• What transpired in Tacloban City is not looting, it’s survival – KMP


    MILITANT peasant group Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP) on Monday called on the media not to be swayed with government propaganda describing what transpired in Tacloban City as “looting.”

    “What transpired in Tacloban is not looting. What we saw was a clear demonstration of the peoples struggle for survival in the face of the Aquino government’s failure to respond and provide immediate relief to the victims and survivors. It is the Aquino government who looted, in fact, plundered the taxpayer’s money in the billions that’s why it is totally helpless in times of calamity,” Antonio Flores, the group’s secretary general, said in a statement.

    The group said President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s openness to declare martial law in the super typhoon ravaged Tacloban City bares his “fascist mindset.”

    “Martial law will never address the immediate needs of the victims and survivors of super typhoon Yolanda. It is only aimed to cover up the Aquino government’s lack of preparedness and ineptitude to address the humanitarian crisis in Tacloban City and in all areas devastated by the super typhoon,” Flores said.

    “Declaring martial law will not restore order in Tacloban but will instead escalate and lead to the organized resistance of the survivors against an incompetent government,” he added.

    Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) also condemned the deployment of soldiers and policemen in Tacloban City in reaction to the reported looting at the Gaisano Mall in the city.

    The Aquino government, the group said, should instead speed up and expand the delivery of relief goods to the typhoon survivors who are already suffering from hunger, thirst and lack of medicines.

    “It is disgusting that the Aquino government is planning on using violence against survivors of Yolanda. There is looting because the government’s relief operations are too slow and give out too little,” Elmer Labog, the group’s chairman, said in a separate statement.

    The labor leader said looting will most likely stop the moment sufficient relief goods reach Yolanda survivors in the soonest possible time.

    He also said the Aquino government should release all remaining pork funds and disaster-related funds in order to speed up relief operations and expand the latter’s scope.

    “People are thirsty and hungry and need medication. They just lost their homes and loved ones. The government should release all pork funds to help them as soon as possible,” Labog said.

    KMU also condemned the Social Security System leadership for offering, yet again, loans for members in the calamity-hit areas in the form of its Calamity Relief Package.

    The SSS recently announced that it is offering members a long period to apply for salary loans and preferential terms in the said loans.

    “This is the height of insensitivity. It is most likely that our fellow Filipinos will have a hard time recovering from the super typhoon’s effects. They need financial aid, not loans,” Labog said. NEIL A. ALCOBER


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    1. Victims of the typhoon shouldn’t be shipped to manila now Cebu. They should be working together to fix their town. What will they do when they get to manila or Cebu, add to the problem of squatters? The irony is, Mmda has to deploy 200 people to clean their city, when they should be the one doing it. They are just taking advantage of the situation.

    2. Being one of the lucky people to be spared from the wrath of typhoon yolanda, it is very saddening and frustrating to.sense the insensitivity of some.of our fellowmen towards the looting in tacloban/ affected areas. I can never put myself on their feet and nome of us, safe and sound in our homes, will. All we can do is sympathize. But still.some do it the wrong way giving comments likr ” i can understand the looting of food, but the refrigerator? What???” as if implying that at thid very grave situation, a situation that means life or death, people who lost their.homes and loved ones will be expectes to even stay disciplined and not get food from rampaged malls.just to.survive. Stealing a refrigerator could mean that that person finds it a means.to.establish his sanity, that even for a moment he will.feel he has the capacity to own something after he lost everything. the people.in tacloban reflect the will of.humans to.survive and even if we want it or not, we will.most likely do the things they have done.to.survive the disaster. Also, sympathezing with the victims is good, but it should be.coupled.qith actions.

    3. rebecca wampler on

      I am looking for Helen Talacay Devilles and family. We plan to fly them here to the USA until this typhoon hit. If there is anyway you can get announcement to them I am sure it would be very helpful to them in this trying time. As far as looting…they families in this area are SURVIVING a far cry from looting!

    4. In the height of this trying times in our country criticisms against the government will just dampen spirits. It’s like telling a man dying of lung cancer, “this is all your fault. You smoke too much!”

    5. Dave and Merle olaughlin on

      On behalf of my family our deepest sympathy for all the families whom have lost there lives my wife is from Tarlac City our prayers are with you all,God Bless everyone in the Philippines.

    6. well if it is not looting what do you mean, it is not a crime just to get some food
      from other people, we watch what is happening here in amerika, and it very shameful. they need to be disciplined

      • Yes.. discipline…But then again, Tacloban is the property of people who live there. The whole Tacloban, the shops, food market, they don’t think it belongs to a specific person anymore, IT belongs to them, they are the one uniting just to feed themselves, it is a real struggle. imagine.. many people died, they are striving to survive. relief goods aren’t even coming for days.. it’s been five days. still nothing is there for the whole people to have, they have too little… for such a big community, they have no homes anymore, no food nor water. just abandoned stores. IT IS SURVIVAL in a point, a natural instinct for us humans. if you would be in their foot.. think again.. you might also want to live. no food nor water for days, having disease cause of the stench of thousands of people who died.. they haven’t even cleared the area.. they are in desperation.. so i hope this will enlighten you. i’m just stating their point.

    7. Jose A Torruellas on

      On behalf of my family and the people of Puerto Rico, our deepest sympathy to all families who have lost relatives. Our prayers are with the Philippines.