• What you should know about PAMMS


    The Philippine Authority for Motorcycle Sports and Safety (PAMSS) Inc. is the sole motorcycle sport governing body in the Philippines, fully recognized by the Philippine Government, with its official accreditation by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), the highest governmental regulatory national agency in sports attached to the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, pursuant to PSC Board Resolution No. 019(B)-2017, effective January 18, 2017, and further affirmed as such under Board Resolution No. 921-2017, effective May 30, 2017, “considering the best interest of motorcycle sport, and to put integrity in the governance of Philippine sports which is impressed with public interest.”

    The PAMSS is borne out of a three-year fight for the redemption of the Philippine motorcycle sports community from more than two decades of an abusive and corrupt control of the former motorcycling national sport association.

    It was also stirred by the desire to save thousands upon thousands of lives through a coherent national advocacy for motorcycling and road safety.

    Moreover, the Founders of the PAMSS are in a unique position to bring the Motorcycling World Championships to the Philippines and to give the country a powerful economic engine to drive it out of being a Third World nation into being a First World nation in a short span of time.

    For these reasons of freedom for the Filipinos, love for country, saving lives, and turning the country around, the founders of PAMSS fought with everything they have got, risking all that mattered to them, even their lives and careers, to see this very day happen when they can finally officially represent the country as the motorcycling national sport association (NSA), set free and unite the Philippine motorcycle sports community, and be a driving force in bringing unity and peace to our country through sports.

    The ultimate vision of the PAMSS is to make the Philippines the Sports Capital of Asia and a Sports and Cultural Center of the World, be part of the Olympic Movement and of promoting the spirit of Olympism, which is sportsmanship, among our Filipino athletes and our youth, and be at the forefront of preparing our nation to one day host the Olympic Games.

    The PAMSS has applied for affiliation with the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), the global governing body for motorcycle sports and the global advocate for motorcycling, and awaits its full affiliation during the next FIM General Assembly in the Annual FIM World Congress in November 2017 in Andorra.

    The FIM is a Fully Recognized Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


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