• What if Gibo were president?


    What if Gilbert Cojuangco Teodoro, not his cousin Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino 3rd, had been elected president in 2010?

    Many Filipinos increasingly disappointed, if not exasperated with Aquino, wonder how it might have been if “Gibo” Teodoro had won, as he did in most mock elections conducted after presidential forums during the campaign.

    While frontrunner Aquino avoided those public jousts among rival candidates, former Defense Secretary and Tarlac congressman Teodoro consistently topped the straw polls among audiences who heard several presidentiables debate national issues.

    Glorianomics to Gibonomics
    So how might a Gibo presidency have turned out?

    One big difference between Teodoro and Aquino is their opposite attitudes toward the Gloria Arroyo presidency. Rather than decrying and junking most past policies, Teodoro would have enhanced beneficial ones while revising others.

    Like Aquino, he would have kept Arroyo’s fiscal reforms, but unlike his cousin, Gibo might have less objection to new taxes, if warranted. Conditional cash transfers would have continued too, but not at P40 billion a year. Teodoro might have found more productive ways to spend that largesse — like infrastructure for investment and jobs — than monthly stipends useful in swaying poor voters.

    In 2011 Teodoro would not have stanched government spending like Aquino, in a wrong-headed push to quickly balance the budget, make Arroyo seem profligate, and impress credit rating agencies. With state spending unconstrained under Gibo, that year’s GDP growth would have neared the 7.7 percent of 2010, not plunged to 3.7 percent.

    Teodoro would have pushed public-private partnerships, but like Arroyo, he would not put up with the delays of Aquino’s PPPs. The bulk are for bidding only this year, despite being touted in Aquino’s very first State of the Nation Address in July 2010. Go figure why Aquino wants to contract over half a trillion pesos of PPPs in the year before elections and the end of his term.

    Teodoro would not have stopped major public works with no sound basis in law or evidence. The Belgian project to dredge Laguna Lake, the French program to build more roll-on roll-off ports, and the Japanese-funded repair of Luzon flood control facilities damaged by the 2009 Ondoy and Pepeng storms — these projects would have gone ahead, having passed rigid economic and legal vetting.

    Thus, when typhoons hit Luzon in 2011, there would have been far less flooding. And Laguna Lake would have absorbed more rain runoff starting mid-2012, when dredging would have been completed. Plus: taxpayers would not face a looming P6-billion bill due to legal action over the arbitrary stopping of the project.

    Teodoro, who has a University of the Philippines law degree and a Master of Laws from Harvard, would never put the government in such an expensive, legally dubious hole. That’s another big difference between the Cojuangco cousins: One learned in leading institutions to know and follow the law. The other not only lacks legal training, but also enjoys video games in which there are countless “cheats” to win.

    Respecting law and institutions
    Thus, Gibo’s first Executive Order would not be the creation of a so-called “Truth Commission” targeting the past government, in violation of equal protection under the law. If pressured to probe his predecessor, he would still see no need to create a new body. If the Ombudsman was taking too long, the Presidential Commission on Good Government could be tasked to investigate, as Aquino’s own legal adviser had urged.

    Nor would Teodoro have meddled in the Oakwood Mutiny case already in court for six years, so Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th could join the administration camp. And Gibo would not have held back the Justice Department from pursuing the Dacer-Corbito murder case against fugitive Panfilo Lacson, just to have another senator in his pocket.

    Respect for the justice system would also keep Teodoro from publicly commenting on court cases, especially constitutional issues before the Supreme Court. And if there were adverse rulings, he would never have openly debated with the magistrates or let Congress squeeze them with impeachment threats and judicial fund inquiries.

    Gibo, of course, would not brook even greater illegalities than meddling with due process. He would not have concocted the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) diverting funds from budgeted expenditures to unbudgeted ones, or allowed a suspended Philippine National Police chief to violate the Ombudsman’s order by overseeing a hugely perilous commando assault into rebel territory.

    Steeped in the democratic principles underpinning the Constitution, Teodoro would find it utterly repugnant to bribe lawmakers into passing pet legislation or signing articles of impeachment without reading them. Nor would he offer pork barrel and DAP to senators in order to convict the Chief Justice.

    Building true peace and security
    Legal scruples would also make it extremely unlikely for Teodoro to get into constitutionally infirm agreements. Negotiations with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front would have made sure to avoid all failings of the 2008 Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain, and not to add more illegal provisions.

    Gibo would have consulted senators about any possible pact to ramp up US military deployment and give it access to Philippine bases. Moreover, he might have continued the past policy of joint undertakings with rival claimants in the South China Sea, which could have avoided territorial frictions cited by Aquino in letting in more American forces.

    As for fighting corruption, both Teodoro and Aquino had clean reputations. Assuming he would not bribe Congress, Gibo would have no reason to treble pork barrel to P20 billion a year, and mobilize P150 billion in DAP on top of that.

    And with his high-level security knowledge, Teodoro would know better than to let political friends boost smuggling five-fold to $19 billion a year — and let in a flood of guns and drugs, which fueled the doubling of crime under Aquino.

    Having seen how media’s darling Aquino has misruled the country, Filipinos should look beyond the headlines to solid credentials and performance in choosing the next leader.

    But we won’t.


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    1. the moment i confirmed that Gibo will run the 2010 presidential elections, i no longer have any doubt who will i give my first vote then.. i was in college and i made all sorts of campaign for him in my own small ways. i convinced my family to believe in him, not only because of his impressive credentials, but because i can see that he should be the one to lead our country and no one else.. but same goes with all those who supported him, efforts and prayers were drowned by those who cannot see how competent he is. after that election, i realized that despite facing a credible and capable would be leader among others, filipinos were helpless in determining who deserves their precious vote. therefore, it should not be left to the media the role of educating the masses since they are the ones who brain washes the minds of the people by feeding them lies.

    2. A few months before he ran I knew nothing (99.5%) about him. All I knew about him was he was the head of the National People’s Coalition(NPC) and the favorite nephew of Danding Cojuangco. A few friends of mine invited me to listen to him when he visited. I didnt go. But it got me curious. So I started to research about his educational background, his family, his views, his history, and what other candidates and other politicians especially from opposing parties say about him. Was I impressed. He is one in 100 million. Too bad some people couldnt get over his links to pandak(GMA). If they only knew it was the volunteers and his family that spent for his campaign because GMA through Pichay diverted the presidential war chest to Villar coz she and Danding knew Gibo wasnt going to allow himself to be their puppet. .

      Gilbert Teodoro is head and shoulder above his idiot cousin(Noynoy) who didnt even have one bill passed into law when he was a 12 year legislator. And light years ahead of his presidential rivals.

      I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

    3. The Philippines is not yet ready to elect a competent and able president. What we need is drastic re-education process for all citizens and destruction of the ruling oligarchs.

    4. Our mainstream media which is being owned and controlled by the oligarchs with an obvious vested interfere stab has manipulated the minds of most of the people. They know that Cory was dying and they started blurting out in their headlines in air and print media proclaiming Cory as an Icon and her achievments. They bombarded the air and print with this propaganda lines day in and day out. Never a day or an hour pass by without a mention of this Icon propaganda.
      They had this mind control technique effectively done and now they reap the success of this strategy by putting an oligarch controlled President who has nothing substantial qualification to warrant his present position. This is all to the detriment of the nation governed and its citizens except to the oligarchs who comprises a meager 1% of the total population. Just look at the society page of the top broadsheet and you can see that most of the high society matrons and their husbands were appointed consuls on various countries. But do they really work? No wonder we were encountering so much problems without solutions with our OFWs abroad. Likewise, we have not seen a market for our exportable products that these consuls has created.

    5. leo_mar111 on

      Gibo is the only alternative left for the Filipinos to be able to recover from the destruction of a mentally retarded president. It Gibo or nothing.

      • sonny dela cruz on

        You still have RICHARD J. GORDON as another alternative. Aside from him, I believe no more, if you want a very good president comes 2016 and for the country to move on, achieved the Filipinos aspiration for a better life, then “VOTE FOR RICHARD J. GORDON.”

    6. Question: anybody here from Cebu who voted for, or knows anybody who voted for BSA in 2010?

      I’m asking because it seems everyone I know (and everyone they knew) say they all voted for Gibo in 2010. Yet BSA won in Cebu handily. So what gives?

      • You do not know Gibo. You are just assuming. Please study his credentials.

    7. as i have been saying since 2010, gibo is the better cojuangco. i still could not understand why boss danding junked his fovorite nephew (gibo is the son of boss danding’s sister) to favor the son of his cousin cory. gibo was boss danding’s lawyer and gibo knows, aside from ramon ang, almost everything about boss danding’s business.

      • He wanted to be independent from his uncle and even from GMA(reason why party funds went to villar).

    8. Alejo Rosete on

      Maraming nanghihinayang kay Gibo na hindi nanalo
      Isa na ako doon.

      Kung may dapat na mag Presidente sa Cojuanco clan
      ay si Gibo.

    9. Gibo will not have the public backing his back. The public will see him as the extension of GMA and because of that the opportunistic politicians would use that as a way to undermine him. No matter how good he will be as president he cannot move freely and decides freely just like our president today. He would always fend off attacks from the opposing sides and he will have to act as if he cares for the public’s welfare. He cannot pass the rh bill which we badly needed, he won’t have the guts to pass the sin tax law because he needed the businessman’s support and he cannot jail anyone opposition or not because he have to defend himself from character assasination. International agencies would not be impress because his administration will be as chaotic as before. He will be as good or much better as GMA in economics but our GDP will always stay at 5%. There will be no positivity in his administration so then there will be no hype and if there is no hype then the gdp stays the same way. The tax and customs collected will stay at the minimum 800 million or so just like what happen to the previous administrations because Gibo’s administration will be afraid to upset the people and the businessmen. Because of low tax collections then they will have to create new tax for us to shoulder. Then the public will be upset again.

      So in conclusion, Gibo may be good or better than anyone we’ve ever seen but without the public support then his administration will be medicore. Hated even. At that time in 2010 we needed someone we could trust. You have seen the president’s ratings. It took 4 years and a half to have his ratings in a positive single digit. Despite the constant attacks from the opportunistic politicians, Pnoy’s emotionally detached personality, his attachment to his closest friends, his being tactless and his refusal to listen to anyone the people still supports him.

      • yung sinasabi mong opportunistic businessmen na hindi pwedeng isantabi ni gibo ay present din ngayon sa kkk admin ni boy sisi, hindi ba? nakalimutan mo na ba yung 3,000 containers na loaded with highly dutiable goods na nawala while in transit daw to batangas for transhipment?? gawa ito ng mga sinasabi mong mga opportunistic businessmen na hindi pwedeng pahindian ni gibo.

      • paki review mo ang IMF at World Bank report sa smuggling sa pinas nitong panahon ni pnoy. barya lang ang pinagsamang lahat sa panahon ni cory, fvr, erap at glorya. hindi mapepeki ang report nila at open sa lahat ang info nito..there something strange here, isn’t it? go figure out!

    10. Rogelio C. Lim on

      Noon kumakandidato si Gibo sa pagka-presidente, hindi niya inaatake ang mga kalaban niya sa pulitika. Ang plataporma niya ang kanyang inihahayag sa pangangampanya. Isa siyang maginoo. Maganda ang pagpapalaki sa kanya ng kanyang magulang.

    11. I voted for Gibo and will vote for him again!!! Please convince him to run. Our country needs him!

    12. My wife and I voted for the Honorable GILBERT “GIBO” TEODORO. We believe he is more than qualified for the Presidency. GIBO for PRESIDENT in 2016!

    13. jason bourne on

      Ah, I am quite happy that my fellow Filipinos are in tuned to the times.
      I was and is still for GIBO. Among the candidates at that time that I have seen speak in person, he was the only one outstanding in both manner and intelligence. He is the epitome of the “Decent Filipino”.
      His answers to perennial questions were both substantive and doable.

      Because of the machinations of the US State Dept & CIA we got the looney tunes BSA. We got the wrong Cojuangco.

      That’s why we really have to protect out own interest. Let’s hope magkaisa ang mga elite sa bansa natin and support a real leader. Let’s not dance to the tune of the Pied Piper Uncle Sam.

      Lets chart our own course. If GIBO runs again lets support him. If another of his caliber runs lets support that guy.

    14. Melchor Vergara on

      something must have happened leading up to the 2010 polls that either hurt or disappointed Teodoro so much he just chose to ride off into the sunset, even if it meant setting aside his great plans for the country

    15. Should Gibo will decide to run for 2016, Duterte will give way and will support him, and it will have a trending effect among our patriotic leaders to give their support to Gibo. Only if Gibo will still have that strong desire to serve and to correct what has been damaged by his cousin noynoy. But should smartmatic pcos will prevail again this coming election, forget Gibo. Either we occupy comelec or go to hills and plant kamote na lang.

      • You got that right. Duterte – Gibo/Gibo-Duterte option is much even better.

    16. Peter Gonzales on

      There is no comparison between Abnoy and Gibo Teodoro. The former is incompetent and mentally a basket case while the latter is very bright and smart lawyer and executive.
      Nakakahiya ang Filipinas ang presidente nila ay sira ulo at tanga.

    17. Samuel Santos on

      We get the president we deserve. Kaya ng si PNoy at hindi si Gibo ang presidente natin eh.

    18. Noynoy being compared with Gibo Teodori is like comparing apple and orange! There is no common denominator but with an ocean gap of difference! On looks alone, Gibo has a more distinguish and respectable appearance while NoyNoy (aka Pinoy) looks retarded, introverted and smirking-dog-like smile in all occasions (disaster/tragedy, community festivities and national crisis). Gino’s personality speaks and show a man of integrity and uncompromising capable statesman; while Noynoy’s has a comedic and shallow thinker devoid of human aspirations and weak personal attributes! While Gibo has been raised by a technocrat father (Teodoro a Harvard grad , DBP and SSS heads)
      Noynoy’s father was known as socialist politician who has strong penchant for self-emulation as the only capable leader of the country. Of course, it is known that Gibo has excelled in his academic field, as honor student, bar topnother and Harvard educated, and respected Congresman and DND secretary; Noynoy had no sterling achievements and was a mediocre either as an Ateneo student, Congressman and
      Senator though rode on the necropolitics of his parents to be President!
      Gibo has all the required qualifications and experience to be President save the unfortunate association with Arroyo’s Administration; Noynoy has been just an “accidental” President, though not at all qualified, academically, experience-wise or personal appeal, but due to sympathy electorates brought by his mother’s death!
      Noynoy will leave a legacy of malcontent, disappointment and waste in time to make the condition of poverty alleviated or at least reduced. It GiBo runs I am sure the people will make him and elevate him to the Presidency and realizes their misgivings during the last elections. Hopefully GIBO TEODORO runs for the Presidency in 2016 and surely he will win!

    19. redvegetarian on

      How did you know that these would have been done by Gibo? Very speculative coming from a journalist.

      • Ric Saludo on

        Thank you for your comment, redvegetarian.

        My speculation, as you put it, is based on Secretary Teodoro’s credentials (UP College of Law, Harvard Law School, former congressman and Defense Secretary) as well as my own knowledge of his governance as Secretary of National Defense and Chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council (during 2009 Ondoy and Pepeng floods), since I was also in the Arroyo Cabinet at that time. Thank you.

    20. Between goods and evils candidates, the Filipino intellectuals particularly the students should bind together now to have a common candidate who could reflect the Filipino idea of clean government. Sec Teodoro who was formerly a student of the AFP Command and Staff College, was observed to be a serious student who could interact

      The Filipinos especially the” MASA” are easily swayed like childrens by an adept manipulators. This is seen how they were influenced by the” yellow ribbon” propagandists.The “MASA” outnumbers the intellectuals and with those who could recognized the real candidate.This is the irony of the democratic process in the country where the number of BOBOS outnumber the good people. The majority of the Filipinos really deserve the kind of government we have today. Another chance is knocking to the doors of our Filipino leaders and influence speaking Filipinos who could right the wrongdoings of the present administration, let us have GILBERT TEODORO be next President of our beloved country!!!

      • the pinoy voters, sadly, favors showbiz type personalities. notice the presence of movie and tv stars during the ‘mitings’ of politicians.

    21. Richard Saing on

      If Mr. Green (Gibo Teodoro) would run for presidency, he would have my family’s support from Cebu and Negros. The Philippines deserve a man of highest integrity and love of his Country and Countrymen.

    22. sonny dela cruz on

      Now, you have 2 persons said qualified to be the next president of the Philippines comes 2016. Make a background write-up of them and see who is more desired to run the government. We are saying, RICHARD J. GORDON, GILBERT C. TEODORO, and some says DUTERTE, LACSON, DEFENSOR SANTIAGO, which one could be more desirable to the people to be the next president of the Philippines comes 2016.

      • sonny dela cruz on

        Who among them or in their family become rich while in the public office, these are one background check that I was talking about. If you say Bongbong Marcos, you know who he is and the family, as you mentioned the Aquinos., the Binays and the Estradas. Do a write-up of those people who wants to run for president comes 2016.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        P-Noy is also a Cojuangco. They are definitely different from each other. God bless the Philippines.

    23. Decency and respectability personified, That is Gibo, unlike his Cojuanco relations,
      the grandson of Benigno Aquino( who proudly served the Kempetai), children of Danding , and the other Bar Topnotcher from the South whose Bar results are under a cloud.
      Not all bells and whistles,he was a real Action Man !

    24. I voted for Gibo and would gladly vote for him again if he decides to run again. I would even volunteer to work in his campaign.

    25. Carlo L. Adan on

      Before anything else, first make sure your votes are counted by the Smartmatic PCOS machines. That’s how Erap and GIBO lost.

    26. I voted for GIBO last presidential election as most of my friends did. but I just cant comprehend why Aquino won. Maybe the Smartmatic PCOS machines voted for PNOY.

    27. “But we won’t”. That’s sums it all. Poor Philippines. We deserve better leaders–and mature voters.

    28. P.Akialamiro on

      I really wonder if Atty. Gilbert C. Teodoro would run for President in the next year’s elections. Otherwise, there would be no ‘sensible’ candidate for the position. Gilbert Teodoro might be a cousin of the incumbent president but, definitely, he is not a “B.S”. I’d gladly vote for him and work for his election.

      Quite frankly, I voted for him in the last elections. But, he was a ‘victim’ being a member of the cabiniet of the former president. I would hope that he will consider running this time.

      It’s about time that columnists and newspapermen be thinking about the future of our country and people. Possible candidates with the ‘caliber’ of G.Teodoro should be groomed to run and support their candidacy, by writing their positive traits and qualifications, like this columnist. . On the other hand, expose the negatives of those who are not the most worthy candidates, i.e., corrupt, popular but no so qualified, and members of ‘dynasties’. It’s NOW or NEVER!

      But he’ll never win with the elections controlled by the Smartmatic AES/PCOS machines.

      • P.Akialamiro on

        I thought the PCOS-Smartmatec machines will not be availed of because the ‘midnight’ contract signed by the retired Comelec Chairman Brillantes was invalidated by the SC?

    29. Truly, regret and repentance come in the end. Now the country is paying for not choosing Gibo. But perhaps we did. And Gibo won! Were it not for the machinations of the Hocus Pocus machines to make the lunatic win.

      • P.Akialamiro on

        To all dual citizens and OFWs from all over the world, let’s all go home and campaign for Gibo so that he will win. We will comnvince all our relatives and friends who enjoy our benevolence to vote for him. It’s now or never! Otherwise, it’ll no longer be fun to go home except for the ‘nostalgia’.

    30. Rene L. Canlas on

      I voted for Gibo last 2010 election because I was sure 101% that he was the best and the most qualified among the candidates at that time. If he will run again on 2016 and I hope and pray he will do, I will still vote for him for the same reason. Gibo, please change your mind..run..run..run and give Binay a stunning defeat.

      Make sure first that your vote will be counted by the PCOS machine!

      • P.Akialamiro on

        Gibo is on fb. Fellow readers let’s jam his fb with our irgent and sincere desire to have him run for President again and be our next President. We’ll not only vote for him, but also work hard for his election. This is now our chance to have a lot better President we can be very proud of as Filipinos. It’s now or never! Aside from him, WHO???

    31. Please, please, please, Mr. Ricardo Saludo, do not compare a High School valedictorian, graduated with honors, UP Law and finally BAR topnotcher, with very good record as Congressman and later Secretary of National Defense in the name of Gilbert C. Teodoro with his cousin who has no academic record, very poor legislative experience, does not have any clue how to run a country and have no accomplishment on the job. In short do not compare a person with a very sharp mind against one who have an empty one.

      • Very good written piece! I voted tor Gibo and so with many of my friends and this comparative work of yours Mr. Saludo made me proud of our choice. How I wish Mr. Teodoro would run for President again. Is there a way he could be convinced to run again? Para sa Bayan.

    32. sonny dela cruz on

      I believe it’s a waste of time talking about two Aquinos comparable performance of the presidency right now. Aquinos lost all the clamor to run the government again. I advice the writer to talk more about prospective candidates for 2016 presidency whether the country can have a better person to run the government and what are their capacity for the country to move on to achieved the people’s aspiration for a better life. The writer should start talking about the background, especially the education, private life and work ethics of the person in performance of his job in public or private. This will help a better understanding for the voters to vote a qualified person to run the government.Let us say like Mr. RICHARD J. GORDON, what did he do when he was a Mayor, Senator, Subic Administrator and now a volunteer of the Philippine Red Cross, did he enriched himself or his family in the government when they were in the public office?. What is his capacity to run the highest office of the land., is he a qualified person for the country to move on? Will he run the government by LAWS and not by EMOTIONS, then talk about his background. This is the way we have to do from now on if we are really serious to have a better government with transparency, eradicate corruptions and minimized government abused. The writer will be doing his patriotic duty to the country for helping the voters pick the right person/persons to run the government comes 2016.

      But be sure the citizens’ votes will be counted by the Smartmatic COS machines!

      • P.Akialamiro on

        P.S. Recycled politicians should not be considered. They already had the chance to show their ‘worth’ or ‘unowrthiness’. There are many more intelligent and willing to serve Filipinos!

    33. Roldan Guerrero on

      It is definitely an incorrectible mistake we need to learn from. We thrashed a priceless gem in exchange of a fancy jewelry. BENIGNO AQUINO IS NOTHING BUT A STUPID PRESIDENT WHO SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO BE IN MALACANIANG PALACE. And GIBO WAS THE WORTHY MAN WHO WAS NOT GIVEN THE CHANCE BECAUSE OF THE BELIEF HE WILL FREE ARROYO OF HER ABUSES IF EVER THERE WERE. After 5 years of continued tolerance of the ABUSES OF THE “STUPID”, when shall we STOP HIM?

    34. I have always wondered how it would have turned out if Gibo, instead of Aquino had been President of the Philippines. Two Aquinos had become President; the mother ended her term with nothing to show for it except the yellow ribbon. The son has done more damage than achieved anything of importance for the nation, and is trying to shove the divisive BBL down our throats. Gibo, on the other hand is obviously more intelligent and has shown empathy and urgency in attending to national emergencies during his stint as Secretary of National Defense and as Chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) – the exact opposite of the inept and ‘noynoying’ Abnoy. That is the reason why I voted, and campaigned for Gibo among my fellow Cebuanos for the 2010 national elections.

      • Someone who can should step up and convince Gibo to run again – for the country’s sake. After Pnoy’s six years of dividing the country, punishing his opponents, and coddling his KKK, the Filipinos badly need somebody to uplift their spirits and forget the nightmare they had under Aquino. Gibo owes it to the people to reverse the current horrible conditions his cousin brought into the lives of the Filipinos.