We’ll survive quakes if God is with us – Tagle


Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle strongly believes Filipinos will survive all storms and quakes “if they put God in the center of their lives.”

He cited the recent devastation from the fighting in Zamboanga, the storms in Luzon and the earthquake in Central Visayas, which claimed dozens of lives, damaged heritage churches, buildings and vital infrastructure.

Tagle lamented the “crumbling of (heritage) churches.” He recalled the Lord’s message to Saint Francis to “build my church with Jesus as the cornerstone.”

Tagle addressed the first day of the Philippine Conference on the New Evangelization (PCNE) attended by 5,000 Catholic Church officials from Asian countries at the University of Santo Tomas which was centered on strengthening the churches rooted on Jesus’ words.

Saddened by the collapse of the historical churches in Bohol and Cebu, Tagle said he doubts “if the churches will still be used.”

Reverend Victorino “Ino” Cueto of the Redemptorist Church said he will suggest to the disaster teams to post earthquake safety tips in some churches of the country, especially in historical churches.

He said the Redemptorist church (more commonly known as Baclaran) was inspected on August 24. “The structures are okay from ceiling to wiring.”

Fr. Genaro Diwa, executive secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ Commission on Liturgy, said that masses in areas stricken by the earthquake will be held outside the churches.

Diwa said that the mass is “usually celebrated in a different place adjacent to the church” similar to what happened in Santo Domingo church, which served as evacuation center during storm Santi.


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  1. Nothing will happen without a CAUSE, so simple. Earthquakes are caused by the movement of tectonic plates. NO ONE is capable of solving our problems except us, HUMANS. Supernatural power does not exist, we do.

  2. Rick Javillonar on

    Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?
    It’s about time to worship the true God. Not statues and the like.

  3. Tagle says, “…Filipinos will survive all storms and quakes “if they put God in the center of their lives.”
    I mean, really?!? With due respect to the catholic leader, this is the type of language that precisely indicates, enhances, aggravates and foments medieval type ignorance among people. And of course, the catholic loyalists will say that this statement may not have been necessarily meant to be literal. So, how else is this supposed to be understood?
    Ay sus maryosep!
    Well, some pinoys, by this time, must’ve already outgrown this form of intellectual immaturity.
    It’s God who made the earth, and the earthquake faults in it!
    If earthquakes happen, those who’re in good shape afterward should be in a position to help in some way. God isn’t needed for that to happen. One only has to use his/her big heart. Everybody’s got that heart. God gave that to all! C’mon!

  4. Use your own analysis to what is happening in our country. First the Mindanao, Zambo War then Visayas Bohol Earthquake then What next maybe it’s Luzon or Manila or Marikina Fault line to move about 10.5 Earthquake? God is shaking our country because of corruption, Lies, Greed, Killings, Robbery etc.Repent pls!