What’s wrong with being black?



I am neither a supporter of Senator-elect Nancy Binay nor her fan but the insults she got in the social media these past few weeks were too much.

Most of the comments on the Internet were all about the color of her skin—being dark or black.

From Facebook to Twitter, she became the object of jokes in schools, offices, and even on the streets.

However, instead of getting mad, Nancy took the potshots at her calmly.

But is it her fault if she was born with a darker skin than most of us? Or can she have requested the Almighty, the creator of all beings, for a fairer complexion?

Teasing people who have different color of skin from most of us is just like laughing at people with disabilities.

Let us not forget that we, Filipinos, do not belong to the white or Caucasian race. Our ancestors were Negritos, who had dark colored skins, and Malays and Indonesians, who have brown skins.

But because of the inter-marriages with other races such as the Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, and Americans, most of us now have fairer complexions.

So the next time we see people who are a bit darker than us, let us be thankful that we are blessed with a whiter or fairer complexion.

Ms. Binay was also labeled as a dumb candidate by her detractors for not accepting the challenge of another senatorial candidate for a debate.

However, the way I look at it, debates should not be the basis for intelligence of an individual, simply because, in a debate you have to be knowledgeable on certain issues and one has to be a quick thinker and fast talker.

There are intelligent people who can’t express themselves orally but can show their high IQ through writing and a fine example these are our writers and columnists.

Why don’t we just wait and give this lady a chance to show her true color in the Senate.



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