What are those secrets Aquino cannot possibly survive?


IF anyone had hoped that the House hearings on the Jan. 25 Mamasapano, Maguindanao massacre would help clear President B. S. Aquino of his culpability in the death of 44 PNP-Special Action Force commandos, and make more people oppose the call for his immediate resignation, those hopes were quickly dashed to the granite floor on the last day. The hearings showed that truth and reason, as we knew them, had lost their meaning in the hands of those resolved to save Aquino from his own deeds and omissions, and that more people have all the reasons in the world now to want him gone as soon as possible.

Because he could not ascertain who were speaking the truth and who weren’t, Partylist Rep. Samuel Pagdilao of ACT-CIS proposed a polygraph test for the resource persons. The committee failed to act upon the proposal, but it was rather unprecedented–nothing like it had ever been proposed in any previous inquiry in aid of congressional oversight, or legislation. That’s how far the state of lying even in Congress has gone.

Outside of the hearings, a resource person at Café Fernandina at Club Filipino on Wednesday revealed that an independent survey earlier conducted by the research foundation she works for had shown that only 17 percent remained opposed to Aquino’s immediate resignation. A previous survey, conducted by one of the more infamous paid propaganda pollsters, reported that figure at 42 percent. This seemed to show increasing support for the call of the National Transformation Council and other groups for PNoy to step down.

While all this was happening, the government’s position on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law became increasingly muddled, as MILF chief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal, who had earlier signed the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro and other documents relevant to the Babala, admitted that “Iqbal” was but his nom de guerre, and he had used it in signing all the documents. He has refused to reveal his real name, but defended the use of his pseudonym as a common practice among revolutionaries.

Not one disputes that statement. Indeed pseudonyms are common in revolutionary movements as in literature. Lenin, Trotsky, Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan used other names in their time, and in recent times we read about Carlos the Jackal and Subcomandante Marcos. In literature, we have famous pen names like Alberto Moravia, Anatole France, Anthony Burgess, Ayn Rand, Cassandra, Ellery Queen, Gabriela Mistral, Gerard de Nerval and so many more. But the Revised Penal Code prohibits the use of any assumed name in any official document, as Davao’s Congressman Karlo Nograles pointed out.

Back to square one on BabaLa
The necessary implication of this is that the CAB and all the annexes signed by Iqbal together with his Philippine government counterpart, and with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak as paramount witness, are on their face void ab initio–they have no legal existence. There is, therefore, no Babala to quibble about; we are back to square one.

At the same time Aquino’s latest public statement in Iligan, Isabela warning the public against “two-faced” politicians representing themselves as his “allies” while in fact opposing him, raised serious doubts about the limits of his capacity for nonsense. This is really irrational discourse. Unless Aquino is warning his Cabinet against local politicians who pretend to be his supporters in order to continue receiving funds and favors from Malacañang while in fact working against him, there would be no basis for this statement.

Given how extremely unpopular he has become among our people, it is absurd to suggest that there are any number of politicians out there who will still want to be identified as Aquino’s supporters or allies. Rare is the politician who will still want to be caught dead in that position; the people will automatically reject him. On the other hand, they have to be protected from Trojan horses who pretend to speak for the people but are in fact attached to the feeding trough of Malacañang.

The average mind, which has been trained to reason, can easily detect a lie when it sees one. No need for a lie detector, especially when the investigation is not taking place inside a Camp X-ray-type facility and the ones being investigated are not spies or terrorists who have been trained to beat the most sophisticated truth machine. But the fact that the lie detector was proposed in a congressional proceeding clearly showed preponderance of doubt in the integrity of the allegations.

If lies were flies, one would need a huge fly swatter to catch all the flies in the Batasan. I do not intend to play fly catcher here, and ruin the fun for those who may have enjoyed the proceedings. But I will simply focus on one simple-minded, totally outrageous proposition that failed to bother those conducting the hearings. This was the line which said, in answer to questions from ACT Teachers Rep Antonio L. Tinio, that it was Aquino’s “prerogative” (or right or privilege) to disregard the Philippine National Police chain of command and create his own. This referred to Aquino’s decision to shut out DILG Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd and the Acting PNP chief Leonardo Espina from “Operation Exodus,” and to replace them with the suspended PNP chief Alan Purisima, and then to go straight to the bottom of the ladder, Chief Superintendent Getulio Napenas, the now sacked-SAF commander.

No law prevents Aquino from exercising his “prerogative” and no law punishes him for any untoward consequence of the exercise of his prerogative. That is not open to debate. But isn’t he responsible for the tragic and bloody consequence of the exercise of his prerogative? Without debate, he is. And in his first public statement after the massacre, he assumed responsibility for what happened to the 44 SAF commandos, saying he would carry its memory to his grave. But while “assuming responsibility” for what had happened, he refused to accept its real consequences–which, in the finest tradition of public office, meant stepping down from the office even without admitting personal guilt. Then he began to blame everything on Purisima, who had no legal existence in the whole affair, and on Napenas, who was merely taking orders from him, as the actual commander of Operation Exodus–all in an effort to absolve himself of any responsibility or guilt.

Some congressmen showed rare courage in asking questions that were not asked before in the earlier hearings, whether in the House or in the Senate, or in the PNP Board of Inquiry, which produced namby-pamby results. But they failed to ask the most critical questions about Aquino’s real role as operational commander of Oplan Exodus. What exactly did he do during the final stages of the massacre, while he was in Zamboanga City monitoring the carnage from a US drone-fed facility inside the West Mindanao command, where several months ago he had commanded the military operation that extinguished a couple of hundred Moro National Liberation Front fighters, razed 10,000 homes to the ground, and displaced over 100,000 poor folk from their communities?

Why was there such reluctance to open this particular Pandora’s box in all the inquiries? What deep secrets remain hidden there whose revelation is beyond Aquino’s capacity to explain or survive?



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  1. Matthew Parkes on

    I once read a description of Americans that they “were culturally predisposed to being deceived.”

    How much more true that is of Filipinos?

    After all, would the traitor Aquino currently be occupying Malacanang if the truth was told about the treason committed by his father – the only traitor in the world whose face is on the currency of the nation he betrayed – or his mother or his grandfather?

  2. Benigno continues to occupy Malacanang, despite all the boo-boos that he has been responsible for and the most stupid and incomprehensible acts of incompetence, the degree and intensity of which has not been displayed by any other president who has served this country since. This is truly mind-boggling to me.

    To me, it is a confirmation, that this country’s government has become dysfunctional beyond recovery and salvation, its politicians, mostly corrupt and selfish, and its citizens do not seem to care enough for what happens to country and people. What a sad state of affairs.

  3. This is what” we have in the Philippines: “Just-ti-is” para sa mga mahihirap”! Hanggang ngayon, tulog pa ba kayo? Gising na, Juan dela Cruz!

  4. pray na lang kayo , pray in the am , pray at noon , pray at night , pray and pray
    Pray every minute and every second BUT nothing happens , because there is one
    Listening there is no almighty .

  5. “And in his first public statement after the massacre, he assumed responsibility for what happened to the 44 SAF commandos, saying he would carry its memory to his grave.” Katagal namang pumunta ni ABNOY sa Nitso niya para madala na niya ang alalahaning ito at tuluyan ng matapos ang episode ng KAGAGUHAN AT KALOKOHAN NIYANG ITO. Para na rin justice sa SAF 44. ANG TAGALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NAMANNNNNNNN!!!

  6. The BBL is a flawed document all by itself. Being signed with false names renders it a false document with no legal legal standing. Even when placed under oath and asked to state their name, the MILF members gave false names. The first words were perjury. Junk all MILF documents and prosecute all who made perjured statements under oath.

  7. Abnoy-noyingski on

    Mga walanghiya talaga ang mga congressmen, senators sa Pinas, walang pag-asa: makakapal na talaga ang mukha at tablado na ang apog! Di natitinag sa kapal ng mukha- hayok, ganid, rapist ng mga pera at karangalan sa bansang Pinas. Lalo na ang Presdidente at ang kanyang gabinete, mga alipores na sobrang mga gunggong at kapalmuks!

  8. Dapat nga may polygraph test or any other kind of test or investigation to determine who is telling the truth.

    Since the two parties gave conflicting accounts of the Masapapano incident, then at least one of them is lying UNDER OATH. Ergo Congress has every right to demand they both undergo test/investigation.

    The counter argument against this proposal because it may affect future resource persons from appearing before congressional hearings is a lame brain excuse.

  9. You began with a hope that Pnoy should step down, Now you are looking for the reasons that he should. I think you should come up with more because the reasons you raised are not enough. They suffer from mental constipation.

  10. Norodin Lucman on

    A sitting president backed by the AFP is not going to resign just because of 44 deaths among the police force whose job description includes dying in the line of duty. Estrada’s resignation was more justified for causing the deaths of 3,000 soldiers, 6,000 wounded for his ill fated all out war against MILF in 2000, turning the Stock Exchange inside out for his gambling buddies, promoting illegal gambling nationwide, stealing public funds for his mistresses and getting drunk just to take a swipe at the elite political families who oppose his policies.. .

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      How much? The only thing left of us is “HOPE” and only GOD could be the source of that. God bless our beloved country and please rid it of opportunistic and selfish minded people.

  11. If ever Pres. Aquino would step down Vice-Pesident Binay should replace him as President as our country would be in a crucial stage. We would need a decisive leader who would be responsible and could decide quickly in a crucial time. A council is composed of several people with varied interests and there is a possibility that the members would not agree among themselves on what to do and the country would be hanging while waiting for the council’s decision.

  12. Claro Apolinar on

    Unfortunately, all the correct analyses you have written are just being ignored by the country’s political, labor, business, educational and even most of the religious religious leaders — Catholic or Protestant or New Age or Animist or Buddhist or Taoist!

    If the Philippines ceases to exist as the largest Catholic-majority country in Asia, it will be because its people do not care enough for it.

  13. Sana ginoong ex-senator Francisco S. Tatad mag-file rin ng candidatura mo para magiging presidente ng Pinas upang ipakita mo ang husay mong mag-administer sa bayan natin Pilipinas.

  14. The secrets Aquino keeps in relation to the 44 SAF massacres were his dialogue meetings with AFP Chief Catapang, Roxas and Gazmin in Zambaonga at the time the ambush on Jan. 25 in mid-day wad happening. Pnoy knew there were numerous casualties who were ambushed and being killed by the joint MILF anf BIFF forces yet Pnoy ordered the AFP to ” stand down” and avoid a total all out confrontation with the Muslim group as it may be deemed a violation of the ceasefire and, thus jeopardizes the passage of BBL in Congress which at the time was also being deliberated. Pnoy order to AFP was just to do its ” best efforts” to rescue the besieged SAF forces but not to use heavy artillery. Catapang, Gazmin and Roxas all knew this Pnoy order of stand down yet nobody is courageous enough to say so and expose Pnoy to this truth of cowardice action that led to the massacre of the 44fallen brave heroes! Pnoy had sacrificed the lives of the 44 brave SAF forces in exchange for absolving himself of violating the ceasfire on CAB agrrement. But then why did Pnoy not accused instead the MILF of such obvious violation for the ambush and massacre of the SAF forces. Going inside the MILF turf in Maguindanao to perform a police work of serving the arrest warrants against terrorists Marwan and Usman is a legitimate purpose not provocative of Milf violent action. The SAF Oplan Exodus is a secret terrorist operation that even SAF did not share with the AFP, and which MILF has no business to know after all it appears it was protecting and harboring these terrorists. Pnoy was and still remain silent on accusing or charging MILF of ceasefire violation. Pnoy merely announce in passing the investigation and prosecution of those MILF involved in the massacre but not the MILF organization itself headed by its Chairman and Iqbal. Pnoy even strongly endorsed the passage of BBL with the threat of more “body bags” if not passed. Pnoy had betrayed his SAF men and broke the hearts of the PILIPINO people for selling MINDANAO to Muslims MILF and its supporter, the Malaysian government. Pnoy is not only an incompetent President but more so is an unpatriotic PILIPINO who is guilty of treason against the Republic!

  15. It would be a great idea if the Pope switch jobs with the President of the Philippines because he is ok with spanking with conditions..(yeah spank those MILF, BIFF and corrupt officials!)..and Pnoy take the Pope’s duties because he wants to be a Saint of some sort..The patron saint of ignorance, incompetence , and liars!…hahaha..

    We have a very centralized government and by passing the BBL he could be restructuring the Philippines government and following the steps that Mikhail Gorvachev did with the Soviet Union.Imagine Mindanao with their own flag eventually and their own representation in the UN.Maybe???

  16. “Kay haba-haba man ang prosesyon, sa simbahan din ang tuloy.” In a way, this is what happened to the many and tedious investigations on the Mamasapano incident. But, no matter how the president’s minions try to hide, the truth is already ‘showing’. Only the “bobotantes” who voted for B.S. Aquino would think otherwise.

  17. Alejo Rosete on

    If they (Congress) open the Pandora Box

    All the SKELETONS in that closet will be exposed and very stinky.
    This is where BS Aquino and Handlers are afraid off.

    They (Handlers and BS Aquino) are all afraid their
    President is in fact a PCOS installed President.

  18. Guillermo Hernandez on

    There are only two things important to the majority of the Filipinos :
    1. Their cellphones and
    2. Watching Manny a Pacquiao bouts.

    Do you think they worry if the Philippines is being dragged by their President to the depths of hell ?

    Ha…ha….ha…ha…of course not !

  19. Wow, so this madman is really disgusting in his execrable crimes of several months ago when he had commanded the military operation that extinguished a couple of hundred Moro National Liberation Front fighters, razed 10,000 homes to the ground, and displaced over 100,000 poor folk from their communities.

    In this case, a mere STEPPING DOWN is going to be a lame punishment. Let the people and the victims decide a commensurate punishment. When LIFE was taken away, what should be the recompense? Life for life, isn’t it?

  20. sonny dela cruz on

    Why the Philippine congress is wasting the taxpayers money and efforts to review this so called BBL when one terrorist IQBAL signed the peace agreement of MILF with the Republic of the Philippines with a fictitious name, and refuse to say his true name, not only that he refuse to show his passport to confirm that he is a Filipino citizen as he claim that he was born in the Philippines. Can the Congressmen and Senators don’t understand that this terrorist IQBA ay puro pangloloko lang ang ginagawa sa pamahalaan at sa mga taong bayan? This is already a peace agreement, he can drop-off his alias name and sign with his true name if he is sincere enough to have a long lasting peace in Mindanao as he claim. You cannot have peace kung mayroon pangloloko pa rin ang ginagamit ni terroristang IQBAL, you are no longer a rebel when you are asking for peace. BBL should be stop and scrap, it is all illegal from the start when terrorist IQBAL signed the papers with not his true name. This may confirm that he may not be a Filipino citizen but maybe a MALAYSIAN CITIZEN because he doesn’t want to show any proof of his citizenship. Filipino people tell your Congressmen & Senators to STOP BBLFOR THE SAKE OF THE COUNTRY. Hew can speak Tagalog language because he maybe an illegal alien in the country. He should be investigated by the government because he refused to submit his identity. GISING MGA KABAYAN!

    • Scrap BBL because it a fraudulent document signed by an anonymous signatory IQBAL. Let Liar PNoy rot in his asylum in Malaysia, or jail after his presidential term for his own misdeeds.

      PNoy, Ferrer, Deles, Iqbal if he is a Filipino, and MILF with treason.