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  1. We should promote responsible population growth. The one that does not do abortion. The one that does not sterilize the citizen. The one that will not let us fall into population contraction. On the other hand, the one that does not let us go so many like rabbits. The one that will sustain food supply. The one that give us big room of space to enjoy life. The one that will not destroy our environment. The one that will be a tune to enormous economical growth. All be implemented by education and 100% cooperation.

    This is maybe a dream but doable through a strong leadership and with positive constructive followers. Let us do it now.

  2. So the Americans were carrying out abortions and limiting their population. Big whoop, they were being responsible.
    The population of Philippines in 1973 was 39,000,000, the population in 2015 was 101,000,000, an increase of 250%. The population of the USA in 1973 was 212,000,000 and in 2015 321,000,000 an increase of of 51%. Which country was behaving more responsibly, the Philippines or the USA? Madness is not allowing the population to effective contraception.

    No, I’m not from the USA, but people in glass house shouldn’t throw stones.

    • Yes we failed miserably in population management. Closer to home here are some comparisons.

      In 1950, the Philippines, Thailand and South Korea had almost the same populations at 20 million each.

      In 2015, the Philippines had around 100 million, Thailand around 70 million and South Korea around 45 million.

      From having almost the same populations, the Philippines now has around 30 million more people than Thailand and around 55 million more people than South Korea.

      Sa aking palagay, Ito ang número unong dahilan kung Bakit tayo ay napagiwanan!!!