• What will Duterte boast of next, that he eats criminals’ hearts?



    A Rodrigo Duterte was bound to happen in the kind of society that we have.

    What has brought him about, and  accelerated the electrification to life of this political Frankenstein monster  in this year’s elections was the extreme hypocrisy, incompetence and apathy toward the poor of a Benigno S. Aquino regime. Yes, none other than this President and his rich yellow legion – they who never curse but quietly send their enemies to jail.

    Duterte is tapping into the masses’ outrage against the ruling elite, their huge disappointment that the Manila-based EDSA I had not meant anything to their lives through the past three decades. Duterte’s putanginas are what poor hacienda tenants and underpaid shopping mall sales clerks have kept buried in their chests and would have loved to spit out in their masters’ faces.

    Duterte with his tool of discourse, and international coverage of his governance style

    Duterte with his tool of discourse, and international coverage of his governance style

    The lower classes – those who have to commute by jeepneys and are, thus, prone to holdups, or whose hard-earned cash is snatched in some dark alley as they walk home from work – are the most helpless victims of street criminals. If your meager, hard-earned income were snatched away by a pickpocket, wouldn’t you wish that criminal shot dead immediately, without going through the time-consuming, expensive, due process of law?
    That is exactly what Duterte promises he will do.

    However, in any other civilized nation on earth, Duterte’s kind who seeks the presidency would immediately get a good kick in the ass out the door, laughed at, or thrown into an asylum, except, of course, in an ISIS state if he happens to volunteer to kill criminals himself according to the Koran. Only in the Philippines – again that cliché – but it’s so true, can an admitted killer of humans be allowed to run for the presidency.

    Duterte, essentially, is a leap backward into barbarism, from the dark clutches of which it took centuries for humanity to extricate itself.

    He even relishes telling the tale of his savagery in his willingness to execute criminals himself, as though mocking justice that he can’t be taken to court for he only gives criminals the punishment they deserve. He boasted in a presidential debate: “Hindi ka puwedeng maging Presidente kung takot kang pumatay.” [You can’t qualify for the presidency if you’re afraid to kill.] I hope he only meant killing criminals, not his political enemies. Who, in our crime-ridden society where the legal system is slow and expensive, wouldn’t take notice of and be impressed by someone who promises to kill for them (suspected) criminals wherever they are found?

    But Duterte’s now famous I-will-kill-them-myself campaign line is a double-edged sword. Paradoxical in a country where life is cheap (a hit reportedly could be contracted for as low as P20,000), and at the same time deeply valued in a dominantly Catholic nation.

    People who have killed people are described in whispers in towns and urban neighborhoods as the red-eyed ones (mapula ang mata) or the nearly untranslatable “halang ang bituka.“ Even if a killing could be justified, a killer is said to have transformed himself into a different, indescribable category of human being, unable to sleep at night and beyond the mercy of the Holy Church.

    Universal horror

    Indeed, there is universal horror in the taking of a human life. Even medieval executioners wore masks to hide their faces and a blank bullet was given to an unidentified member of a firing squad so all of them could claim he did not fire the bullet that killed the man. Even in the high-tech lethal-injection system, there are two levers, one of which is fake, that release the poison into the convict’s body. Duterte, however, brags he will take a selfie when he takes down his next criminal.

    Modern media has inured us to the horrors of the snuffing out of human life, with Dirty Harry, Natural Born Killers, and Quentin Tarantino movies portraying homicide and murder as a thrill reserved for the bold. Exploding brains hit by a bullet, blood gushing out as a samurai sword slashes a torso, arms ripped off by a grenade explosion – these have become the images representing what we may call kill-porn in this age.

    In our minds we know, of course, it’s all about celluloid imagery – with the use of materials such as realistic-looking fake blood, or high-tech computer imaging techniques for effect, and we are bound to see more of the bad guys getting killed by Dirty Harry and Tarantino in their next movies.

    The horror of killing and death is beyond the neat worlds of Duterte’s bourgeois admirers who have never ventured out of their gated villages, never saw the real world. Try as hard as you can, you cannot conjure up a real person dying from a bullet wound in front of you being a criminal. It is just mysterious that life is being snuffed out; there is even an element of childlike innocence in the pose of an alleged hardened-criminal shot by the police and lying bloodied on the street, strangely often in a fetal position.

    Now, please think hard: do we really look forward to the metropolis’s streets becoming a killing field for Duterte’s kill-criminals campaign? Attractive as it might seem, there is no city anywhere in the world that has gotten rid of crime because of a Dirty Harry – nowhere really, only in the movies.

    Civilization has gone a long, long way in inventing the principle of the rule-of-law with its twin, due process. Both almost miraculously appeared in medieval England, designed initially to check the power of kings over nobles. What is miraculous about it is that it is not derived from any religious teaching. There is no 11th commandment, “Be sure to apply due-process in determining who violated the above commandments.”

    The rule-of-law principle isn’t just an idea some goody-goody idealist invented. It is part of our cultural evolution that has helped us develop and grow. Humanity has learned that the eye-for-an-eye principle ends up producing a kingdom of the blind, with a one-eyed jack as king. We are already seeing the Muslim equivalent of a Duterte campaign against criminals – the ISIS beheadings and hangings.

    From just 16 countries in 1977, 152 have now abolished officially or in practice the death penalty, with only 37 retaining it in practice. And by death penalty, we mean undertaken only after a rigorous legal process. This is humanity progressing, embracing the belief of the transcendental value of a human life.

    Yet, this arrogant mayor is telling the nation that he himself will kill criminals where they stand, and for that we should elect him President? And many people, even those educated in Christian schools, want him to be President? What has happened to our country?

    Opportunistic Davao businessmen

    If Duterte ever becomes President, blame the opportunistic Davao big businessmen – the banana kings, property developers, former cement millers who are throwing their money into his campaign – and especially the spoiled brat Alan Cayetano, desperate to be in the game even if no party wanted him, and who allegedly gave Duterte P100 million to convince him to run for President and take him as his running mate. To be fair to Duterte, he wasn’t lusting to be President at the start, but I guess a huge retirement kitty, especially if one has some disease, is difficult to reject.

    The Davao elite had used Duterte to the hilt. By killing criminals, and not waiting for the legal system to convict them, Duterte may have contributed to making the city attractive to investors (with whom the Davao businessmen have surely sealed partnerships) and to consumers (who bought their products).

    But what is left after they’ve become rich – cemeteries filled with corpses of (suspected) criminals? And after Duterte, now 72, fades away from the scene? Has the institution of the rule of law in Davao been strengthened? But of course, these Davao businessmen don’t care, as they would just return to their feudal-like estates in Mindanao.

    Cavite used to be known as a bandits’ lair in the 1950s, and powerful warlord-politicians had tried the Duterte style. Did that solve crimes in the province? No, what did it was the province’s economic growth, spurred by the establishment of export processing zones.

    Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim in his first term, 1992 to 1998, tried the Duterte tack, with crude cardboard labels even pinned on “salvaged” alleged drug-distributors’ corpses saying, “I was a drug-dealer, do not emulate me.”

    Lim himself saw it didn’t work, and abandoned it. Crime remains rampant in Manila not because alleged criminals had not been summarily killed, but because it’s economy has not grown to keep pace with the influx of immigrants from all over the country. Manila has the same number of courts and fiscals as it had two decades ago.

    Do these Davao businessmen think that the present group of criminals, even a generation of criminals, if all eliminated at one time would prevent new criminals from emerging?

    The solution to rampant crime is not rampant killing. The solution is an efficient police force implementing the rule of law, an efficient and fast legal system, and most importantly, an economy rich and egalitarian enough to minimize those choosing the way of crime.

    The problem with Duterte is that he doesn’t know of any other world except Davao and thinks his kill-criminal tack is new and can be applied effectively anywhere. Duterte’s platform of government is essentially vigilantism, which had plagued nearly all countries in the periods when the rule-of-law institutions were still being formed.

    It has not succeeded anywhere it was tried, relegated as the horror chapters of nations’ histories, the relatively recent cases being the Black Shadow of El Salvador, the City without Drugs in Yekaterinburg in Russia, the Bakassi Boys of Nigeria, Los Pepes in Columbia, and the horrific killing of street children by military police in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. Do we really want the metropolis to be in this rogues’ gallery?

    Duterte and Grace Poe are the two snake-oil merchants of this election, the charlatans, selling fake miracle cures, like eradicating crime in six months — which is like promising to make Manila another Singapore in a year.

    They are the two sides of the same counterfeit coin. Poe is selling herself as the daughter of the mythical hero Panday, who would save the country. Duterte is hawking himself as the movie-character Dirty Harry, the Punisher who would kill criminals where they stand. Both are living in fictional never-never land, and they want Filipinos to join them in their delusions.

    Both are appealing to the basest, most juvenile instincts of the Filipino masses. Poe is tapping into their infantile notions of a hero of myth saving them. Duterte is tapping into people’s reptilian brains to produce the hormones for rage — so evident in Duterte fanatics’ bullying in social media of those criticizing him.

    Filipinos have gotten tired of Poe, and saw through her acting of made-up roles. Filipinos will get tired of Duterte’s putanginas and leches, the highest level of discourse he is capable of, and boasting that corpses of criminals on the street will solve crimes.

    The problem with rabble-rousers is they can only maintain their audience if they raise their shock values, in contrast to somebody in rational discourse who would just give more and more rational arguments.

    Duterte can keep shocking people if he boasts of something like: “I have eaten and will eat criminals’ hearts, ripped from their chests.”



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    1. Si Binay ang dapat bigyan mo ng opinion tungkol sa pandarambong. Itanong mo kay Miriam, Poe or Roxas bakit tinuturo nila si Binay na corrupt

    2. On second thought, the people of davao seem to be happy electing this “political frankenstein monster” who was seen crying amongst cancer-stricken children.

      People are not stupid not to see through the real motive of this article.

    3. Some of Duterte’s words in hie campaign sorties are hyperbole to entertain and need not be taken seriously. Knowing his background, experience and education, he’s hiding nothing.

    4. of all the presidentiables only Duterte has the courage to tell what he should do if elected, the rest gayagaya lang. For me he is a veteran and brave man in Malacanang if chosen as president

    5. As tourist or retiree I would be very careful now while being in Philippines. The crowd could turn against you if Duterte hasn’t been elected !!

      • Anyway what kind of president candidates do they have in philippines ? A dirty harry, an ex-corrupt crook, a mindless daughter of an actor and a tax kiss ass big corporations guy.

    6. rose concepcion on

      Malaking kahihiyan ang Bansang Pilipinas sa boong mundo kong si Duterte ang maging Presidente. dati ng may record ang Pilipinas ng 2nd Worldwide criminal.

      >> Anyone there`s a person who have a power to explain.& guide the Pilipino people to changes there mind not to vote Duterte for a simple Word.
      ang nakikita kong suporting Duterte ay mga taong hangang don lang ang abot kaya nilang kaisipan, kaya hindi nila nakikita kong anong mangyayari sa kinabukasan ng familya nila.

      ” IPAUNAWA SA TAONG BAYAN ” Hindi lunas sa bansa ang pag patay ni Duterte sa mga criminal..

      Ang Pilipinas ay mayaman na Bansa sa mga product .1.Ang kailangan nating Presidenti ay yong makakapag bigay ng edukasyon at makabagong pamaraan ng pag gawa ng produkto na nasa Bansa natin ipadala ang mga henyong bata sa mang ibat ibang bansang mayaman para pag aralan ang mga bagay na mayron tayo sa ika unlad ng pilipinas. 2,Presidenti na hindi ibinubolsa ang pera ng taong Bayan. 3.Presidenti na kailangan pantay pantay ang pag disiplina sa taong bayan maging mahirap man o mayaman. Presidenti na handang mag semenar ng kultura sa Scandinavian country ng malaman kong pano ang paraan ng pamumuhay ng tao at kabuhayan at higit sa lahat kong pano disiplinahin ang taong Bayan.

      Obss.. Pag aralan nyo po ang post ng costume kong bakit sila naging corruption, police bakit naging drug lord.

      at ito ordinaryong taong kagaya ko. panuorin po nyo …

      Viral video of MYSTICA against Duterte !!!!! Please share !>>>

      Reyes Fortuno Jebie
      13. april kl. 20:08 ito na po ang rate ng nakakakita >>> 4.200.521 sa fb ko po makikita nyo

    7. You are over reacting. Know the man well and you will realize he is not what you think he is. People are sick and tired of the criminality and corruption in society. The thugs are lording over our streets. Yet only Duterte is taking these problems seriously making them the cornerstone of his campaign. You know why? only Digong feels the problem of the people because he lives with them, sits and eat with them. Only Digong is exposed to the problems facing tbe common tao. Don’t be too carried away. The time of wishy washy dealing with criminal and the corrupt is over. The time to cleanse our streets of drugs is up. If you prefer to continue with your “civilized” ways in dealing crime and corruption its your deçision. The failure of Lim in solving manila’s problems was because unlike Digong, he was not consistent and relentless. Same was true in a Cavite. The key is to instill fear among the criminals and the corrupt and descipline among government workers.

      I follow your column closely because i agree with most of your opinions. This time, i dont agree with you.

    8. We, enlightened people from Davao City, as differentiated from those who are still rabidly licking the butt of Duterte without exerting any effort to see through the fake outer layers of this deceptive, narrow-minded, manipulative species, are happy that a columnist like Bobby Tiglao has captured the full essence of what we are up against. Thank you for clearly articulating our concerns, Mr. Tiglao. We hope you would write some more about this false and very dangerous “messiah”. Our point is simple – Duterte has ruled Davao City for 22 long years. The problem of drugs and criminality is still very much around. Based on the Davao City Police Office report, their crime efficiency solution rate in 2015 is way below 50%. In the same year, Davao City was on the top 5 in the country, in terms of crime rate. Specifically, we were no. 3 in rape cases, no. 4 in house burglaries, etc. A year ago, my own house was even burglarized, so was my neighbor’s, and another neighbor. All cases were not solved. Duterte’s record in Davao is a myth, abetted by the local media, and some national media. The cooptation of the local media is a result of the mysterious, violent killings of 3 radio commentators over the years that Duterte has ruled the city. These radio commentators were known critics of Duterte. The line between killing petty criminals and killing people who just speak out their thoughts and ideas has become very, very thin with Duterte at the helm. This is what happens when you successfully kill more than a thousand criminals, based on his own public announcements, and not made to account for it. For him, eliminating other people who are not in congruence with the flow of his brain can easily be labelled as criminals, too. That is what happened to the 3 dead journalists. Using government money, personnel, resources to chase criminals to eradicate criminality in Davao for 22 long years, and this is what we’ve got. Shabu still being peddled in major city “nightlife” areas like sari sari store commodities, the illegal last two gambling persists with protection from some local policemen, akyat bahay incidents still proliferate, 10-12 hours of no drinking water coming out from the tap EVERYDAY in most barangays within the city, 6 to 7 hours of brownout EVERYDAY despite the fact that he brazenly bamboozled the public into accepting his 300 megawatt coal-fired power plant last year supposedly to ensure electricity for Davao. Now that the coal-fired power plant is operating, how come we still have this long brownouts? After 22 years in power, he only succeeded in making a false story of his so-called exploits in Davao. He only established a myth. He will never be able to eradicate criminality, drugs and corruption in the whole country in 3-6 months. That is just a hollow promise just to get votes. As we call it in Davao “puro atik lang si Duterte’ (Duterte is full of lies or deception). We know, because we have known him for 22 years.

    9. Not true, any known killer would be booted out of a presidential race in any other country, the USA has “we came, we saw , he died” cackling war criminal Hillary Clinton, with her long hawkish track record-directly responsible for 100’s of thousands of lives…and presented as a “moderate” voice of reason! Duterte is not even in the same league as her.

    10. All hogwash, pure speculations and innuendos… sorry mr. tiglao i’m not buying this time..

    11. Danny Cascolan on

      A psychopath for president?

      Tied to extra judicial serial murders including that of children, tied to being aquino yellow man, tied to fulfilling schemes of aquino in breaking apart our nation, tied to lies and deceptions, tied to drug and smuggling, tied to missing funds corruption. People are really crazy to want hell.

      Entry point exit point na nga ang davao pati ng cocaine sa smuggling, and then we find out the association of duterte in the syndicate as proven by intelligence reports. Do not ever turn a blind eye when to facts and from these facts base logic and rationality.

    12. I would rather take my chances with Duterte than any among Roxas, Poe or Binay. I already have a fair idea of what this country will end up with these candidates so I would bet on the possibility of real reforms under a Duterte administration. What have we got to lose?

      If Mr. Tiglao is for Binay then he should state it so for the sake of transparency.

    13. This article is flooded with illogical conclusions drawn from supposed facts which don’t reflect Duterte’s accomplishments in Davao.

      “Duterte, essentially, is a leap backward into barbarism” – does not jive with the fact that Duterte built houses for women and children victims of domestic violence. In deep contrast, this administration is killing hungry farmers rather than giving Hacienda Luisita to agrarian reform.

      “…mocking justice that he can’t be taken to court for he only gives criminals the punishment they deserve” – consider this: If your wife and daughter were raped and murdered while you’re working abroad, would you still say the same thing?

      Isn’t it that, justice delayed is justice denied?

      The court system, as it is today, is designed to fail. It cannot deter crimes from happening. That’s the root cause of the “metropolis’s streets becoming a killing field for Duterte’s kill-criminals campaign.”

      Duterte is the effect of the selfish misadministration by Imperial Manila of the whole country, and so is your heavy traffic and deteriorating metropolis.

      In the final analysis, only economically progressive countries, where people have higher standard of living, have the least crime rates, they are closing down their penitentiaries.
      Only Duterte has the extensive and decisive plan to lift the standard of living of the entire country thru Federalism. The rest are bound to serve only the Oligarchy.

      We have tried the Yellow Card for decades and look what yellow fever has brought us?

      A wasted generation of drug addicts, broken OFW families, and a dependent economy that’s depleting our natural resources in favor of the Oligarchy and multinationals.

      What could be more barbaric than an administration that supports the degradation of out patrimony through wanton mining, selective application of laws, and outright violation of the constitution especially in the case of EDCA?

      Above all, only a Duterte administration could unite all sectors of our society, from the Lumads, the Communists, to the secessionist Muslim Mindanao, and from economic lower class to upper classes of our society.

      It’s time to try our last card.

    14. Thank you for not publishing my comments. Perhaps, you cannot handle the truths as opposed to your man Binay!

    15. Instead of hitting Duterte, Why don’t you offer a write up why people should vote for you Boss BINAY!

    16. What strikes me as odd is people haven’t figured out Duterte is a sex/drug addict when he is proudly boasting that fact.

      What kind of 70+ man pumps himself with Viagra to serve 4 women? At that age milk and cookies is more like it. And don’t think Viagra is not a drug…its a powerful hallucinogen that makes an old man think he’s 20 again.

      Sure its legal…Mostly because US Senators tend to mess with young women and need that equipment working. After 40 years of marriage you thinking its for old men who just can’t resist taking those wives for another spin?

      The hypocrisy of this brute is simply amazing. What may be our new first lady must certainly have been totally emancipated to know he has 3 other women…then he tells the entire country about it proudly. Like he’s some superman because he swallows a pill…. how small does that woman actually feel?…how do his children feel?

      This is exactly how we are going to feel.

      • With millions of Filipinos supporting Duterte, dude, you are the odd man out. The Filipinos see and perceive Duterte better as a game changer than your bigoted opinion. “Seek first to understand…”, okay?

    17. Better to see criminals being killed than you, me or other decent people… Better to see cemeteries full of dead criminals than one full of murdered innocent children, women and men…Better a Duterte than a Binay or Poe!!!

      • “Better to see cemeteries full of dead criminals than one full of murdered innocent children, women and men”

        Rest easy because its doubtful many of “your bosses'” victims are even buried in a cemetery… that would leave evidence.

      • suck your own vague opinion, like in the song of Phil Collins “It’s Another Day in Paradise, Think Twice! How are you sure all criminals are really criminals on that cemetery. I empathize on you, however, is that the Philippines you are looking forward to. Haha Another Day in Paradise!!!! So long for the “True” Democracy we’re hoping for… Such a shame..

      • Now you can see the mentality of an average Filipino. HSS is one ordinary Filipino that will vote for Duterte because Duterte kills criminals without legal due process. The value of our legal system is lost and it is the fault of our judicial system and not due to HSS. HSS shows the degree of helplessness by an ordinary Filipino. The police failed to enforce peace and order and our judicial system failed to enforce the law that is why Duterte will be our next president.

    18. MR TIGLAO, this phenomenom if you might call it that, is happening even in the usa where trump is leading all the republicans wannabees in the primaries. the americans are tired of immigrants stealing their jobs, etc. trump brought out the discrimination of the majority towards immigrants. here, the pinoys are tired of being robbed by drug addicts in the streets, broken down train systems, whole day traffic jams, rich getting to be dollar billionaires while the poor remain poor and the middle class getting extinct.

    19. Kapag c du30 president matutuwa mga punerarya dadami patay pulis nman maraming pull out he he

    20. Rudi Miranda on

      //The solution to rampant crime is not rampant killing. The solution is an efficient police force implementing the rule of law, an efficient and fast legal system, and most importantly, an economy rich and egalitarian enough to minimize those choosing the way of crime.// How many times has it been uttered before? Enough! I prefer to see bloody and immediate death of criminals after the slow death of the majority of the Filipinos caused by corporate boardroom policies, government bureaucrats and elected official malfeasance, silence of the Church, etc. Let us wait and see if Duterte can make the talks walk.

      • Let us wait until someone close to you happens to be an innocent “victim” mistaken for a criminal, or wrongly accused by someone of being a criminal.

    21. Picking up bits and pieces of stories from here and there, and dousing it with creative and imaginative lines, seems to make your story appealing and true. I agree with you though on describing the wrath and anger of the people due to prevalent crimes and injustice in this country, and these people seeing Duterte as their champion and voice. However, your rhetorics embed some of the worst logical and philosophical fallacies I have ever read when you portray Duterte could possible be like the dreaded Uganda dictator Idi Amin of the 70’s. You are assuming that Duterte is bereft with models of leadership forgetting that our democratic prosperous Asian neighbors like Malaysia and Singapore are ruled by benevolent dictators . With Duterte’s own background and experiences, he is using the best practices of executive governance, and knowledge of 20 years as City Mayor of Davao City once he gets elected President. You sound like you are underestimating Duterte just because he comes from a city and the south. He may not be your mold of classy, morally upright or prim and proper leader. But it looks that he will prove you wrong. People has perceived Duterte as the only president who will take their side and their plight, their only hope of genuine change for this country to put law and order first, unlike the leaders of this land including this incompetent sitting president and your former boss in Malacanang who betrayed the trust and confidence of the Filipino people due to widespread graft and corruption, Duterte, a former city mayor will stand tall in history with his unprecedented leadership.

      • Indeed … Digong’s popularity dictated by the 3 decades of failure … But what’s the alternative Ambassador Tiglao … Don’t tell me the status quo remains the choice …

    22. Duterte said that he rather burn in hell and see his people live in paradise. For me that is enough words to say coming from Mayor Duterte.

    23. I like what Duterte did to Davao. In the recent debate, he was able to talk reasonably about his agenda. The papers may paint him as a tough & violent guy, but if you listen, really listen what his plans are for the country and not just mouthing those motherhood statements, it definitely came with much thought and common sense that can be achieved within reasonable time. As for Cayetano, a young corrupt trapo, I hope Duterte will stop associating with him.

    24. The great thing about writing articles in English is the fact that the Class E of Philippine society are more attuned to wikang Tagalog.

      The class ABC have already made up their mind, consistently putting Duterte on top of the polls since the start of his campaign.

      At this point, the focus of contention for votes is the Class E segment because it is this group that is more impressionable, and more preponderant to the power of vote-buying.

      My point is, no matter how these well-meaning [sarcasm] writers attempt to besmirch Duterte, this negative campaign is ineffectual.

      Sorry, but my candidate is winning, and writing very comprehensive English articles will not obstruct the inevitable proclamation of #Duterte as the 16th president of the Philippines.

      #Du30 #Cayetano #Changeiscoming #Staycalm #FirstWorldPhilippines

    25. Now that duterte is leading the polls, the attacks on his person has gotten worse, even from journalists who are rooting for binay. binay looked like a cry baby with his clip of “do not vote duterte”. Duterte is NOT riding on the sentiments of the people, IT IS THE PEOPLE WHO IS PUSHING DUTERTE TO WORK ON THEIR SENTIMENTS AND ANGER ON THE CORRUPTION INCLUDING BINAY WHO IS STILL FACING CHARGES. Everybody knows that duterte is not what they alleged him to be but everybody has a personal agenda why they support a certain candidate, and of course it will be to their benefit. How can not one see that, even an idiot? All the candidates just hit duterte left and right, upper cut, stabbing at the back, and duterte NEVER INITIATED a personal attack on any candidate. He was made to answer and defend himself and in doing so, he mentions facts about other candidates. THING IS, THE MORE THEY ATTACK DUTERTE, THE MORE EMPOWERED HIS SUPPORTERS ARE AND IF THERE IS NO CHEATING HE IS A SURE WINNER. SORRY YOUR CANDIDATE WILL BE A LOSER, AND HE MUST BE VERY NERVOUS BY NOW, EXTREMELY NERVOUS IN FACT. LOOK AT HIS FACE IN HIS CLIP, WAS HE ON THE VERGE OF CRYING? HUH HUH HUH, NO MORE MONEY? I PITY HIM BUT OH, WHAT THE HECK I AM NOT VOTING FOR HIM ANYWAY.

    26. Mr Ambassador, you have always been right in your opinions, I respect your thoughts on this one. But, if you believe in destiny and the invisible hand that guides it, Give DUTERTE a chance. There is someone worth his salt one step behind him (DUTERTE) that will finish the job and eventually get us over the hill. Have faith sir, we have nothing to loose anymore.

    27. Let us open our mind on this issue. As President and a lawyer at that, he will exercise due process. The only reason he resorted to vigilante type of justice is because he knows, and you and i know that true justice cannot be found in our country. How many times have we heard drug lords and their dealers released after bribing their captors. They are allowed by our very own, supposedly honorable justice system to go back to business and destroy more lives and families. Look at smugglers, extortionists, corrupt officials and govt. Workers, they cannot be controlled. They even mutiply in numbers. Because of our flawed justice system, why convicted criminals can even run for the highest office of the land. As president, being co-equal with the judicial and legislative bodies, and as a leader, i am more inclined to believe that he will make sure that they all work together to make everyone obey rules for a much longed for peace and order, and progress!

    28. Lilia R Papa on

      We need a “SHOCK AND AWE” strategy. 10 year old april 11 raped and killed .. Woman put in a drum murdered …what can we do with these 24 hour lawlessness?? Pagod na Kami Sa mga may goodie image…

      • voters will choose duterte out of desperation. no one to choose from the rest (mar, poe & binay all yellow). miriam is xcluded by survey companies
        to be chosen (not in the list for selection). can these four answer the question, ” who among you can put pnoy behind bars?”. no one, they are all marked yellow.

    29. You failed to mention that he will or have killed only in actual legitimate police operations where criminal have the tendency to defend themselves and might have the other result wherein he will or have been killed. You also failed to mention that police are dying during operations because this criminals are armed to the teeth… We the helpless unarmed civilians have no one else to turn to. you cannot trust the police who are drug lords themselves. you cannot trust the media because they need large amount in order for them to hear the lowly people. where else or who else or how we can run from these criminals who are already in our doorsteps? 90 percent of metro manila youths are using or have used drugs. malapit na sigurong itinda sa mga school canteen ang shabu. or baka nangyayari na talaga at this point in time. we must admit that our justice systems have failed. how can a poor man fight in equal footing with the elites in court. for example, PAO lawyers of the poor free of charge fighting the likes of Sigfreid Fortun, Estelito mendoza, Rene Saguisag, Kapunan etc… its like earthworm fighting an eagle. there is no chance of winning. Can you recommend solution for that Mr. Tiglao? You might change my choice of president.

      • marx perfecto garcia on

        sir let us try duterte’s way. if he fails then you are right after all.

      • Why put words in Mr. Tiglao’s mouth. Where’s your proof that Digong follows the rule of law? Digong is very talkative guy, he’s very open and honest about his unlawful deeds. He governs just the city of Davao,and tried his best to clean his city that includes persecuting people without ‘due process.’ Only fools will defend his act, and while blinded Digong Zombies will believe his unrealistic plan to eradicate criminals in 3 to 6 months; unless he’ll hire goons and his NPA / COMMUNISTS friends but still ain’t gonna happen,there’s no way!

    30. Do more research…Duterte was born exactly 30 days to the day Adolf Hitler was killed… does this raise any flags at all?

      • oh jesus Christ joe, so when I was born exactly 30 days to the day that st francis of assissi died, I would be like francis assissi? Of all the nonsense in the world, this is the worst so far!

      • I was born exactly 30 days after BSA – like millions of others, so ? Are we presidential material ?