• Weidman to fight Belfort, ‘The Spider’ returns January 2015



    After the cancellation of the fight between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva because the former was tested positive for Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or Recombinant Human Erythropoietin (EPO), the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) finally offered a bout that will heal the broken hearts of mixed martial arts fans. Chris Weidman is facing “The Phenom” Vitor Belfort on December 6, 2014. If the fight between Sonnen and Silva happened last July, the winner should face Belfort, and whoever wins will advance to face Weidman for the belt. Everything became easier for Belfort as he no longer need to face either Sonnen or Silva (whom he once TKO’ed in under 44 seconds during his early fights in the UFC in 1998).

    Weidman took the belt away from Anderson Silva twice. Their second fight in UFC 128 in December put Anderson out of commission via TKO with a broken shinbone. Weidman’s third test was Lyoto Machida whom he beat via decision. Will Chris Weidman be able to defend his middleweight championship belt against Vitor Belfort?

    Weidman notched 12 straight wins out of 12 UFC fights, 42 percent of his victories were by knock out while 25 percent were by submission. In comparison, Belfort won 24 out of his 34 UFC fights, 71 percent were by KO and 13 percent by submission.

    Chris Weidman and Anderson “The Spider” Silva FILE PHOTOS

    Chris Weidman and Anderson “The Spider” Silva FILE PHOTOS

    Given this data, Belfort is showing a clear message that he can knock out Chris Weidman; while Weidman is giving a hint that he might be able to pull off a submission win vs. Vitor Belfort.

    ‘The Spider’ returns January 2015
    Anderson Silva is on his way back to the UFC and will appear inside the Octagon on January 31, 2015. One year of recovery is enough for “The Spider” to get back in shape and get ready to reclaim his dominance of MMA. He will be facing Nick Diaz who has the ability to deliver machine gun-type of punching combinations, an absolute contrast to Anderson’s relaxed style of fighting.

    Injuries, Znigano could get in the way of Rousey vs. Holm bout
    Although Holly Holm already signed a contract with the UFC to face the beautiful Rhonda Rousey, they are not to fight just yet. Both ladies need medical attention on fight-related injuries. Rousey is scheduled to have her knee fixed while Holm need serious repair of her broken arm. Aside from these facts, Rhonda Rousey needs to clear out Cat Znigano on September 21, from her list of challengers.

    “Mumbakki” Daniel Foronda is an MMA champion and a Filipino martial arts expert. He is currently based in Russia where he is a combat tactical trainer to the country’s Military Special Forces.


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