• What the next leader has to deal with


    First of Two Parts

    Miriam Defensor Santiago, Mar Roxas, Grace Poe, Rodrigo Duterte, and Jejomar Binay, attention please.

    With less than five months before one of you takes over the government, it’s essential even now when everyone’s campaigning, to prepare for some potentially grave threats and challenges looming in the first year of the next administration.

    On national security, China-US frictions will continue rising, with serious impact on the Philippines, especially if American forces escalate deployment and use our bases under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

    Also affecting security, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and extremist groups could mount attacks to pressure the next government into passing the Bangsamoro Basic Law and implementing the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro with the MILF. And if terrorists abroad get into the act, overseas Filipinos especially in the Middle East may face greater risk.

    On the economy and state finances, growing anxiety over loans to developing countries and rising US interest rates will constrict global credit and investment. Add to that damper the expected decline in remittances by overseas Filipino workers, especially OFWs in Arab nations hit by plunging oil revenues.

    Result: slower growth as less overseas cash trims consumer spending and property sales and development — the main growth drivers under President Benigno Aquino 3rd.

    Also looming are irregularities in recent years. With Aquino out, state auditors and maybe the Ombudsman would be less reluctant to run after anomalies by him, his cronies and his allies, including his P157-billion Disbursement Acceleration Program, the largest malversation in Philippine history. Expect escalating controversy once Aquino loses immunity from prosecution in July.

    Then there’s the annual typhoon season at midyear. Plus the possible spread of Zika virus now afflicting hundreds of thousands in Latin America, with as many as 4 million cases feared this year. These threats would test disaster preparedness, which has yet to receive the full P2 billion in funding mandated by laws passed in 2010 and 2012.

    Last but most worrisome is the determined resistance sure to be mounted by crime, corruption, narcotics, smuggling and gambling syndicates, which have flourished under Aquino. These lawless elements will bribe, lobby, fight and kill to keep and expand their unprecedented gains, including the tripling of pork barrel, crime and smuggling ( see http://www.manilatimes.net/the-battle-we-face-and-the-president-we-need/237779/ ).

    Senator Poe has warned that candidates are getting money from drug dealers. Battling this lawlessness on the streets, the ports, and the corridors of power can get bloody.

    Will these scenarios all happen? No. But those who blithely dismiss them are not the prudent, caring and seasoned leaders the nation needs.

    Caught in the big powers’ brawl
    Let’s look closely at the threats. First, the America-China rivalry. It reprises the assertion of regional power by the United States in the 1823 Monroe Doctrine telling European nations to stay out of the Western Hemisphere. With those colonial powers just ending a quarter-century of revolution and war in 1815, hardly any challenged America’s push for dominance in the Americas.

    Now, it’s the Chinese seeking regional and global clout, with Americans holding the fort. On top of this big-power rivalry is China’s need to secure its sealanes in the South China Sea, where 80 percent of its oil imports pass.

    Also likely to intensify confrontations are China’s economic and markets slump, and America’s presidential transition. As Chinese feel the jobs and income pinch, and the next White House occupant makes a show of strong leadership, both regimes may get even more assertive to rally their peoples behind them.

    What’s worse for the Philippines, if China again encroaches on our islets and shoals, that actually helps the campaign by some US quarters to drive Southeast Asia away from Beijing and into Washington’s protective embrace. Not to mention scaring Filipinos and pressuring the next government to implement the EDCA.

    What should President Binay, Duterte, Poe, Roxas or Santiago do? Over and above anything else, announce a policy of building good relations with all major powers, including China, while undertaking defense modernization. As ASEAN’s longstanding policy of neutrality shows, dwarfs should avoid taking sides in a brawl among giants.

    The surge in violence and corruption
    If the high seas look set to get choppy, the land may get bloody. The MILF agreement has stalled due to constitutional issues and Aquino’s botched Mamasapano commando raid. That may provoke extremist violence, with or without MILF backing, plus opportunistic attacks by communist insurgents. And terrorists abroad could target OFWs, triggering instant crises.

    To counter extremism, the next President should immediately reach out to the MILF and other Mindanao groups, including the Moro National Liberation Front and Lumad communities, and work toward a pact that truly advances peace, security, the rule of law, and the interests of all stakeholders. Convening a constitutional convention to consider federalism would also help.

    Crime, smuggling, jueteng and drug kingpins will escalate violence if the new leadership tries to reverse their unprecedented bonanza under Aquino. Not just attacks on police and even judges, but against the public, with the extortionist threat that bloodletting would stop only if rackets are left alone.

    As for corruption, Aquino’s penchant for defending anomalous associates and appointees is largely to blame for the surge in sleaze. Grafters see that in the ruling camp they can rig commuter train and license plate deals, make 2,000 cargo containers vanish, abet prison rackets, plant bullets in luggage, and perpetrate other schemes without fear.

    To rein in these forces of lawlessness, the next Chief Executive must promptly rally nation and government behind law and order. Criminals and grafters should get no signal whatsoever that they can thrive with the right connections. That includes politicos making hay under Aquino, then switching sides to evade accountability and continue rapacious ways.

    Aquino let his shooting buddy off the hook in his first months in office, sparking six years of crony scams. The next leader must show that he is truly treading the right path.

    (The last part covering the economy, food supplies, and disasters will run on Saturday.)


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    1. Only madam merriam defensor santiago had more experienced in this field of foreign policy makers into globally and locally
      . I prefer madam santiago for President of the Philippines..
      and Bong Bong Marcos for Vice President. These 2, are the best qualified candidates for President and Vice President of the Phils. respectively. The rest of the other candidates were nothing..ZERO

    2. First, the new President must replace the faces of the ” Pork ” the present
      Senate President and the present Speaker of the House.
      One of whom even has “white leg-horn” genes, the other Rhino(kasama na ang kapal ng balat).

    3. sonny dela cruz on

      I believe many of you are not aware that China is just buying time to strengthened their military might against the United States. Now is the time the Philippines to do her share to stop China but President Aquino has no brain to launch an attack against China. I have a recommendation on how we can make even with the invader Communist China. First of all I guess the government did not know that the rampant manufacturing and distribution of DRUGS in the country was originally came from China using the government policy of no visa requirement for the Chinese thinking that one billion Chinese income will be coming to the Philippine, I guess part of corruptions, make your guess. Instead DRUGS were sent to the Philippines to weaken the military manpower of the country. Let me discuss how the new President will do it to even up against China. Tell all the Fishermen in Pangasinan, zambales and close provinces by the spratly islands to fish and when the Chinese coast guard fire them with water cannons then the government should send their attack jets and sink those ships. Tthe United States will take over then through the U.S and Philippine. military mutual agreement. That’s how simple it is. God Bless the Philippines.

    4. You stated these scenarios if this is going to happen. My opinion, it is already happening as we speak. It just have to reach the boiling point. The next president must be tough, very tough for our nation to survive, we need to pray harder because these internal and external forces will destroy our beloved nation.