What a Tough Miss


Boldly go where you aren’t wanted
Safely say what no one’s been taught before
“Came up out on the screens”
“The more active he is and he creates”
Right the unreadable throng
You and I found in this enough home
Until they spoke their hearts to us
“That will stop the clock and give you a lot”
Stars compose these nights, pointing to
No adventure of their own
A lather of diplomatese, saying nice doggie
Until we get to a stone. Or a door—
“Your hospitality is unsettling”


What we wanted to write and tuck
Under the small, marble swan
“An invisible hand cutting pure corners on our sheets”
Receipts occupy the walls of our pockets
Where increasing heart was to be spoken
Ma and Dad subscribed to the daily
Art of starching handkerchiefs, as it was
Iron that folded them together, the weight
The shining used to purse those lips.


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