• What is ASAP?


    One of PCSO’s institutional projects is the Individual Medical Assistance Program (IMAP) where medical assistance is given through the issuance of guarantee letters to partner hospitals with the PCSO assuming the obligation of settling the cost of medicines, chemo drugs, dialysis solutions and other medical needs of patients with said hospitals.

    To maximize the limited resources of PCSO vis-à-vis the number of indigent patients that have to be assisted estimated at 400 patients a day, the Agency seeks to establish an agreement through the PCSO Desk, otherwise known as the “At Source Ang Processing” (ASAP) project, with various private and government hospitals which are willing to assist the agency in the implementation of the IMAP. The program provides not only medical and health-related services but also medicines for chemotherapy, hemodialysis and post-operative treatment to patients referred by PCSO at a discounted rate of 20 percent from the prevailing market retail price, including the putting up of a PCSO Desk within their premises, to handle and evaluate requests for financial assistance from their own patients.


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