Weekends with Ledoux


Ledoux220141015To keep his health in tiptop shape, EU Ambassador Guy Ledoux revealed to The Manila Times that he actively practices yoga with a private instructor during weekends. He first took up this physical and meditative activity while he was posted in Taiwan, and since then, yoga has helped him relax and stay fit for the last four years.

And just like everybody else, the Ambassador also spends his weekends catching the latest movies in theaters.

“The last movie I saw was And So It Goes starring Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas,” he enthused.

Whenever possible, the ambassador spends time with his wife and friends to go out of town and hit the beaches of Anilao, Puerto Galera and even Palawan. His 23-year-old son and 21-year-old daughter are currently studying in the UK so he bonds with them via Internet through Skype.

“They also come to the Philippines twice a year—during the summer and Christmas holidays and visit the beautiful beaches,” he concluded.


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