• What’s Josh Bowman’s style?

    n Though Josh Bowman loves being casual, he proves he can also dress it up at special occasions

    n Though Josh Bowman loves being casual, he proves he can also dress it up at special occasions

    Penshoppe’s newest international   celebrity endorser, Josh Bowman, considers     himself a “man without a style.” The star of hit American TV series Revenge, Josh was in the country on April 26 for his endorsement’s official launch held at the 71 Gramercy in Makati City. Before the big event, the British and Hollywood actor first graced a series of media interviews at the Fairmont Hotel also in Makati. In a Q&A with The Manila Times, Josh first commented that throughout his interviews, he had always been asked what his style was. He said, “That’s the hardest question everyone has asked me!” Then on a serious note, honestly replied, “I don’t know if I have a style, to be fair. I think it changes according to the occasion. If I have to be smart, I’ll be smart. If I have to be casual, I love being casual.” On wearing smart clothes, Josh said he enjoys feeling classy on suits for important or special occasions. “I think a man is a real man when he wears a suit, the same as a woman in a dress,” he added. But being casual is definitely closer to Josh’s heart. He explained, “I personally prefer to keep it easy and simple. My rule is to stick to the classics or keep it old school, because that’s tried-and-tested. It’ll always be in fashion.” Josh added that his easy and simple style is definitely contrary to his onscreen role, Daniel Grayson of Revenge who prefers suits, collared shirts, and smart shoes like lace-ups and loafers. He on the other hand, considers jeans paired with a basic white or black tee—“the white for the day, and black during the night”; a nice watch to dress it up; a leather jacket; and a pair of sneakers as his fashion must haves. But whatever his dressing needs may be, Josh is confident that Penshoppe can provide something for it. He explained, “Penshoppe has a wonderful mix of basics and classics, offered alongside key, trendy pieces that make for fashion-forward style dictations. I find that I generally wear what I’m more comfortable in, but if I were to be more particular with my style, I’d say it’s always a combination of high-street brands and closet staples—pretty much what Penshoppe offers.” Josh showcased his two sides in fashion, first during press interviews where he wore a printed polo shirt with khaki jeans and sneakers, then at the party where he wore a tailored jacket over a checkered dress shirt paired with white slacks. Moreover, he also revealed that he’s currently obsessed with the local brand’s newest jogger pants. He also personally handpicked the item as the traveling clothing he cannot leave behind. “I am so into Penshoppe’s jogger pants. You can wear them in a plane because they’re stretchy, yet still look smart casual. It’s also comfortable and easy, just my style,” he explained. Being the international ambassador of one of the Philippines’ most successful retail companies, The Manila Times also asked Josh what he thinks about Filipinos’ fashion sense. “I think it’s great. I’ve been more on the beach than anything, but driving around today, I would say it’s trendy. It’s expressive to where you guys live. It’s quite high-street too,” he ended.


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