• When women man up



    An interesting trend from international runways that has come to Manila’s stylish streets is British label Joseph’s well received Autumn-Winter 2017 collection from London Fashion Week.

    Described by its creative director Louise Trotter as “the idealized masculine, [and]the idealized feminine” in a catalogue that made its way to the The T-Zone’s desk, the overall look and its pieces are definitely something fashionistas this side of the world can embrace without looking “climate inappropriate.”

    On top of this Autumn-Winter trend are two-piece suits, which, although manly in look—especially in a slightly over-sized style—make use of ultra-feminine floral fabrics as a toast to both genders. For career women sharply suited all year, there is certainly a thrill to wearing cuffs that go halfway down the hand, and more so matching jackets and trousers that allow more space for movement.

    Interesting too are the label’s enchanting blouses that stand out from beneath the masculine suits in delicate countryside looks. As Joseph’s notes vividly illustrates, these are “regal silhouettes and buttoned up details [that]jar against plastics and glossy PVC [coverups].”

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    Quoting once more from Trotter to capture the overall look, “Typical signifiers of a masculine uniform—city man attire, military fatigues in camouflaging neutrals —contradict the overtly female caricatures of purity and provocation portrayed alongside the wardrobe as roleplay.”

    As such, women can enjoy the freedom to mix and match the unexpected—from solid fabrics to French laces, dresses and trenches, and boxed cuts and drapes.

    With Christmas at time to have fun and enjoy, by all means ladies, go out there and play your picks for the season.


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