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Parents are the first and primary educators of their children. Sad to say nowadays, parents tend to “deposit” their kids to school and let the teachers assume their parental role, expecting that when their kids come home, they are to be perfectly mannered and educated. Then wondering why they cannot influence or make their children obey them.

Teachers are the parents’ partners – this is one of the guiding beliefs of Gummy’s school.

In truth it is just one of the many things I love about life. (Please know that this is not in anyway a paid advertisement or the like. The school has sufficient marketing efforts. And besides, new enrollees are no longer accepted until school year 2018.)

Today I wanna share to young parents my checklist on choosing the school for my child as well as why, as a Christian parent, I chose to send my child to a Christian school.

No homeworks. Learning that a school does not give homeworks to our kids will make them earn 100 points on our list!

Kidding aside, let us be frank here, Mums. When we were studying, did we not spend 90% of our time in school or on doing school work even after school hours?

Proud mummy. The author’s daughter receives recognition for Best in English and Best in Chinese from CCFLA’s Principal Pastor Leonides Son

Please do not get me wrong, I have no regrets that I attended traditional schools. I went to UPIS for primary until secondary education and Ateneo De Manila University for college. I had loads and heaps of paper works and honestly I loved them. Homeworks and projects were my thing.

Being swamped with work trained me to be very diligent and studious in anything I do. But I would not want that same load for my child. I want her to have the time and energy for family time, sports and other extra curricular activities.

In Gummy’s school, homeworks are only given if the student was unable to finish her school work. And the number of take-home projects are manageable. Do I hear a yay? (Should you need to know, the school is a cross between traditional and progressive. It’s called eclectic.)

Foreign language taught as early as three years old. Surveys reveal that the moment your child learns to speak another language aside from English, their value automatically becomes x10 (in terms of the salary they may receive in the future). It is undeniably an edge when our kids can speak yet another language. That way they can better relate to more people, easily connect to others, form a wider network and for business, when they graduate.

Personally to me, it is just a good enrichment to the things my child knows, a welcome addition for her overall growth.

Business school for kids. As young as kinder, students already have practical entrepreneurial performance tasks. At their tender age of five, they are already learning the value of money and are exposed to hardwork (according to my child it is tiring to sell). This is a good training ground to psych children to aspire for greater things, such as to become a business owner and be their own boss.

Christian school not only for Christians. Perhaps even if I were not Christian, I would still send my child to Life. CCFLA upholds the same core values of CCF, my home church, and reflects it. It is evident in the respectful and pleasant manner of everyone – from the guards, to our ates and kuyas, to the teaching and administrative staff.

Did I mention that devotionals are done everyday by everyone? Yes, even by the staff before they log-in at work. Matthew 6:33 is consistently upheld in the community. Students have Bible Time first thing everyday.

This reinforcement of my spiritual beliefs and parenting principles in school is really what drew me to send Gummy to Life Academy. The school excellently lives out Proverbs 22:6. I have peace and confidence that what the school teaches my child is consistent with what I teach her at home.

By all means, every parent would want their children to excel academically. But please do know that there is more to them than their report cards. Grades are just numbers but they do not define our children. Character is of utmost importance. A holistic approach to child development (outside of the home) is what parents must primarily look for as well as stewards (teachers) who have genuine care for their kids, who will treat them like their own.

Happy school-hunting!

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