• Weird pedestrian rules; Kadamay’s ‘Occupy Bulacan’ slogan



    THE Zobels are among the few families who have bought portions of the huge Yulo estate in Laguna. They are the developers of Santa Rosa Estates 1 and Santa Rosa Estates 2 through Amaia Land Corp., a subsidiary of Ayala Land Inc., which, in turn, is a unit of the Ayala group of companies owned by the Zobels through Ayala Corp.

    The Zobels, specifically Jaime Augusto and Fernando, had intended to develop Santa Rosa Estates 1A into a commercial area. Eventually, they incorporated it into Santa Rosa Estate 1 when Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road became crowded with buildings that covered the view from the main highway leading to Tagaytay City and Batangas.

    As a matter of fact, the concrete fences around Santa Rosa Estates 1A are proof of the original plan to develop the area into a new commercial complex.

    Pedestrian rules
    In this piece, Due Diligencer focuses on the uniqueness of the rules governing pedestrians.

    At Santa Rosa Estates 1 and 1A, you are lucky if you drive a car because the security guards manning the main gate would salute you. If you happen to be a pedestrian, you are not allowed to pass through the small gate that was built for your convenience. Instead, you would be directed to cross the street, and walk on the middle of the road that leads to the guardhouse.

    After passing through the guardhouse, you have to cross again to the other side of the street if you are going to Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road.

    What a way to expose homeowners to being run over by cars leaving the subdivision!

    Why endanger the lives of pedestrians, who are also homeowners, to the risks of crossing the street a number of times? What for is a pedestrian gate if the rules don’t allow homeowners to use it?

    No pedestrian lane
    The jurisdiction of Santa Rosa Estates 1 and Santa Rosa Estates 1A abruptly ended at the subdivisions’ main gate along Laguna Boulevard. So did the sidewalk inside the subdivision.

    Perhaps, Amaia Land had won praises from the Ayala group for having saved so much by limiting the construction of two pedestrian gates – one on each side of the guard house – without extending them to Laguna Boulevard.

    But do the Zobels know that outside Santa Rosa Estates 1 and 1A, pedestrians also face the risk of being hit by a passing car because Amaia Land did not build a sidewalk outside the subdivision’s gates?

    Apparently, subdivision residents were forced to sacrifice their safety in favor of profitability. What for would an additional expense be when facilities outside the gates become optional? Why spend more when net profits measure a company’s contributions to profitability?

    ‘Occupy Bulacan’
    The government’s elected and non-el ected officials should start considering the general welfare of the population in the towns and cities outside Metro Manila. Instead of asking the people who they voted for, they should set aside their political differences and begin serving the poor among their constituents.

    Take, for instance, the housing projects of the National Housing Authority. If these have already been completed, they should be turned over only to their intended legitimate beneficiaries.

    Forget Kadamay, which has been too politicized to be treated as informal settlers. They and their sympathizers are only pretending to be poor. How could they be the poorest of the poor when a beautiful sedan that joined a caravan to Pandi a few months ago showed, through a sticker, their real intention? The sticker clearly proclaimed “Occupy Bulacan” as the caravan’s slogan.

    Such as slogan does not augur well for the well-being of Bulacan natives and migrants. Let the public know that the province does not belong to the alleged homeless chosen by Kadamay. These “beneficiaries” should be told that their presence would destroy whatever is left of “damayan” or cooperative spirit among the folks in and out of the NHA’s housing projects at Pulang-lupa in Pandi.

    Kadamay, which has grown to become the more popular name of Kalipunan ng mga Damayang Mahihirap, has no place either in Pandi or other towns in Bulacan.

    As a matter of fact, NHA officials should provide us statistics on the houses that have been illegally occupied by these new invaders whose only claim of ownership was President Duterte’s suggestion that they could stay in their chosen houses.

    Kadamay should know that the NHA spends taxpayers’ money in building houses for the homeless. Its members and sympathizers had misinterpreted the President’s statement to mean generosity. It is not. To be brutally frank to these pretenders, they are only being used by certain groups that are only after their votes.

    Remember this: Next time members of the Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap meet with the beneficiaries of Pandi houses, it would be to ask for their votes to send their representatives to Congress. Won’t they realize they had been taken for a ride? Just asking.



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