happen after the wedding that makes me more excited,” Magalona said.

Maxene Magalona

Whatever theme she eventually chooses, the bride-to-be is just thrilled that planning a wedding these days is easier when everything is just a click away.

“Back in the day, when you plan a wedding, you’d really have to cut out magazine clippings and stick them on to scrap books. But how do you bring all that wherever you go, right? Lucky for me, there’s now the BG Bridal Gallery application where brides-to-be like myself can easily organize the details of their wedding. So now, when something comes up, I can save it and have a closer look at it the next time,” the 30-year-old shared.

Bridal Gallery, founded in 1976, is a one-stop-shop for all things bridal. It has served over one million couples from Tokyo, New York and Manila. Keeping up with the times, the company developed a mobile application where tips, ideas and a directory of wedding suppliers, among others, are featured to help couples decide on their special day.

With Magalona newly engaged, she is but the perfect choice to be the face of the brand’s newly launched application. A true user, she enjoins other brides-to-be to try out the all-in-one wedding app.

PH wedding
Undecided as she was over the nitty-gritty of the wedding—including its final date—Magalona, however shared that she and her fiancé are sure to exchange “I do’s” in the Philippines.

“I’ve noticed the trend of destination weddings, those outside the country, but for me, for my dad na maka-Pilipino, I will get married here,” she declared.

With fiance Robby Mananquil INSTAGRAM PHOTO

Magalona further revealed she will choose a classic design for her gown.

“I still don’t know about the details but despite my adventures in fashion, I’m generally very traditional. I love classic and girly pieces, so I guess I’ll go with something along those lines,” she elaborated.

True love
“I’ve always dreamed of the love that’s true,” Magalona happily related. And her true love came in the form of 38-year-old Mananquil, a model, visual artist and musician.

Both celebrities in their own right, the two only formally met in 2015. As she confided to The Manila Times, the glowing bride-to-be revealed Mananquil was the only guy she dated who was not introduced to her.

“He’s actually the first ever guy to approach me and ask me out on a date. The others, they were introduced to me or we were set up by other people,” she intimated.

And just like most millennial couples, they met online—through Facebook—and instantly hit it off when the mere acquaintances exchanged private messages through Messenger.

“Rob revealed to me that he had a crush on me long time ago so he added me on Facebook. I saw that we had a handful of common friends so I accepted his invite. And to be honest, I already had a crush on him too. I saw him in his gigs. But for a time, that was it. He later told me, he was just waiting for the right moment to make a connection,” Magalona continued.

That connection was, funny as it may sound, took the form of a humble Indian mango and fermented fish.

“One time, I posted on Facebook how satisfying it was to come home to mangga and bagoong after a hard day’s work. A few moments after, he sent me a private message asking where to get good mangoes! And that’s it, before we knew it we were exchanging messages profusely. He asked me for coffee, I shopped for three outfits because I was too nervous to settle for one and after that initial date, I told my family, I love him already!” the actress giggled.

Rounding up, Magalona said that with the simplest thing bringing them together in true love, a simple wedding is perfect for them. Ever the romantic, she knows that what will follow for them is a grand forever.

“That’s what really matters,” she ended.


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