• What’s your plan? NPC asks Marcos



    The Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) has not officially thrown its support behind Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. but it is seriously considering backing his plan to run for President if his program of governance will favor the party, according to Rep. Mark Enverga, NPC spokesman.

    Enverga on Sunday said his party “would be honored to hear Marcos’ platform of governance if he is interested to run for the presidency” next year.

    But the NPC decision on who to support in 2016 will depend on the “appreciation” of the majority of the party members of Marcos’ programs for the next six years, he pointed out.

    Vicente Millora, president of the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL), earlier said the NPC is willing to adopt Marcos as its presidential candidate because he is the godson of business tycoon Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco Jr., the founder of NPC.

    Cojuangco ran for President in 1992 but he lost to then Defense Secretary Fidel V. Ramos.

    Enverga dismissed Millora’s statement, saying the NPC National Council is yet to decide who to support in next year’s elections.

    He noted that Marcos has not declared if he will seek the presidency.

    Enverga said the NPC is inviting all personalities who have declared their intention to run for President to meet party officials “to give all ‘presidentiables’ the equal opportunity to lay out their plans and programs in order for us to assess and process.”

    “It is in this manner that we believe that we could come out with the best choice to support,” he explained.

    Earlier, Valenzuela City (Metro Manila) Mayor Rexlon Gatchalian told The Manila Times that the NPC will decide based on party principles and core values, not on any special relations.


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    1. to mr clemente

      if you think Grace P Llamanzares is our salvation, say it
      tops in surveys?
      surveys are for driving fools and idiots to vote for the number one

      your opinion, your decision. your vote shall decide who will lead
      I suggest you read Tiglao of Manila Times

      do not be carried away by fancy slogans and by who leads the surveys

    2. I have never seen heard Jojo Binay Mar Roxas Grace Llamanzares express their opinion on the issues of, and what they propose to do

      ***The Pres BS Aquino has violated the Constitution he is sworn to protect
      he should be impeached for Treason (BBL) and DAP/PDAF, BRIBERY
      bribing the Legislative in Impeaching Corona

      ***Return of the Hacienda Luisita to the original tenants .. . . .

      ***Sabah Claim, we have about 8 Kiram supporters in Malaysian Jail
      will they pursue support Kiram’s/Phils Claim

      ***Bangsa Moro . . .what do they propose to do?

    3. One thing I know, during Marcos time Philippines is considered the Tiger of Asia meaning having one of the strongest economy in this region.
      All are hypocrites if you don’t believe that we export rice, sugar and other agricultural produce that time.
      The dollar exchange rate was just 6 pesos and the minimum wage was 8 pesos if I’m not mistaken, correct me If I’m wrong.
      Pan Philippine highway is a legacy of Marcos and other established institutions that nobody can deny.

    4. Zaldy Alejandro on

      For me, i prefer Duterte and Marcos tandem on 2016 Presidential Election. A very strong tandem for the good of our Country. We dont want to live from the Agony of yesterday, becuase we need focus on tomorrows Future.

    5. Of course i do not blame the son for the misdeeds of the family–Of course their have been numerous “Plunderers” After Marcos,,What I am saying that are we going to entrust
      our top job To a man whose values are no doubt coloured by his Father..

      Dr David M Meyer

    6. Of course i do not blame the son for the misdeeds of the family–

      Of course their have been numerous “Plunderers” After Marcos,,

      What I am saying that are we going to entrust this countries highest office…..To a man who appears to believe his father has done no wrong ..

      .When we see, things only now coming to light …Of just how little was recovered, Of the
      immense wealth that was stolen…

      After Marcos i seemed it was “open slather” For those who came after

      It is as though he set the benchmark for how not to behave –As a Dictator he then became ..He was able to plunder even more ,,The brazen it all out ..

      Can we afford to allow another member of this family to be holding the reigns of power…With the values that he will have ?

      Dr David M Meyer

    7. Bongbong should not worry I personally will vote for him me and my whole family. I think his father will be vindicated if he win this election.

    8. laguatanlawzen.com on

      All of you seemed to have been infected with a serious virus of ABNOy who still refused to forgive and forget. Ok, if Pedro have sinned, why blame Juan? Is that fair? All of you talk about your desire to make the Phil a better place to live in. How can that be possible when all you still entertained in your heart – HATRED. Let’s do away with all negativities and move on to make this country progressive. Don’t be like PNoy who is stupidly vindictive through and through. Let’s join hands and work together in peace and harmony with one another, be it Muslims, Christians, or whatever. If we nurture hatred against Marcos’s siblings, then we will not surely progress.There is no good materials to lead this country except Duterte-Marcos tandem. Binay, Roxas, or Grace Poe-Llamanzares are NOT good materials to lead our country. It’s either they are the beneficiaries of Aquino’s payola. Think about it.This is first reply.

    9. Will “we the people” Be willing to adopt Marcos…Who has steadfastly denied the facts of his families wrong doings ….?

      Do we believe that a family that has taken/Plundered millions of the countries wealth — A family that gave us a “Dictator” …Who ‘did away’ with many that opposed him…
      Has changed so much ?

      Will “we the people” Believe that this generation of Marcos ..Will act differently ..Are we willing to Gamble the countries future …On this Marcos .?

      ..Do we believe that his families values have changed so much ..That we can take the chance of giving this Marcos Power …?

      We have too much to lose –Many lost their very lives ..When Marcos senior was in power

      Our country went “To the dogs” When the very life blood was being drained year by year –By the Marcos family and their cronies .

      .Are we going to forget that..?

      we can forgive ..That is the Christian way….!

      The country is still trying to get some of the huge pile of pesos he sorted away.

      .Are we going to be so foolhardy, as to allow them to have yet another go?

      I remain
      David M Meyer [Phd}

      • Have we learned . That is the question. Much as we are willing to forgive as christians but we do not easily forget.How naive we are for voting these people. Bong bong is apprehensive because he is scared to lose . Polls shows that poe is way ahead. He does not want to gamble on his political future. Will history repeats itself. Remember sept 21 . History will not repeat itself if we learned from the past. Like father like son.

      • I am disappointed in you Mr. David Meyer. I expect a holder of PhD to be more objective in its views. Are you saying that the fault of the parents becomes the fault of the children? I don’t see the logic there. I was 22 when Martial Law was declared. Bongbong was 14 years old. Most of his formative years were spent studying abroad and did not know much about the happenings in his country. They would come to visit during their school breaks. Do you know the progress in their father’s hometown now that two of them, Bong and Imee are senator and governor of the province and Imelda the representative? Isn’t it one of the most beautiful and progressive provinces in the Northern region? What about Bongbong saving the country by means of opposing the government’s BBL which is in fact removing Mindanao from the Philippines? I think that what you knew about Martial Law and the Marcoses were all read from books written by propagandists. There are no truth to any of them. Get out from your box and read the Philippine history written by people who had nothing to gain by telling the truth. Learn to be skeptical when reading these black propaganda against the Marcoses. Didn’t it ever occur to you that after 34 years you are still blaming everything on the late President Marcos? What have all the leaders after him had done so far that would make you believe that Marcos was a bad leader? I am a living proof that after Marcos, the government of this country cease to become a source of pride.

      • correction on my recent post in response to Mr. Meyer….I meant not gain anything by telling lies.

      • mr david meyer
        you are asking questions, set them aside for a moment

        you do not like marcos

        who do you propose should lead us
        Duterte? if salvaging is your criteria why not jovito palparan?
        if you like TND? Mar Roxas? Grace Llamanzares?
        an Ilocano > JJM Binay?
        you see all of them Mar Grace Jojo do not know how to
        and you presume you know?

      • Are you a Phd holder but look like you don’t know the history of your country.
        May I know how much is the exchange rate of dollar during Marcos time and how much was the minimum wage.
        Do we export rice and sugar to other countries that time, if you don’t know then you don’t deserve calling yourself Phd.
        Do you know what are the accomplishments during Marcos time that are considered legacies.
        If not then just shut your mouth.