Well-wishers gather outside Apostolic Nunciature, roads leading to Villamor Airbase to say goodbye to Pope Francis


Well-wishers began to gather along Taft Ave. just outside the Apostolic Nunciature and in roads leading to Villamor Airbase to say goodbye to Pope Francis, hours before his scheduled departure to Rome.

The Pope will leave before noon after his five-day visit to the Philippines.

A chartered Philippine Airlines Airbus A340 aircraft that would take the Pope to Rome was at the ramp shortly after 6 a.m., radio reports said.

Some of these people had luckily seen him in their participation to the events to the Papal Visit while others had not seen him. They hope to have the opportunity to see and be blessed by the Pope before he leaves.

During his visit and in almost all his messages, Pope Francis often emphasized to the Filipino people—mercy and compassion—to help those in need like the unfortunate and disadvantage sectors of society.

In his homily in UST, he emphasized that people must learn to “cry for others” or feel also the suffering of others, and act to help the poor and unfortunate street children who suffer difficulty as they fall prey to different abuses and crimes.

His great love for children was seen as he comforted and hugged the two former street children in UST where he had a close encounter with the youth, who testified the pain and sufferings of their plight and how hope by an institution that took care of themchanged their lives.

Though he did not directly specify, the Pope seems to be bringing the ultimate message to everyone—Do not be detached in reaching out to them (the disadvantage) by understanding them and giving them “fighting chance” to have better and improve lives” so the cycle of poverty will not continue.

Some of the unfortunate children under the care of DSWD and its health centers like the rescued street children, those in the orphanage, undergoing rehabilitation will be one among those who will send off the Pope with a dance and song number.

When interviewed, some of them said that they want to say to Pope Francis their wish to have a good future, happy family and peace around the world. PNA


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