• What are you willing to compromise?


    It was very obvious that these people came to zambo to wage war… the pretext of this is the declaration of independence by mnlf.. can this be tolerated? negotiation with these elements is a sign of weakness.

    I agree with the action and position of our authorities and showing of force is the right way to end this.

    Your “opinion” seem to simplify things as you were not on the ground and making tough decisions. pls don’t disrepect the people helping zamboanga by making them look stupid..sounds like you need to do more research so you can write a constructive and substantive article.

    The confidence of the people may have been shaken but rest assured we will rise above this difficulty.

    Zamboguy, michaeljlyu@yahoo.com

    I think is was Roxas, not the president, who was at fault. Roxas went to Zamboanga to pad his resume with a supposedly brilliant handling of a armed conflict in preparation for his presidential bid. Unfortunately for him, the MNLF runaway group were prepared for a long haul.

    The crisis could have been ended if, as you have said, real negotiations ensued. Most of the MNLF members came to attend a peace rally. Contrary to some reports, most of them are not carrying guns. There was just a small group, those of Malik’s, who are armed. However, it is true that there are stockpiled ammunition in some part of the cities…but I believe that those were not suppose to be used (at least initially) for the Zamboanga Siege.

    Anyway, going back to Roxas, it is he to be blamed for continuing crisis.
    Roxas Roxas, mar.roxas@google.com


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