What employers want their employees to know

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

In two words: Business fundamentals.

Every CEO, every COO wants their executives, colleagues, employees and suppliers to know and understand their core fundamentals. When everyone in the business is knowledgeable about the business, then the CEO/COO and the company become successful, and all the employees and all those providers become successful, too. Even their customers.

In successful companies, officers and employees feel engaged in their work, suppliers are satisfied with their contribution and customers are happy with the product and service they purchase. When companies grow profitably there is a big opportunity to create more breaks and new jobs, expand careers, earn more and generate more wealth for all.

This is true for all sizes of business: taho vending, fruit stand, siomai cart, mom & pop shop, corner variety store, fast food in a mall, fast food franchise, fine dining restaurant, boutique hotel, five-star hotel, big manufacturing plant, airline, Fortune 500 company, and the like.

Business guru and author Ram Charan wrote, “When you come down to it, business is very simple. There are universal laws of business that apply to all kinds of businesses.
Successful business leaders know them. They have what I call business acumen—the ability to understand the building blocks of how a one-person or a very big business make money. You, too, can learn the fundamentals of cash, margin, velocity, return on investment, growth and customers. While these ideas may sound complex, they are not.
“And the best CEOs—the ones whose company makes money year after year—are like the best teacher you ever had. They are able to take the complexity and mystery out of business by focusing on the core fundamentals. Once you understood that the atom was made up of protons, electrons and neutrons, you then had the fundamentals to solve any problem in chemistry. It is the same with business. When you know the fundamentals, you can ‘get’ the basics for how any business works.

“The best CEOs and the man or woman running the one-person shop think the same way.

They know their cash situation. They know which items are profitable and which are not. They understand the importance of keeping their products moving off the shelf and they know their customers.”

The best CEO/COO is in touch with his people and his suppliers and his customers. He is the best teacher/trainor in the company.

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