• ‘What delicadeza are we talking about?’


    BUDGET Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad on Wednesday rejected calls for him to quit his post out of delicadeza (good taste), saying his critics, including Novaliches Bishop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani, are only “confused” and “distracted” by the allegations against him.

    “I had warned about people being confused and distracted by these unfounded allegations and accusations. The bishop thinks I am on both the Napoles and Luy lists. I am not on the Luy list,” Abad said in a text message to The Manila Times.

    “And I have proven thru documents that the Napoles allegations are not true. So what delicadeza are we talking about here?” the Budget chief added.

    Malacanang spokesman Edwin Lacierda also shielded Abad from the prelate’s tirade.

    “He [Bacani] can choose to believe or not believe. The question is, ‘Where’s the evidence?’And the evidence pointed out by Napoles was that there was a Saro [special allotment release order]from Batanes Electric Cooperative. There was no Saro. So he’s entitled to his opinion, but he’s not entitled to his facts,” Lacierda told reporters also on Wednesday.

    On Monday, Bacani urged Abad to step down even though there was no proof yet to establish his links to the pork barrel scam.

    “Sa totoo lang, si Secretary Abad ay kinakailangan na mag-resign, kahit na pending ang investigation, ‘I will leave my office,’ ganun yun. I will suspend myself [Truth is, Secretary Abad should resign, even if investigation is pending, I will leave my office, he should tell himself, that’s it. I will suspend myself],” the bishop said.

    “Sasabihin ko sa kanya magbitiw ka muna, ipakita mo na hindi ka talaga gahaman diyan sa pwesto mo tutal somebody can take your place [I will tell him to step down and he should show that he is not clinging to his post. Somebody else can take his place],” Bacani pointed out.

    But Abad reasoned that if there is such a list that should be believed, definitely, he said, it is not the one provided by businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles.

    “The Luy files have copies of letters, Saros, NCAs [notice of cash allocations]and other documents. They are also corroborated by whistleblowers,” the Budget secretary added.

    He was referring to transaction records kept by Benhur Luy, the principal witness in the P10-billion priority development assistance fund (PDAF) or pork barrel scam.

    Luy’s records are composed of more than 30,000 pages of transactions covering the years that Napoles dealt with lawmakers. The digital files have been submitted to the Justice department and the Senate.

    Some entries in those files had been deleted, including one purportedly addressed to Abad. But Malacanang said the deletions mean nothing.

    “When it comes to cases against anybody, we will go where the evidence is. And so far . . . Again, we’ve stated the claim of Napoles has been rebutted by Secretary Abad by the fact that there is no Saro as mentioned by Mrs. Napoles,” Lacierda pointed out.

    “By the way, all the allegations in the 2007-2009 Special Audit Reports are supported by documentary evidence and what are those [pieces of]evidence? Saros . So you look at Saros. So Mrs. Napoles claimed she met Butch Abad, he presented a Saro from Batanes Electric Cooperative. Go to the DBM [Department of Budget and Management] and you can see whether it’s true;;. Don’t take my word for it. Documents should prove or disprove an allegation,” the Palace spokesman said.

    Lacierda explained that while President Benigno Aquino 3rd is not beholden to Abad or any of his relatives in the government, the Abads are among Aquino’s most trusted aides.

    “If you look at Secretary Butch Abad, he has long experience in governance. Look at Secretary Julia Abad, she has been the Chief of Staff of the President since the President was a senator. So you have competence, you have confidence . . . regardless of who the officials are. We need people who are competent. We need to have confidence [in]the people we work with. That’s a basic requirement in any relationship that you have,” he said.

    Julia is a daughter of Abad.

    Lacierda said it was “unfair” to single out the Budget chief.

    “You need someone who is competent enough to work with you . . . You need someone [confident]to work with you. So I think that’s a fair qualification that one always looks [for]whenever one works with someone, [one always looks for]confidence and competence,” he explained.


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    1. its funny when you hear from a politician asking his colleagues to step down the office out of DELICADEZA. I didn’t know that word still exist in our country, i thought it got extinct after Jose Rizal died. If you would look back at the history and compare to the present you will see that Jejepololiticians, are all bunch of thief hiding behind their clown face to make Filipino entertained and look more stupid. Philippines will go nowhere unless there will be a public execution of those plunderers… No remorse to those who stripped off our childrens future..

    2. westphilippines on

      Our problem is lack of discernment. We keep on justifying our most of actions legalistically. That things has to be proven in court, due process, proof of evidences, etc. We always justify that we did nothing wrong! But the challenge is, are we right? Ethical traditions or practices are very different between private organizations and public offices. Trust and entrust are different base on your intent and purpose, but preferably side by side on in unison when considered in public governance. People whom we trust must have the capability to be entrusted before we consider them. Competence and not intelligence should be primary to effect good governance. We must learn to manage the “gray” besetting our government. We must test our decisions on two criteria (legal and moral). But even in morality, we have to define what is moral ( we have to master the dragon of definition). No matter how good our intentions are, if we lack the competence, chances are, we will fail. PNoy and his friends are miserably failing in governance.

    3. Kahit sabihin pa nating hindi tutoo ang sinabi ni madam janet na ginawa
      ninyong VIP sa palasyo ng sumuko kuno, na ikaw ang teacher niya
      sa modus ng Pdaf, DAP, con Malampaya, dapat kapa ring sipain
      as DBM Sec. Dahil hindi ba sa kahulihulihang sandali ipinagtatangol mo
      parin ang pag gamit ng Pdaf, at lalo na ang imbensyon mong DAP
      na kamo legal at nakakaige sa Ekonomiya ng Bansa. Hindi ba ikaw
      ang bantay sa pera ng Bayan bilang budget management secretary.
      Hindi ba kaya nga maraming senador at congresmen ang iniimbestigahan
      sa ngayon dahil sa pagbubulsa ng bilyon bilyong pera ng bayan sa kumisyon
      dahil sa mga ipina relis ninyong pondo mula sa sabwatan ninyo ng
      palasyo, Ochoa, Pnoy at ikaw bilang Sec DBM. Kitang kita na hindi
      ka mabuting bantay at kung ganun lang ang gusto mo mangyari,
      dapat ka magsorry sa bayan at umamin na lang na wala kang
      kwentang bantay at tutulog tulog sa pansitan, eng, eng kayo
      kaya napalusutan ni Napoles at ng iba pang NGO. Dahil
      diyan pwede ka ring ma kasuhan ng pagpapabaya. Dahil sayang
      ang intelegence fund na milyon na ginagamit mo at ang milyones
      na sinasahod ninyong mag anak pero dahil nga sandamukal
      kayong gunggong napagnakawan parin. SA ground na yan
      pwede ka na ring sipain ng administrasyong Abno at walang
      delikadesa. Imposibleng di mo alam ang modus ng Pork dahil
      ang tagal mo naging kongreso.

    4. Roldan Guerrero on

      BUTCH-ER the OCTUPOS ABAD could not just get a leave of absence since he is hiding so many secrets in his office. It takes him more than a year to clean up if he can, is clean up the right word? Well, secret is not forever as he did initiate the JANETGATE implicating his fellow OCTUPOS who lives along the banks of Pasig River. This must be the regime who has done the worst misappropriation of public funds. If Enrile had been the architect of Martial Law, ABAD is also the Architect of the JANETGATE SCANDAL.

    5. If you’re a Filipino holding a position of trust, power or responsibility, you should already know the answer. In the Filipino culture, the term delicadeza means “sense of propriety”, knowing and acting on what is proper when you are in a in public service. It does not mean admission of guilt if you resign or go on temporary leave. There is no need for clear and convincing evidence because the very essence of the term is to preserve the integrity of the position and the Philippine government in general.

    6. The time of reckoning will surely takes its toll from these plunderer in due time. “The arch of moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.”

    7. Kapit tuko ang tawag diyan , nakabaon ang kuko kaya mahirap tanggalin, dapat diyan pausukan para bumitaw, si pnoy lang ang makakapagpaalis sa kanya, bibitawan lang iyan ni Pnoy kung talagang kahiyaan na katulad ng nangyari kay Vitangcol. malakas din si Abad kay Ochoa kaya sandal siya sa pader. pakapalan na lang ng mukha, ang kapalmuks ay isinusuka ng bayan, kahit na barangay kagawad lang ang takbuhin ni Abad pagdating election ay hindi siya mananalo, didkit na lang siya kung sino man ang manalo para appointee na naman siya, diyan siya magaling.

    8. Abad will not resign and Pinoy cannot terminate or ask him to resign. In our lingo, hawak ni Abad ang b….g ni Pinoy. Pinoy is scared Abad will spill the beans on him.

    9. Antonio Javier Belzunce on

      As stated, “If you look at Secretary Butch Abad, he has long experience in governance. Look at Secretary Julia Abad, she has been the Chief of Staff of the President since the President was a senator.”

      Long experiences of government officials doe not prove they are not corrupt. Senator Juan Ponce Enrile is a long serving in public service and he is a main alleged conspirator of the PDAP scam. It is better they all get suspended and face a prompt priority trial. If the government reduce functionality for a defined period so be it. Don’t forget the Executive, Legislators (Congress) and now the Judiciary (due to the delay the Obudsman’s delay in processing the first batch) are now compromised. Surely the Ombudsman would have prioritize this case beyond any commitment she had. This is a matter for national security of the Philippines. Who is she to dictate her terms when her full attention is needed promptly. They forget they are also public servants of the people in the Philippines. So now the whole government is now compromised. Technically it is now non functional because there is no trust with anything they are doing regardless of what they are saying. Be realistic…..

    10. Mr. Florencio Abad will not quit because his financial needs will no longer be there once he resigns. If he is decent and dignified, he should file a case against Janet Napoles instead of denying the allegations made by the latter. How many members of his family are employed by this administration?

    11. Tama nga naman competent na magnakaw, yung hindi halata pero buking! Ha ha ha! Talagang pakapalan na lang ng mukha sa gobyernong ito…ayaw magbitiw, sayang nga naman ang mananakaw. Tulad ngayon maraming projects, marami ding porsiyento! Ano kami mga inutil na tulad nyo na di alam ang ginagawa sa puwesto ninyo? Simple lang, magta-trabaho sa government eh maliit ang suweldo, magpopolitiko, wala namang laki ang salary, ano ang gagawin? Magnanakaw! Yun yun mga pare’t mare ko! Di na kailangan maging matalino kung ang titignan lang yung mga government pwer grabbers, mga robbers yan!

    12. If you control the DBM, it is easy to make any SARO disappear. It does not take a good magician to do that.

      The COA should audit all of Abad’s transactions as DBM head and Noynoy should inhibit himself from interfering with any investigation. The people have a right to know even if Noynoy does not think so.

      • Cris Pacheco on

        It’s the ideal thing to do. Unfortunately, Noynoy is beholden to Abad and vice-versa. There is a symbiotic relationship between them. That’s why Abad will never be investigated because Noynoy could be vulnerable if Abad is pushed against the wall.

    13. It’s obvious that Bacani is against the administration of Aquino. You see, he seeks Abad’s resignation for his alleged involvement with Napoles fiasco. However, he does not seek the resignation of the three major senators who have been implicated by more than just “word-of-mouth” gossips.

      • jebert Banderas on

        Priests also recieving money from Napolis and PCSO must resign to be fair.

      • Floriano Racho on

        Bishop Bacani should not interfere with politics because politics and religion does not mix.It goes to show that he is not following the Pope Francis way of not to judge and be judged. Bacani, you look at yourself in the mirror and make some mind searching to uplift your sagging image in the face of Philippine Catholic believers.

    14. Nobody in the government is indispensable. This is the problem of Pres. Aquino. He has been with Sec. Abad for so long that he is starting to believe that his administration cannot function without him. Or could it be that Sec. Abad knows too much about his administration that he is scared to kick him out.

      Take the case of Sec. Alcala. He had been involved in so many anomalies yet, he is still in office. Same thing with Paquito Ochoa. The problem with these people involved in scandals is that all cases are being investigated by the government. Once and for all, why doesn’t the President appoint an impartial commission to take over the investigation. Mr. President are you scared that you’ll end up with no power to control its outcome. Mr. President, I am just wondering. I am starting not to like you.

    15. Ang pagkaalam ko sa mga Ivatans (natives of Batanes) ay mga taong may delikadesa. Kaya kung ang taong natukoy ay walang delikadesa, hindi siya Ivatan. Lumaki lang siya sa Batanes.

      Kaya lang parang ang mga Ivatans, generally speaking, ay averse sa risk or probabaly too meek. May information na noong congressman pa si Mr. Abad, mayroon siyang irrigation project that never was somewhere in Itbayat (a town of Batanes) worth more than a hundred million pesos. Maaring nandoon pa ang mga kinalawang na steel bars at mga tumigas na semento.

      Mr. Abad also opposed an all-weather seaport in Basco (capital of Batanes) siguro dahil hindi niya project. Sayang naman ang pagkakataon . . .

    16. Abad is just a leech, plain and simple and he also wants his family member be leeches to their government jobs as well. Well knowing that being a worker in the PNoy administration, they know how profitable it is. Abad has no choice actually. If he quits, it is an admission of guilt and he will stop being the personal guardian of public funds which is a very powerful and profitable position. Ampao PNoy also have no choice but protect him, Abad being the Prince of Pork. Abad knows all the felony he and PNoy has undertaken. Together they planned and manipulated everything and should Abad spill the beans of all their illegal transactions, where will both of them be?

      • Angel Pulido on

        Obviously, something is really fishy. I respect the president. However, here are two simple arguments to consider: Why did the president escort Napoles to the Police General Headquarters instead of having the law enforcement do it? Secondly, why is the president protecting Abad after all the very serious allegations against him? Kababayan… pagisipan po ito. Filipino intellect is rated HIGH.