• What BS Aquino left unsaid


    President BS Aquino The Last, I mean The Third, was correct in urging the electorate not to vote for candidates simply because they could act, dance and sing. However, he shouldn’t have stopped there.

    Here are thoughts that he should have added for a more meaningful exercise of the right of suffrage:

    Voters should not go for a candidate simply because his mother has died or a husband has been assassinated.
    All candidates promise to carry out reforms. Voters should determine if candidates had ever undertaken any meaningful reform in their political or professional life.

    The death of a respected figure or candidate has a deep emotional impact on the public. Nevertheless, voters shouldn’t let their emotions prevail over the need to examine the personality and capability of the family member who replaced the deceased candidate.

    Sympathy for the surviving family members of a candidate who died while running is nothing new. This happened in 1965 when reelectionist Sen. Gaudencio Antonino died in a plane crash. He was replaced by his widow, then La Union Rep. Magnolia Antonino, who won resoundingly.

    The late Cory Aquino became opposition candidate in the 1986 snap presidential election principally because she was the widow of the assassinated Ninoy Aquino. It was never proven that she had won over President Ferdinand Marcos but it’s often been said that she knew virtually nothing about governance.

    President BS Aquino won in 2010 mainly because of national sympathy over the death of his sainted mother, former President Cory. Now, which is worse – voting for a candidate because he knows how to win attention or voting for one just because he or she is related to a deceased person? Hey, why should we be talking about which is worse when we could junk both at the polls? Looking back, it appears to me that the voters who elected the entertainers were also the same ones who voted for BS Aquino for president.

    As regards promises of reform, talk is cheap. Every election, we’ve been hearing candidates rant against graft and corruption in government and vow to institute reforms. Even long after the Aquino administration had been swept into the dustbin of history, graft and corruption and the need for reforms will still remain election issues.

    It still confounds me why voters fell for the promises of “tuwid na daan” of then candidate BS Aquino. What has he done in his entire political life that speaks of a reform-minded individual? During the years that he was a congressman and a senator, we’ve heard of his having girl friends but never about his advocacies for reforms. We also know that he was a champion in several shooting competitions among congressmen but nothing about his championing of pieces of social legislation. Why is it that when he became a candidate, he immediately symbolized reforms? Bah, tell that to the farmers of Hacienda Luisita!

    Four years into the Aquino administration, we are still waiting for the promised reforms.

    If the Aquino administration really wants only better candidates to be elected, then it should certify the long pending bill strengthening political parties. Senate President Franklin M. Drilon has been an advocate of this political reform bill since 2001 so the president should have no problem pushing for it in the Upper Chamber.

    The political party reform measure would provide the death knell for political butterflies. This measure should benefit the Liberal Party at present because most local and national politicians are Liberals. If the law is enacted, these politicians will have no choice but to stay with the LP even if, say Vice President Jojo Binay of UNA wins in the 2016 presidential election.

    It should also go for an amendment to the Constitution to separate local and national elections. No law will work to strengthen political parties as long as local and national candidates run at the same time. There have been many instances where local candidates of a political party supported national candidates of another party. A political party has no legal power to force members to be loyal to its national slate, so locals can thumb their noses at it while pushing for other party’s bets.

    Also, separating the two elections would give candidates more time to explain their platforms while on the hustings.

    I’ve covered all elections since 1992 when local and national elections were first synchronized and I noted that there were too many speakers onstage. Thus, national candidates have had very limited time (3 to 5 minutes) to discuss what they stand for.

    I know this is very difficult, but if the President is really for political reforms, it should also push for a law to implement the constitutional ban on political dynasties. Bye-bye, Bam Bam?



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    1. wilfrido david on

      We are free to critizise. It is the easiest way to ventilate your frustrations. You can vote
      Erap into office again. or Ramon (panday) Revilla and it won’t change anything. The
      electorate will elect anyone who can convincingly promise to make changes and nothing else matters.

    2. Samuel Santos on

      If more concern were given to PNoy’s mental health during the 2010 presidential campaign season, PNoy wouldn’t have become president.

    3. BantayKurapsyon on

      Ibig mong sabihin nanalo si BS! Aquino III dahil sa emosyon sanhi ng pakiramay sa namatay nyang walang silbing ina at ama? Baka naman nanalo sya dahil sa tampering ng PCOS machines?

    4. from the beginning he was not really a presidential material, having done nothing at all while in service. siguro punta punta lang ke napoles at magparetrato noon. he he he. but he was pushed by his barkada who have the ambition to do what they wanted to do when bs is in power. they knew that because of cory’s death he has the advantage. sus,l tayong pinoy kasi mahilig masyado sa drama. paiyakiyak, hagulhol at pakantakanta. di nadala tayo ng bs? pero sa dami ng kandidato noon, me isang ditto tumagal sa US, at gusting ipursige ang greening of the phil para makatulong sa global warming, di pinansin ng madla at walang paiyakiyak yon.simple lang at matalino sana yong ang talagang presidential material among them. walang history ng kurakot, walng history ng abnoy. matino lang. aba eh, inesnab ng public, di ba naman tayo mga gago at nagpapadala sa mga drama at matamis na salita? ahay ko po bayan, sana naman magising ka na. yong mga nasa puesto ngayon dapat walang iboboto doon.

    5. Mr. Danao is not fair in criticizing the President by first ” injecting the two prefix letter “BS” before Aquino and on his comments about PNoy being elected because of his mother’s death and his father’s assasination. Whilst it is true that PNoy should have added other things for meaningful exercise of the right of suffrage for instance, the occasion and time allocated for his speech during the independence day may not be enough or even the right forum to do this. Overall PNoy’s performance has been excellent and this is reflected in the improvement of our countries economy, enforcement of laws and handling of international issues. It is clear as crystal when author is engaged in politics when he makes a one sided criticism without highlighting the gains of PNoys government. I think we are exercising too much democracy in our country but oftentimes lacks the discipline and professionalism. This is something you can’t do in countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, UAE, etc. My suggestion for the author is to start your criticism with a “kiss” or good comments, followed by “kick” or recommendations and end with another “kiss” to ensure the person you are criticising is encourage to consider your suggestion and will perform better.

      • are we reading the same financial reports, the same number of tax evaders that he put in jail, the same dap that he used to buy senators? I think you are in the wrong side of the planet if you cannot see what are obvious around you. ask college students and they will tell you what is happening in the country. all BS! from the beginning of his term, all he was thnking about is “revenge” to all the people whom he thought wronged her mother, people who approved the distribution of hacienda luisita, to people whom he just simply disliked like corona, and all the opposition. He likes his group though, his target practice group, his corrupt target practice group, and all the others who are not investigated for the pdaf. why does he want pulido tan for the judge position in the supreme court? because she helped him expose only those that he wanted to be exposed. huh?

      • Mr. JT, BS Aquino’s achievement on anti-corruption is half-baked since he selectively prosecuted people exposed as involved in “pork barrel’ scam. While a applaud the prosecution of oppositionists, Enrile, Estrada and Revillas and their cohorts, I am disappointed on withholding of the application of the law or prosecution of his allies and cabinet men (like Frank Drilon, Ed Angara, Cayetano, Butch Abad, Alcala, Escudero, Sotto and as lot more members of Congress. Instead, Aquino jerk response is to defend his men stating they are innocent until proven guilty. How can that be said when there is no process to determine their innocence since no plunder or graft cases were filed. On the economy, the growth if merely artificial and on paper. It did not trickle to the masses who needs more upliftment of their standard of living. The crime statistics is soaring to high hell that everyday a murder is committed and no high profile crime was even solved. His PNP is inept and doing just armchair policing like Purisima. The rehabilitation of Tacloban is snail pace! Where are the donations to government go…to whose pocket where those donations went. Pnoy is a half-baked President and will not leave a strong and noble legacy to the Nation!

      • What is fair to you JT? That BS Aquino is making selective justice in the PDAF scam charging only the opposition and not he’s yellow tard and cabinet members? I think you’re a Malacañang troll, being paid to answer and defend BS Aquino. Everything the author said about BS Aquino are all true. Wake up!!!
        Check the prices of all basic commodity rice, garlic, ginger, and oil next is fare hike what else? Check the unemployment way, way to high and your BS aquino is wondering why unemployment is to high.

      • Mr. JT, you are absolutely right with your comment. Its good to critisize but if you do, one should be sure that suggestion will follow. If you are critizing somebody and does not carry an idea why or in constructive nature, the one who is talking do not have any idea what he is talking about, but instead, he will make it sure that whoever is reading about it should felt fear, misunderstanding of the issue and hate. That is the kind of person who is telling story who do not know even the character.

    6. Comes now the 2016 Presidential Tournament!
      VP Binay has long ago declared his intention to run for President in 2016.
      Who is Binay as a person and as a public official. Known as a second rate political activist during martial law of Marcos, he capitalized on this minor role when Cory Aquino became President. Appointed as Mayor of Makati, he cuddled the squatting populace of Makati and. Got him endeared with them by launching a free hospitalization for the poor. He also bribed the voters by giving out cake and a sack of rice on each voters birthday. As far as the business appraisal of Binay, it is known that Binay have cornered the parking business, demand several condo units for every building construction. It is alleged he amassed billions during his and his wife term as Mayor. He owns a big tract of land with ranch in Batangas and houses in California. It is alleged he is now a billionaire capable to fund a Presidential venture. With his reputation as a man frm rags to riches, it sounds Binay is financially crooked and a corrupt public official, no different from the three Accused Senators (Estrda, Enrile and Revilla). Binay is electable bring popular with the masses who do not care of Binays alleged corruptibility and shenanigans in performance of office as Mayor. We should educate the masses on Binays unsavory character to repudiate him on the polls. Binay could be worse than Gloria Arroyo if he is elected President. It will be a sad day for the Philippines and a disgrace to the Nation and it’s people .

    7. I would rather have BS Aquino as President in lieu of Estrada! It is a blessing Aquino won overwhelmingly from sympathy votes. Had Aquino lost, Estrada could have made it to the Presidency the second time around! It would have been devastating for the country and a black Mark for Pilipinos mentality! Imagine a deposed President driven out of Office by revolution is again posturing to lead! What kind of rationale minds do we have for votin Estrada. It is an insult to Pilipino intelligence as a nation of discerning populace. Hence, Aqu.ino is the only best alternative President we can have. Roxas is a man of integrity and honesty but lacks the charisma for the masses. He could have been but not. Winnable one. Had he pursued his run he could have lost to Estrda. Thank God this did not happen! No other option but to settle for second best Aquino!

      • Yeah! Your BS Aquino won via sympathy vote bcoz of his mom and dad. But look he is a big disappointment to the people who voted for him. I think you’re a malacañang troll being paid to answer all criticism of BS aquino. I did not vote for your BS aquino I prepare his cousin Gibo who is the best man for the job a straight and intelligent person but not popular. I think he is the best alternative not your BS aquino. I feel sorry for the filipino people.

    8. All politician candidates know if they sing & dance & throw candy to the masses they will be well liked. They will vote for them. Most know very little of politics. My wife is a professor of english but she hardly ever watches or discusses with me anything to do with politics here in this country. She says she has more important things to concentrate on like earning a living. So now if a professor doesnt understand the need to understand ebven the basics of politics how on earth do you expect the masses to understand. Yes they will hear tit bits here & there & they will decide on that until a senator acually addresses them & then they think yes he is a good man. The politician will say i go to church every day ( corona used these tactics ) & all of them will tell you god is on their side. We know they are lying through their back teeth. We know they knew no one checked on where the money went ( they are using that as a defence saying it should be the implementing agencys job to check not the politicians ) & they use that to try to get out of it. They claim ignorance. Now Estradas dad has already said maybe they were careless, & we all need to remember that as they are using that to divert our attention. Then he also says maybe the government connived with janet lim napoles to implicate these opposition people, its laughable but these are the tactics they use. Then he starts on ruby tuason saying she was in on it as she was very poor but now is very rich & she is only going against them so she can be given a free pardon. These are the tactics they use all the time here. I wish the bank secrecy law was removed & that when we opened a bank account we had to have our photograph attached to that account as then we would know who has what account & if these rich use their employees or someone else we can soon check on them to see if they have the earning power to get money like that, but you see these politicians know all this & thats why they voted to keep the bank secrecy law.
      Yes those political dynasties should be got rid of, thats a big form of corruption & all in government are ok with it as it benefits them & their families & that should show the people these politicians care more for their families than they do for the country. Thats who comes first.

    9. I agree. Voters should not be swayed by popularity of candidate as entertainer (actors, players, newscaster or media men) or for being a kin of popular deceased public official (like Aquino, Magsaysay, Macapagal, Roxas, Osmena), or relative of incumbent or past public elected or appointed official ( like the Estrada, Binay, Angara, Revilla, Enrile). Voters must look into the character, integrity, honesty and personal achievement or background of a candidate as the gauge of electability and capacity to govern as a devoted leader of the country, province or town. Platform of policy and government must also be considered as guide of governance. Unfortunately these factors are all set aside when three Gs (guns, Goons n Gold) come into play or equation.
      Jun Adan
      New York City

    10. What an immediate recompense for the Abnoy! What a “res-back” (using the lingo of the street walker)! He throws mud at the face of another and it is blown right back smack into his face. And the great irony of it all is that it’s all true and apropos for the Abnoy who just got elected (by the hocus pcos machines) simply because his mother died yesterday.

      Moral of the story – never utter ad hominem insults on anyone. It is not only foul but uncharitable. Thanks Mr. Danao for pointing this out.

    11. Today’s column should be entitled: “101 Guide For Filipino Electors”. This is all that’s needed for all Filipino voters to come up with ‘better’ government officials; simple and comprehensive. With how things unfold after 4 years, realistically, the overall country’s situation, politically, economically (especially for the poor) and otherwise, hasn’t improved. Seems like it will be BS Aquino The Last!


      • Yes you are right..He only get raid of Corona and put to jail the 3 senators. Wise analysis Mr. INOCENTE

    13. that’s how uneducated the voters are. everybody is voted into office not by qualification but by the amount of money paid to them to buy their votes. in the case of pnoy, not only did he ride on his parents popularity but also on that of his sister kris. so yes, you can say that he is a hypocrite. when he said that do not vote for a candidate simply because he or she can dance and sing, he forgot to mention that he was voted because his sister’s friends in showbiz did the rounds for him so he can be elected into office. so what now if his sister runs for office? can and will he be willing to say the same thing? of course not. and as for the “tuwid na daan” project, if this was his great promise to the people, then, the hacienda luisita problem should not have reached the supreme court. land reform does not excempt the cojuangco family of tarlac. but since it reached the supreme court and it ruled against his family, his only recourse was to have chief justice corona impeached. i bet you he would have said these words thereafter: payback sucks, mr. chief justice. vengeance was mine.

    14. Alejo Rosete on

      I agree with what you said.

      Ang tendig ng “Kawayan” ay nakikita sa “Labong”.

      Hindi namamana ang pagka “Presidente or ano mang pwesto sa paglilingkod sa bayan”.

      Work for it – show or prove that you deserve it. Porke hero na ang nanay o tatay – hero narin ang anak?