When critics take the plate

Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia

Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia

The aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda has seen more and more people trooping to the frontlines. These are ordinary folks who just want to help in any way they can. But it is interesting how people in the Aquino administration label critics as do-nothing, on the saddle, spewing invectives lot. I beg to disagree cause critics have their unique role in pushing TeamPH.

TeamPH is not just those who love wearing yellow or who prefers to wear the yellow ribbon pin than the national flag pin. A ribbon is a ribbon while a flag is the sum total of the national psyche of the Filipino nation. TeamPH are all taxpayers and their sons and daughters. When you trivialize the flag and consider the yellow ribbon as your flag, then truly that is causing division!

You’re fair game
Some may not actually appreciate the diatribes; some even question the frequencies of throwing curve balls. But people in government should always, always put in their minds that when you are in government, you are fair game. So when critics take the plate, they take it seriously with intent to push people in government who get their salaries from the critics they kept saying to hush up if they have nothing good to say.

And that to me shows the depth of the Aquino administration because they don’t see beyond the criticisms and why people often want to say a thing or two. I remember former US President Jimmy Carter who said in his farewell address: “”Thoughtful criticism and close scrutiny of all government officials by the press and the public are an important part of our democratic society. Now as in our past, only the understanding and involvement of the people through full and open debate can help to avoid serious mistakes and assure the continued dignity and safety of the nation.”

So, shame on people, incumbent public servants, PR practitioners who love calling people’s attention regarding criticisms. Those criticisms should be set aside because there is a disaster is wrong. Can taxpayers, residents at that and voters, if you will, just turn a blind eye on things? Can we just content ourselves with inanities, stupidities and shallowness?

Can we just often sweep the dirt under the rug because the King does not want to deal with realities? Critics serve this country in good stead. The Yellow Tribes used to be critics too but they were not lumped as do good-for-nothing.

Class act
So when the critics took the plate and are still staying on the plate to deliver where government failed to do in the aftermath of Yolanda, someone’s got to appreciate their class act. Yes, it is a class act because even while being critical, they walked their talk; they do the work. They went beyond and volunteered and put together strategies that would better serve the country.

One critic was even saying, damn this government and let’s just do what they seem unable to do well and fast. Frustrations are just fires that ignite everyone to act. And for me these critics saved the day, not for the administration but for the Filipinos waiting too long for the stars to drop!

Beware when critics take the plate. That, by itself is a dangerous force. Criticisms and options; criticisms and solutions are potent combinations. When the bases are loaded and the critic is on the plate, one can hit a homer.

And if it sent outfield, one can be a goner.


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  1. Critisism, constructive or otherwise can sometimes bring people back from Catatonia or stupor but not always. In my working life, I found that no amount of training and motivation can bring some people to action. My frustrations to this regard is consoled by my friend Ian who will always say, ” don’t get upset, it’s not their fault, they’re born that way”. Then there is the story I like to tell when trying to motivate apprentices. When I was a young man in military training, we played camp infiltrations against other troops and it was realized by the corps commanders that our camp is infiltrated in different sentry point where they same guard is assigned. National, LGUS , what does it matter, if cut from the same cloth, the result is the same. But you are right Ms. Tiquia, when the can do critic steps up on the plate, one should beware……

  2. my problem with all the criticism of how the disaster was handled by the gov’t- local & national is that all these criticisms are done post mortem. Of course hindsight is always 20/20. I am sure our gov’t officials are shaking their heads at the lessons learned. But would past adminustrations have handled this better? Would Erap’s? Would GMA?
    I seriously doubt it.

  3. we sometimes by an outburst of feelings upon reading an article or hearing a commentary from a radio program and maybe what was viewed on tv at often times slipped in our mind that it is all because of the irresponsibility of the national government or the current administration…we have the local government who should be the first at hand in command and control to protect their constituents…is it not possible that while the national government is doing its function in providing the needs of those affected by natural and man-made calamities they would send committees to investigate why such as in tacloban had more casualties…isn’t it better to cultivate and find out the reason from the affected areas itself…this would help both the national and LGU to establish better procedures and actions to do in the future…and also to find out if the LGU are truly effective in their duties as elected local officials.

  4. Beautiful. It is awfully true. Only when your neighbors whom you are so eager to please tell the whole community that your lawn is damn ugly do you start to make efforts to change it. Criticism is not something everyone can take. People get defensive, because they know it’s the truth.

    These yellow men and women who are ten feet off the ground got their wings clipped by the might of the critics, and the “shame” should be enough for them to really take action. The people woke up from deep slumber and had their eyes opened to the reality that the “government” sucks, and know it the hard way.

    I do hope that the shortcomings of today be a lesson to when our fingers get inked the next time.

    Prayers still for the victims of Yolanda.

  5. This is telling them yellow retards! When this administration makes such monumental errors in action and decision surely they expected to be roasted by the people they are not idiots to think otherwise though they can be idiotic at times. Like what did they do when pnoy’s ratings started to fall his spinners frantically invaded prime time tv to air the “hindi ako magnanakaw” speech which only worsened his flagging ratings.

  6. You can’t hide the stench of truth with a bouquet of press releases. I generally agree with the author’s sentiment, but cringe at the baseball reference.

  7. Re Yolanda late arrival of assistance and relief goods incompetence eh tapos na po iyon. What is next is rebuilding the houses of victims only. With so much cash funds in dollars and euros eh baka mabulsa na naman kelangan mahusay ang accountng at auditing. This time Competence is mandatory.

  8. Well written. Of course politicians are fair game for criticisms. It is a democracy after all. There is a free press. What the administration failed to do/was too slow to do after the typhoon is a big, big issue which needs to be kept alive in people’s minds, especially when the next elections come around. The local governments also have to answer for any unpreparedness.