What ‘AlDub’ really means

‘AlDub,’ which is short for Alden Richards and Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza is now TV’s unbeatable phenomenon

‘AlDub,’ which is short for Alden Richards and Maine ‘Yaya Dub’ Mendoza is now TV’s unbeatable phenomenon

Over lunch this week at one of the rival networks of Eat Bulaga’s mother studio, a hushed conversation among entertainment scribes was brewing. The topic was why all other daily noontime shows will never catch up with TV’s longest running program.

“Dahil kay AlDub,” someone whispered a little too loudly. “AlDub,” for those who are not in the know is a new “love team” that accidentally developed on Eat Bulaga between studio-based host and GMA Network matinee idol Alden Richards, and comic newcomer Maine Mendoza, who plays “Yaya Dub” to Wally Bayola’s outrageous “Lola Nidora.” The latter two are in charge of the barangay-based component of the noontime show’s “Juan for All” segment, which has now branched out into a “kalyeserye” because of the supposed love angle between Alden and Yaya Dub, who have still not met to this very day.

The anticipation of fans for “AlDub” to finally meet has catapulted Eat Bulaga into its highest ever ratings, as well as made Alden and Maine the newest social media superstars, endlessly trending on social websites.

“Actually, you could even say the whole thing is corny,” retorted another showbiz critic. “And really, it isn’t ‘AlDub’ per se that is a hit. What the phenomenon of AlDub really means is how the minds behind Eat Bulaga are just outstanding in what they do: They know how to spot a possible hit, and they know exactly how to make it big.”

Perhaps that’s something the other shows are lacking—or may never have.


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  1. During the first weeksary episode of AlDub, Joey De Leon knew that this will be a hit. He even said “Maganda to ah, abangan niyo… magiging teleserye ito.” And if I’m not mistaken, he also came up with the word “kalyeserye.”

    Joey De Leon truly is the henyo master!