Where is Sec. Abaya?



Have you seen or heard Transportation Sec. Jun Abaya on TV or radio lately?

A lot of people are wondering if Sec. Abaya is on leave since his presence can not be felt in areas concerning his attention these days.

Abaya was quiet when the Philippine Coast Guard, which is under the DOTC, was involved in a shooting incident off Batanes Island killing a Taiwanese fisherman last May 9.

He allowed coast guard officials to issue a stupid statement by saying “we will not apologize” over that fateful incident that now spiraled in a diplomatic row between the Philippines and Taiwan.

Such statement could have been avoided if only the coast guard leadership had second thoughts before giving such unbelievable remarks.

Unfortunately, Abaya was nowhere to be found or heard during that time.

So where is Abaya? Well if you would ask his staff, they would quickly say he is on an inspection trip. Others say he is on vacation. While some wonder if he really does report to his office.

If you are going to ask me, he is in his office alright…..


* * *

Would you believe if the government says we have been exporting rice to other countries lately?

In an interview with TV5 last Friday, Agriculture Sec. Proceso Alcala announced that they have exported several metric tons of rice in Abu Dhabi and in Hong Kong.

One wonders how could this be possible when the country just imported several metric tons of rice recently?

Alcala said the orders of the two countries are for brown rice which the Philippines had an ample supply but is not appealing to the appetite of the Filipinos though they are healthy since they contain less calories compared to white rice.

Alcala, likewise, said by December this year the country will no longer import rice since we will be rice sufficient by then due to the three times a year palay harvest and the building of more than 2 million hectares more of irrigation canals to sustain the said program by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA).

Let’s just hope that his program is here to stay even if the Aquino administration will long be gone.

* * *

I would like to personally thank Dr. Ed Aldana, Director of Novaliches General Hospital, for personally looking at the welfare of Jimmy Perez, a media colleague and former schoolmate.

Jimmy, or “Mejay” as he is fondly called, was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver.

Dr. Aldana did not only make sure that Jimmy will get full medical attention but he also gave him a huge discount on his hospital bill upon his discharged last Friday.

The government should make sure that hospital heads, like Dr. Aldana, have a heart on their patients especially if they are confined at the free wards.



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