What about ‘fixcals’, hoodlums in robes?



A court stenographer from Apari regional trial court was fired by the Supreme Court for unsatisfactory performance.

Unsatisfactory performance? What about those prosecutors and judges who make mistakes in their resolutions? Or worse, those “ fixcals” and “ hoodlums in robes” who ask money or take bribes from litigants?

Which is a more serious problem now? Having a clerk with lousy performance or a corrupt officer of the court?

Our honorable justices at the SC should take a closer look at this problem.

Poorly maintained Ayala properties
I was not at all surprised when authorities found out that a gas leak caused the explosion in Serendra 2 in Taguig last week killing three people and seriously injuring its occupant.

Ayala Land may have beautiful but expensive condominiums and townhouses but they surely are poorly maintained.

Residents of Montgomery Place along E. Rodriguez Ave. in Quezon City, a gated townhouse community of Ayala, complain of poor drainage system inside and out of the rows of townhouses there.

The said structures were built in the early 2000 yet its exteriors are dilapidating because of fading paints and rusted roofings.

According to the residents, they have called the attention of the Ayala management for several years now but it seems that their demands just fell on deaf ears.

So, the next time you look for a house, try chekcing the other properties firsr before seriously considering buying one from Ayala Land.

Demoralization in the Coast Guards
What’s this I heard that the Philippine Coast Guard officers and men are demoralized these days.

The report says this is due to the findings of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) that the coast guard personnel in Batanes who shot the Taiwanese fishermen have violated the law and therefore be charged in court.

I really can not understand why demoralization is plaguing the entire PCG when those involved in the shooting incident were just a handful.

It behooves PCG Commandant Rodolfo Isorena to talk to his men and explain that it is not the entire PCG who is under scrutiny here but only few men who were “trigger happy”.

Besides, who said watching our borders is an easy job? Ones life and limb is at stake and a lawsuit is part of the job.



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  1. to the PCG personnel who are demoralized, why don’t you all just resign from the service … that will give others who are more deserving and willing to serve the nation

  2. Voice from the Wilderness on

    They changed the title of Fiscal to Prosecutor in order to evade the tag name of “Fixcal” in reference to corrupt Fiscals. But whatever cosmetic title name they would invent, they could not escape the tag name in substance especially for those who are really corrupt because the general public is aware that changing name title is like, the same dog with different collar.