• What? Six more years with Aquino clone? %&@*^#!


    Secretary Dinky Soliman of the Department of Social Welfare has made the commendable vow to never give expired or rotten goods to calamity victims.

    In consonance with this vow, the DSWD buried hundreds of sacks of rice instead of distributing them to typhoon victims in Leyte because the rice was unfit for consumption. Isn’t the DSWD praiseworthy for their deep concern for the health of calamity victims?

    Oops! Before victims and their sympathizers excoriate me for the above sentences, I must hasten to explain that this is how the Yellows are expected to put a spin on why rotten relief goods failed to reach the intended beneficiaries. Remember that Soliman and the Yellows have been crowing about the supposed pats in the back they had received for their response to the victims of super-typhoon Haiyan.

    To make amends to aggrieved and irate victims of natural calamities, I want them to know that I won’t disagree should they want (ir)responsible DSWD officials to be buried along with the rotten rice.

    I guess the DSWD had so much confidence in its efficiency that it refused to allow donor countries and donor organizations to give straight to the beneficiaries. On orders of Soliman, all donations had to be centralized at the DSWD for repacking. Had it not been for this misplaced confidence, there should have been no DSWD seal in the buried rice that not even pigs would dare eat.

    Oh well, what else is to be expected of the “student council” Cabinet members?

    * * *

    A vote for Secretary Mar Roxas of the Liberal Party is a vote for President BS Aquino The Last and his supposed “Daang Matuwid.” No wonder, Roxas has been languishing in poll surveys. Who wants six more years of the backward-looking, vindictive Aquino administration?

    The President is so full of himself that he takes full credit for all good things that have taken place during his administration, even if the groundwork was done during the previous administration and the increase in foreign earnings come from an increasing number of OFWs who couldn’t find work at home.

    But when things go wrong? Ah, the previous administration is responsible for them. His “Daang Matuwid” is so perfect in his mind that he couldn’t accept any responsibility for anything amiss. He’s so confident of his intelligence and judgment that he has never convened the National Security Council, although he called a few inconsequential meetings of the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council.

    And Roxas wants to do the same?

    * * *

    Roxas has been extolled by his admirers for being the lone “investment expert” among the presidential candidates. I guess I’m too cynical to go along with this accolade. A look at the Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City owned by the Araneta-Roxas family is enough reason to doubt if he’s truly deserving of this praise.

    The Araneta Center has been in existence for more than six decades. Except for the Araneta Coliseum, the Aranetas had satisfied themselves with rentals from buildings and stalls at the Farmers’ Market and Farmers’ Plaza. Sure, they earned millions, especially with the continuous increases in lease payments but it doesn’t take a whiz kid in investments to earn that much.

    The Aranetas were so contented with rental income that the Araneta Center didn’t undergo massive development for a long time. The Center got outstripped by the more recent Ortigas Center, Eastwood and Rockwell. It’s only a few years back, when the Aranetas partnered with Andrew Tan and MegaWorld, that the Araneta Center made strides. Had the Araneta Center been left to the Aranetas that included the “investment whiz kid” Mar Roxas, it would still be dependent on rent income.

    * * *

    Say, why is it that despite his low ratings, Roxas remains confident of winning in May? Does he know something that we don’t? Maybe, we should ask Smartmatic for information.

    While many don’t want a BS Aquino clone in the next administration, I don’t subscribe to the belief that Roxas is behind the moves to disqualify Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares. This suspicion, also aired by Poe Llamanzares herself, doesn’t wash with the kind of persons initiating the disqualification petitions. It will be stretching the imagination to suspect that Kit Tatad, for instance, could be dictated upon by Roxas.

    If ever Poe Llamanzares is disqualified, it’s because she doesn’t meet the constitutional requirements of 10-year residence and of being a natural born Filipino citizen. Appealing to emotions and accusing others of plotting her disqualification won’t help her at all.



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    1. Just like the LRT2 and MRT Cubao stations. LRT2 Cubao terminal was linked to Gateway of Roxas’ business est. From MRT baba ka ng Cubao station Then a long walk to Gateway for a ride to LRT2 going to Katipunan. Connections of MRT and LRT North & Munoz are not linked. Puro BOBO ba ang urban planners natin? Magmula sa Pasay then baba ng North terminal ng MRT then bus to Munoz and ride again to LRT1 to go to Blumentritt? Maybe all these need COMMON SENSE.

      Another one — No legislator ever looked into the WHY there is no ‘student fare” in MRT & LRT? No one bothered to question even one journalist in MEDIA.

    2. Boy driver Mar Roxas may be a Bachelor Degree holder from Wharton but it does not mean to say that he is expected to be an automatic successful businessman, executive or whatever. As we can see so far, Mar Roxas is not apt to being a policy maker, mission builder and one who initiates. Mar is more of a follower rather than a leader. Yes Mr. Danao, Mar Roxas is expected to be just like PNoy, a clone and if the electors will give him their votes, it will be perilous to the nation as well, just like the tenure of PNoy.