What? Smartmatic cancelled the Congress hearing!


THE scheduled hearing of the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Automated Election System that would have focused on the illegal and unauthorized software script change in the transparency server of the Commission on Elections was cancelled. Why? Because Smartmatic, the guilty party—and the immensely rewarded creator of the untrustworthiness of our purportedly democratic elections, gave a last-minute notice that its officers could not attend.

The aim of the hearing was to begin finding out why Smartmatic allowed one of its men to alter the software script of the AES system’s transparency server—at the egregiously forbidden time when the counting and canvassing process was going on. This act makes the whole process and the results questionable.

Everyone, except the people who stand to benefit from whatever manipulated changes in the true count Smartmatic man’s tinkering with the system caused, has called for an investigation—not just a politically clouded congressional hearing. Everyone who truly cares for our democracy wants a full-scale forensic examination and criminal investigation of Smartmatic’s system and platform.

ITG experts, and we support them, want a thorough analysis of each and every movement that happened inside the Smartmatic machines before and after its man accessed the server while counting, consolidation and canvassing were going on.

We repeat our exhortation to readers: Those who have not read the Let’s Face IT! (LFIT!) column on Wednesday May 18, by Namfrel’s Lito Averia, who is one of our country’s topmost information technology and election process experts, to visit our online edition and read the column.

Columnist Averia tells us that the dreadful alteration of our election process, data and facts, did not only happen in the May 9 election. Smartmatic did it also in the ARMM election before the 2010 national elections, then in the 2010 elections and again in 2013.
A full-blown investigation of Smartmatic and the entire election system, process, machines and the software must be conducted.

We are not just after finding out if Senator Bongbong Marcos was cheated by those who want to make sure that Rep. Leni Robredo becomes the Vice President-elect because President Aquino, his dear friend and collaborator former secretary Mar Roxas and the other Liberal Party bosses will work for our next President Rody Duterte’s impeachment and replacement by Ms. Robredo.

We are not just after making sure that the winners in the senatorial election contest are the people’s true choices.

Our electoral democracy has been trifled with and trampled upon. And the Aquino-led gang will further debase it by what they will do to popularly elected Rody Duterte.
We must fight them.

But we must also be sure about the integrity and credibility of our Automated Election system. And the first thing to do now is to insist to the Comelec to open everything up. To let patriotic IT experts review and examine the faulty system and machines Smartmatic sold us Filipinos for scores of billions.

This must be done for the sake of our Republic. This horribly bad system that we have used in our national elections since 2010 cannot be allowed to continue destroying our democracy.


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  1. Smarmatic PPRCV and Comelec shall be charge electoral sabotage n the mastermind who order to change hash code I very a powerful person order Marlon Garcia to change Hash code. ppRCV n comelec deny that Marlon Garcia did not do any change but it was shown on CCTV they telling only change n will affect d system Base on these alibi Comelec PPRCV are hiding something. So we must file a case against and let Marlon Garcia tell who order to change the hash code.

  2. Whatever protection they have under the AES law is therefore terminated When Smartmatic began to violate protocols. The people have the right to know what sort of possible manipulations have been done which might have affected our votes. This is no ordinary matter nor a petty baseless request from the Filipino people demanding to know the truth. Whatever violations that may have happen could put our country in jeopardy.

  3. Juan T. Delacruz on

    SMARTMATIC Corporation does not have any LEGAL OBLIGATIONS to be questioned by any oversight committee in Congress, and this is very plain and simple. They are operating under the law and have complied with the law, which is the AES LAW. They have complied with all the regulatory and statutory guidelines, and therefore, the Congress have given them the authority to operate, under the custody of the ELECTION COMMISSINERS. Their equipment, both hardware and software are PROPRIETORY, and their TRADE SECRETS, such as equipment configurations must be guarded, and this is covered under International Law. As far as malfunctioning of VCM’s and transmission problems, these are beyond the Smartmatic control,

    • Does that AES LAW you’re talking about specifically allows smartmatic to alter any part of the program during canvassing? You’re turning a blind eye. Kawawa ka naman.

    • Dick S. O'Rosary on

      How could you claim that they complied when the AES law when Smartmatic has just been caught red-handed violating protocol? Please cast your political preferences aside and look at what this means for the country.

    • arthur quozon on

      yes protected under AES law but not violations of the AES law and the laws of the republic. all works and contracts done are paid by billions except that single manipulations of the system destroying our democracy in choosing leaders, cheating by fraud is a crime not only against our people but against suffrage. our law also states a full CITIZEN’S ARREST upon declaring a united stand against such act.

      How much more if records exist that such same manipulations were done in the 2010 and 2013 elections thus this is a third time, giving alibi’s in their favor like Juan,is accepting just the look of the guys to Filipinos are “dogs.” or will you accept a man offering to fix your simple water system and instead done more leaks after paying?

  4. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The whole electoral process is definitely debased and destructed. Ever since the Smartmatic came in, every election was marred with questionable activities and alterations. The integrity of the election is therefore imperiled. Smartmatic together with the powers in cahoot with it should be made to answer for their misdeeds and improper manipulation of the electoral process. Comelec cannot escape but also made to account for the misdeed. The people will only be able to sigh relief when the parties to the crime against them are made to answer and brought to justice. God save the Philippines.

  5. This smartmatic is untouchable! And they are the ones who’s running the show. And nobody dares tell them what to do. We are screwed.

  6. ernie del rosario on

    Our democracy has already been destroyed. Smartmatic with riding partners in crime did it. That’s a given. Even without the benefit of a full audit, they must already be prosecuted, jailed or shipped out of this country never to be allowed to come back for eternity, no ifs no buts. Then let’s also prosecute and jail all the willing insider participants of this “killing” going back to 2008 during the ARMM Automation P(i)lot. The original sin was spawned and committed there. Let us jail all three consecutive Chairmen and their commissioners and guilty senior officers in Comelec spanning 2008 to-date kahit na nakakahiya sa buong mundo. Let’s not stop there, let’s also run after the mastermind and his ilk who also participated one way or another and jail them too. Create a Gulag specially for them in some isolated island for there will be many of this evil breed who must be punished..