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    Rock band Wolfgang’s Basti Artadi for Thread 365

    Rock band Wolfgang’s Basti Artadi for Thread 365

    ‘Local but global’ T-shirt label launched in PH
    Because a cotton tee is such a regular though essential piece of clothing, many think that to make a good one is simple and easy. But Rissa Artadi, one of women behind the newest and local T-shirt label Thread 365, begs to differ.

    “People think that creating a T-shirt is easy. But to actually make a T-shirt fit right, there are a lot of things that go into it. It’s actually more difficult to make a T-shirt that fits than a gown that fits,” Artadi revealed to The Manila Times during the launch of Thread 365 on October 8 at the Terry S.A. Inc. (TSA) Showroom in Makati City.

    Ballerina Carissa Adea

    Ballerina Carissa Adea

    The brainchild of Artadi, TSA head of product development and brand sourcing, along with Anne Gonzales, TSA president, Thread 365 serves as the company’s first-ever homegrown brand. Anchored on the same philosophy among the company’s international labels like Havainas and Bensimon, Thread 365 also passed global apparel standards.

    “Thread 365 is not a backyard project,” Artadi proudly related.

    Working for one of the biggest international apparel companies for decades before joining TSA, Artadi explained that they underwent meticulous processes in developing Thread 365. They spent three months in conceptualizing the brand, the design and the product range, after which TSA brought in technical designers who spent six months in finalizing the fit and sizes of the tees.

    This resulted high-quality tees with accurate sizes for both women and men’s collections. “It means that if you are a medium in the scoop neck (short-sleeved), you are a medium among all the other collections, be it the bateau (long-sleeved) or the tank top. The difference in sizes will only depend on your preferences,” Artadi shared.

    Entrepreneur Xandra Rocha

    Entrepreneur Xandra Rocha

    As for the material, Artadi enthused that Thread 365 is made from 100 percent cotton. “Cotton is a staple thread that is lightweight and perfect for a tropical country like ours. As for the kind of cotton, we use comb cotton. ‘Comb’ is actually the process that is done with the cotton threads which gives it a smoother and softer finish,” she said.

    She continued, “We chose this [comb cotton]because we wanted to achieve the smoothness and softness of a 10-year-old T-shirt that you always pick out of your wardrobe. Thread 365 has this quality the moment you buy it.”

    So durable and comfortable, Artadi claims that their basics can be worn every day throughout the year hence the name Thread 365. “It’s not something you wear four times and then throw away. Thread 365 is not disposable, it’s personal,” Artadi added.

    And all this, according to the executive, precisely came from TSA’s aim to make a “homegrown yet global brand.” She enumerated how Thread 365 complied with global standards—from designing, to fitting, up to the labeling—that when foreign companies ask to carry their tees, they are more than ready.

    Currently, the label is already sold in stores in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but TSA is positive it can expand into more locations soon.

    “The Philippines is a very talented country. Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren manufacture clothes here, so why can’t we make something of our own. We want Thread 365 to be the next essential clothing brand worldwide.”

    Versatility and authenticity
    During the launch of Thread 365, TSA also talked about the “Photo Project,” which features 38 key influencers that took part in a photo shoot with renowned photographer Sara Black.

    “These different individuals embody the spirit of Thread 365 which is versatility and authenticity,” Gonzales announced. “They were tasked to take a Thread 365 tee and wear it in the way they felt most comfortable—proving that the perfect tee is made for everyone.”

    Coming from diverse backgrounds, some of the names include Wolfgang vocalist Basti Artadi, artist Nikki Luna, entrepreneur Xandra Rocha, model Sinoia Nzima, DJ Mars Miranda, ballerina Carissa Adea, basketball player Kirk Long, and TV host Sam Sadhwani, among many others.

    Thread 365’s versatility is best seen in its range of styles and colors. For the women’s essential, choices are crew neck, scoop neck and V-neck in short sleeves, bateau and crew neck in long sleeves, and a tank top; while for men, there are short-sleeved crew neck, V-neck and crew-neck with a pocket, and the long-sleeved Henley.

    Then, the staple and core colors are black, white, gray and navy. This is expanded with seasonal colors red, nude, light blue and green for women, and oatmeal, wash brown and true navy for men.

    Presenting a versatile product range, everyone can then wear the tees according to their preference and style, which where authenticity comes in.

    Thread 365 can be dressed up or down as the wearer pleases. As a basic top paired with jeans, it serves as everyday casual wear. But when paired with more elegant pieces like a blazer and a pair of slacks, the tees can be worn to boardroom meetings or even glammed up for a night on the town.

    Thread 365 is available online at www.thread365.com and Aura Athletica branches in Power Plant Mall and Bonifacio High Street.


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