‘WELCOME TO THE BIRDS’: Get to know the Black-winged Stilt


Black-winged Stilt

Not all tourists who visit the country are human. We welcome the Black-winged Stilt who just arrived in the Philippines. It contrasts itself with black wings and long pink legs which make it easy to find. Alone or in small groups, they can be found in both fresh and saltwater from rice fields to coastal mud flats in practically anywhere in the country.

This is just one of the many species that migrate to the Philippines every year. These birds help us determine whether our ecosystems are in good condition or in trouble.

Depending on the variety and their population (which reaches in to the thousands), they serve as warning of environmental problems people will face in the future. Now is the chance to get to know the Black-winged Stilt better this ‘Welcome to the Birds’ season.

SOURCE: A Guide to the Birds of the Philippines by Robert S. Kennedy and Wetland Birds of Luzon by The Haribon Foundation.


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