TASTE – Like most people all over the world, Filipinos are caught up with the romance of wine, its mystique and the various images linked with it like travel, adventure and exotic places. Unfortunately, wine can also be associated with a bitter taste. Many are not aware that wine can also taste sweet, which the way they like most of their food from pasta sauces to desserts. Through nationwide sampling sessions, Novellino Wines is getting the message across that theirs is a sweet wine which everyone should try.

PRICE – Many assume that wine is beyond their ordinary budget. When it comes to Novellino Wines, nothing could be further from the truth. It is reasonably priced, between 220 and 280 pesos in supermarkets and wine shops, slightly more in restaurants and other “on-premise” outlets. The company’s high volume and efficient production methods allow costs to be kept within reasonable levels.

FAMILIARITY – Through advertisements and strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook and the like, more Filipinos are learning about the characteristics of sweet wine represented by Novellino Wines. Its Facebook following is the fourth largest in the world, following giant brands like Moet and Chandon. Hopefully, this will eventually translate to more bottles being purchased and their contents consumed.


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