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And her latest lunch with Herbert
There is no such thing as shock-value anymore when it comes to anything the inimitable Kris Aquino can say, do, or post for that matter.

On Tuesday, at her endorsement event for laundry brand Ariel, she brought with her the much talked about necklace she was accused of wearing from former First Lady Imelda Marcos’ sequestered jewelries at November 2016’s APEC dinner.

Knowing the endorsement event would gather a huge crowd of bloggers—the accusation was mostly made online last year—she resurrected the issue Sunday night on her Instagram account and promised she would show everyone the controversial bling-bling.

And so, with the prim and proper Bianca Gonzales beside her as program emcee, Kris whipped out the $2,000-plus cubic zirconia necklace she bought from Bottega Veneta for all to see.

She said, “The last thing I think my family will do would be to steal someone else’s jewelry.”

That aside, the actress-host, whose career many seem to believe is in limbo right now addressed questions about her next career move. In all honesty, she related her comeback project was supposedly set in September but felt emotionally down in the last three weeks since the deal went south.

Plan B right now is for Kris to go digital.

Now rarely seen in public appearances, Kris Aquino covers a whole range of topics at her endorsement event on Tuesday

Now rarely seen in public appearances, Kris Aquino covers a whole range of topics at her endorsement event on Tuesday

“There’s always an advantage to being first. Pero idol ko ang nagawa ni [I admire what] Arianna Huffington or Buzzfeed [have done]? So ganon [it’s something like that] but of course centered on the brand that is Kris,” she elaborated. “[It will be] centered on authenticity; my priorities and things like. Faith is important to me, I read a lot, I love to travel, I love food, I love to cook, I love to interact. And sayang naman yung pagiging Creative Writing major ko if hindi ko gagamitin. [I’d be wasting my college major in Creative Writing if I didn’t do this].”

Moving on, Kris also talked about her ex-boyfriend, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista who apparently asked her out for lunch. She said they had friendly banter over what she’s been dealing with recently in her career.

“He knew what I’ve been going through professionally and there’s enough there of a history so that he also knows how much this has affected me.”

Their much talked about relationship in 2015 also became one of their topics. “Napag usapan namin lahat ng kapalpakan, pagkakamali and all [We talked about all our blunders and mistakes], and the one thing from that lunch that came out is that we both realized if you want a relationship-—I’m not talking about him ha because we’re already in the ‘friends zone’—but if you really want to have a chance with someone, you should keep [the relationship]to yourself. It was very healing for both of us.”

Finally, taking the cue from her brother former President Noynoy Aquino who is staying quiet amid all the issues with the current administration today, Kris also said she wants to give President Duterte’s administration a chance.

“Of course there will be missteps—because not everyone will be on your side—but I want his administration to succeed.”

She also has a message for all the “tard” [Dutetard, Yellowtard] name calling that has been happening online. “I resent calling anyone [a]‘tard’, kasi… I have a special son so I’m sensitive to that even though it’s a term used widely.”


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