• Wesley whips Georgian, moves closer to ACP title


    Wesley So secured himself at least a share of the title at the Second Association of Chess Professionals Golden Classic that ends on Sunday in Bergamo, Italy.

    The Filipino grandmaster defeated GM Baadur Jobava of Georgia in 37 moves of irregular opening. So has now 4 points going into the final round against GM Sabino Brunello of Italy.

    So needs just a draw with Brunello to clinch the title.

    Only GM Zoltan Almasi of Hungary has the chance to foil So’s attempt to clinch the crown of the second edition of ACP tournament.

    Almasi, who like So remains undefeated, has two adjourned games, all scheduled on Saturday.

    The Hungarian resumes the match against Jobava which was halted on Thursday after 51 moves of a Giuco Piano. On Friday, Almasi agreed to a draw with Brunello on the 40th move of Ruy Lopez Berlin opening.

    Pending the results of the adjourned games, Almasi has 1.5 points. If ever he will win all his adjourned games and his last game today against GM Emil Sutovsky of Israel, Alamsi will gather 4.5 points, the same score So would collect if the Filipino gets a draw in his seventh and last round match.

    A tiebreak will decide the winner. So’s match against Almasi in the fourth round ended in a draw after a short 21 moves of a seldom used Barcza System opening.

    Analysts said Almasi has an inferior position in his adjourned match with Jobavai.

    So’s remarkable showing at the ACP tournament has earned him a total 13.3 points, which moved him up to No. 12 position in the live FIDE rankings with 2757.3 rating.


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